Are Bosch 18V Batteries Interchangeable With Other Brands?

are bosch 18v interchangeable with dewalt, dremel, makita, Milwaukee, varta

Bosch is a juggernaut among power tool manufacturers. But some of their offerings are battery-powered, which is problematic because many consumers prefer brands with interchangeable batteries. They want to know that they can replace a battery from one brand with a battery from any other brand.

Are Bosch 18V Batteries Interchangeable?

Bosch 18V batteries can work with every tool in the same range, especially if the voltage matches.

Bosch Battery Compatibility Chart


This is not true for every single manufacturer. Some brands make batteries that can only work with specific tools. You cannot interchange them with batteries from other devices in the same range.

I also have to warn you against using the wrong battery. Doing so could harm the battery, the tool, or both. You have to pair each battery with the device the manufacturer recommended.

In some cases, you don’t have a choice. Some batteries have unique configurations that only match the compartments of specific tools. In other words, those batteries won’t fit the slots of any other device.

This simplifies the process of matching the battery to the appropriate tool. But you don’t have to apply this rationale to chargers. Some batteries can only recharge when you connect them to specific chargers.

But others are compatible with any charger from the same brand, so long as their configurations match.

Dewalt – Is It Compatible?

Dewalt batteries can work in a Bosch power tool and vice versa. However, you should check the configuration of the battery before you proceed.

Does it match the configuration of the power tool’s slot?

If it doesn’t, you’re out of luck. Bosch makes several batteries. Don’t assume that they can all work in a Dewalt device. Dewalt batteries are the same. They come in a variety of types.

Some of them will fit in a Bosch power tool, but you must apply some pressure because they are a bit snug. This frightens some people. They cannot help but wonder whether forcing the battery into the power tool will cause harm.

That is a legitimate concern, and it justifies the worries of Bosch technicians who want to discourage consumers from interchanging batteries. However, feel free to experiment if you are willing to take the risk.

I also want you to keep the warranty in mind. Bosch won’t stop at simply discouraging you from interchanging their batteries. They may also void your warranty if you damage their power tools because you inserted a Dewalt battery.

Dewalt may do the same thing if they realize that your power tool only stopped working because you inserted a Bosch battery. Keep this variable in mind before taking action.

If you need the warranty, don’t take any chances. Use Dewalt batteries for Dewalt power tools and Bosch batteries for Bosch tools.

Dremel – Is It Compatible?

Dremel and Bosch have identical chargers. This is a strong indicator that Bosch and Dremel batteries are similar.

But if you’re not convinced, look at this video

The Dremel and Bosch batteries he displays in the video are identical. He also shows that Dremel batteries can fit in Bosch power tools and vice versa.

Admittedly, the Dremel battery doesn’t go all the way into the Bosch tool. It has a corner that gets in the way. But you can cut the corner off. Naturally, this will repel some people because they don’t have the skill or patience to modify their batteries.

This attitude is not bad. Laypeople shouldn’t tamper with power tool batteries. Take your batteries to a technician and ask them to make the modifications.

The similarities between these two batteries are not a coincidence. The Dremel brand belongs to Bosch.

Milwaukee – Is It Compatible?

Bosch is not interchangeable with one another, unfortunately.

When you look at them, the batteries have a lot of similarities. But rotation on the battery pack makes Milwaukee and Bosch incompatible.

Both batteries emerge from the same factory. However, Bosch and Milwaukee added minor differences to prevent people from interchanging their batteries.

This makes sense. Bosch wants you to buy their batteries. They don’t want consumers to turn to Milwaukee when their Bosch batteries die. Milwaukee is the same. They lose money whenever you use batteries from other brands in their power tools.

Introducing those slight differences forces consumers to use Milwaukee batteries in Milwaukee tools.

Makita – Is It Compatible?

Makita and Bosch batteries are interchangeable.

You can use battery adapters that allow you to use Bosch batteries in Makita tools. This is a common solution to compatibility problems. An adaptor can bridge the gap if two battery brands are not interchangeable.

Varta – Is It Compatible?

Varta and Bosch batteries are practically the same. If you look at their specs, you will notice similar production technology and labels. The batteries are made from the same materials, and that is not a coincidence.

Brookfield Business Partners LP, which makes Varta, is also responsible for the production of the Bosch batteries you see in many cars. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which battery you choose. The results are the same.

This should put you at ease, especially if you’re tempted to interchange Bosch with Varta.

What To Look For If Bosch Battery Is Compatible With Other Brands or Not?

Your biggest concern is the voltage. Many experts will tell you that you can’t interchange batteries. First of all, manufacturers design batteries for use in specific devices.

It is not their intention to create batteries that can work in another brand’s power tools. You will occasionally find batteries that look alike because they came from the same factory.

However, that doesn’t mean you have the manufacturer’s permission to use those batteries in power tools from different brands.

First of all, some batteries look alike on the surface, but their contacts and configurations may vary significantly. In other words, they can only fit devices from a particular brand. You cannot apply them to tools made by different manufacturers.

Secondly, the size matters. If a battery is too large to fit in the slot of a different brand’s power tool, you cannot interchange those two brands. The shape presents the same challenge.

Thirdly, you have to keep technology in mind. Manufacturers use different raw materials and technologies to make their products. Therefore, just because two batteries look similar on the surface doesn’t mean they are interchangeable.

You may damage a power tool by inserting a battery from the wrong brand. That raises a question. How can you determine whether or not two batteries are interchangeable?

First, ensure they have the same size, shape, and contact configuration. If the two batteries cannot fit in one another’s power tools, there’s no point in interchanging them. They won’t work.

But this is the least of your worries. You cannot interchange batteries unless the voltage is the same. Some manufacturers include a list in the manual of a power tool that shows you all the compatible batteries.

However, this is rare. A manufacturer like Bosch does not want you to insert batteries from different brands into their drills. Therefore, they won’t tell you which batteries you can interchange with their products.

But you can find those lists on the internet. Don’t forget to check the warranty. You should listen if it warns you against using batteries from different brands. Otherwise, you will void your warranty.

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