Amazon Basics Battery Charger Flashing (Red, Green) Light

amazon basics battery charger flashing red, green light

Flashing lights are common in electronic devices. They act as communication avenues that reveal vital information about the operations of the tool in question. If you need help understanding this information, this guide will tell you why your Amazon Basics battery charger is flashing:

Why Is My Amazon Basics Battery Charger Flashing Light?

1). Battery Is Charging

Amazon Basics chargers have lights that flash as they charge your batteries. It is becoming more common for manufacturers to include displays that reveal this information.

However, chargers that use flashing lights to show that a battery pack is charging are still the norm. As such, this feature in an Amazon Basics charger shouldn’t surprise you.

2). Full Charge

Some chargers will only flash their lights while the batteries are charging. Once the batteries are fully charged, the devices will switch to a solid LED. But others are the opposite. You see a solid light during the charging process.

Once the battery pack is fully charged, a second light starts blinking. Some chargers show one blinking light during the charging process before transitioning to a different blinking light once the batteries are full.

Either way, the objective is to let you know that your batteries are ready for use. Some people think the charger wants them to know that the batteries are full because they may develop severe faults if you leave them in the charger, but that is not true. Modern chargers are smart enough to stop pushing current into a full battery.

3). Trouble

Blinking tends to signify trouble. Common sources of trouble include the following:

  • The batteries are defective. This is a prominent issue because many people mishandle batteries by exposing them to harmful elements such as direct sunlight. Chargers won’t charge faulty batteries because the practice is dangerous. The flashing lights are a warning sign. Replace the batteries.
  • The batteries are old. Batteries wear out over time. The rate at which they wear out will accelerate if they get frequent use. Again, the flashing is a warning. Get new batteries before the old ones swell and leak.
  • The batteries are too hot. Batteries may feel warm to the touch while they charge. This is normal. However, hot batteries should concern you. Batteries can explode if you expose them to adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures. The charger may refuse to charge the batteries.
  • You can add batteries to a charger with a higher amp rating. In fact, the charger will charge the batteries at a faster rate. However, the charger may lower the battery’s lifespan. As such, some chargers will warn you about this rating mismatch by flashing the lights.
  • The charger is defective. The lights will continue to flash until the charger stops working or until you fix it. If the batteries are charging in a second charger and you haven’t observed any blinking lights, the first charger is the problem.
  • Some chargers have factory defects that cause unnecessary flashing. The charger is working as expected. Every battery charges to completion. And yet, the lights continue to blink. It looks like something is wrong, but as far as you can tell, everything is fine.

Different Amazon Basics Battery Charger Lights And Troubleshooting Tips

The flashing lights are not a luxury. They aid the troubleshooting process. The guide below will show you how to use them by telling you what they mean:

Amazon Basics Battery Charger Blinking Red – Why?

  • Amazon Basics consumers blame a blinking red light on a defective battery.
  • The charging current has overwhelmed the batteries.
  • The batteries are old.
  • The battery bay has a fault.
  • The charger is bad.

How To Fix It?

  • Confirm your theory by moving the batteries to a second charger. If the blinking persists, the batteries are defective. Get a replacement set.
  • If the blinking is absent in the second charger, the first charger is at fault. Take it to a technician. They will either fix it or encourage you to get a replacement.
  • If the batteries are hot to the touch, allow them to cool before re-inserting them into the charger.

Amazon Basics Battery Charger Solid Red Light – Meaning

A steady red light is not a problem. You see it when the charger is successfully charging the batteries. The red light doesn’t require fixing. It only becomes dangerous when it blinks, alerting the user about a problem that requires their attention.

Amazon Basics Battery charger Green Light Meaning

A green light appears when the USB port is ready for use. The green LED will blink during the charging process before becoming solid once charging is complete. Or it will remain solid and steady during charging, only blinking when the batteries are fully charged

Use the manual to get clarification regarding the meaning of the green light.

How To Fix It?

You don’t fix the green light. The green light shows that the charging is complete. In that case, remove the batteries from the charging bay. The charger won’t necessarily harm them. But you should take them out to be on the safe side.

If the green LED signifies charging, let the batteries charge until they are full. The green light is a good thing. It should only concern you if it persists even after you remove the batteries. In that case, the charger has a fault.

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