Dewalt Battery Compatibility With Hart, Ryobi & Other Brands

are dewalt battery compatible with bauer, ingco, milwaukee, craftsman, ryobi, hart, hercules, black and decker, porter, einhell batteries

Can you replace a Dewalt battery with a battery from a different brand? The guide below will tell you.

Are Dewalt Batteries Compatible With Other Brands?

Dewalt battery compatibility chart

BauerNot Compatible
IngcoNot Compatible
CraftsmanMay/May Not Be Compatible
HartNot Compatible
HerculesNot Compatible
Black And DeckerNot Compatible
PorterNot Compatible
EinhellNot Compatible

1). Bauer

You can’t replace a Dewalt battery with its counterpart from Bauer because their designs differ. It isn’t just the notches and bumps that prevent them from working in one another’s tools. The number of contacts is not the same.

You can get positive results by cutting some bumps and tabs off. But in other situations, the power tools refused to work even with the modifications. In other words, if you have the time and resources, you can experiment with Dewalt and Bauer batteries. But you may destroy one or more batteries to pursue a practice that won’t yield results.

2). Ingco

You can’t interchange Ingco and Dewalt batteries. The brands are not compatible with one another.

Ingco batteries will only work with Ingco products.

This shouldn’t stop you from experimenting. You won’t harm your Dewalt battery by using it in an Ingco tool, so long as the specs match. However, don’t expect positive results. Some individuals have created adapters that improve compatibility.

You can interchange Ingco and Dewalt if you locate an appropriate adapter. Ask a technician for a recommendation. Don’t expect Ingco and Dewalt to recommend adapters. They don’t want you to interchange their products.

3). Milwaukee

You can interchange Milwaukee and Dewalt batteries. Some batteries may require modification, especially if they have sections that prevent the Dewalt battery from sliding into a Milwaukee tool.

But trimming some of those sections off should solve the problem. This assumes that the Dewalt battery’s size and shape match the Milwaukee tool’s slot. Compatibility is not guaranteed across all Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries. You should expect compatibility in only a few instances.

What if the batteries you want to interchange are not compatible? Products like this Dewalt 18V/20V adapter will solve the problem. An adapter can bridge Dewalt and Milwaukee tools and batteries.

4). Craftsman

There is no consensus on the possibility of interchangeability between Craftsman and Dewalt. Some people discourage this practice altogether because the difference between Craftsman and Dewalt is too significant.

But Dewalt 20V Max XR and Craftsman 20V batteries are compatible. Although, Dewalt 20V batteries don’t work in older Craftsman tools. Fortunately, the market has plenty of adapters that bridge the gap between Craftsman and Dewalt.

5). Ryobi

Your best hope for using Dewalt batteries (18V) in a Ryobi power tool is the badaptor Dewalt/Ryobi 18-20 adapter. As the name suggests, this adapter works specifically with Dewalt and Ryobi.

Most adapters have similar limitations. They can only work with specific brands. Therefore, if you already own a battery adapter, don’t use it until you confirm that it works with Dewalt and Ryobi. Otherwise, it won’t help you.

6). Hart

Hart and Dewalt are not compatible. People compare the two because you can interchange some Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries. Hart and Milwaukee have the same owner. Milwaukee has a stronger reputation because the quality of its products is higher. On the other hand, Hart tools typically originate from China.

This is why consumers are less likely to replace a Dewalt battery with Hart unless they are trying to save money. That being said, you can understand why some people expect compatibility between Hart and Dewalt. Your safest bet is an adapter.

7). Hercules

Hercules doesn’t work with Dewalt. A SLIM20 adapter resolves this issue. It makes interchangeability between these two brands possible. Without it, you can’t use Hercules batteries in Dewalt tools or vice versa.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the SLIM20. Any Hercules/Dewalt adapter will do. However, you should know that some adapters are less effective than others. They may also harm your tools and batteries. Consult a technician and ask them to recommend an adapter for the batteries you want to interchange.

8). Black and Decker

Black and Decker are not compatible with Dewalt. Even though they have several physical similarities, the connectors are not the same. Black and Decker batteries have four slots as opposed to the five on a Dewalt battery.

This is not the sort of challenge you can overcome through some basic trimming. Unless you have the expertise and experience, modifications are out of the question. But an adapter like the X-Adapter 1x can solve this problem.

9). Porter Cable

Even though they have the same parent company, Porter Cable and Dewalt are not compatible. They have significant differences.

For instance, 20V Porter Cable batteries have four slots, while Dewalt batteries have five. You need an adapter to overcome this problem.

10). Einhell

Einhell and Dewalt are not compatible. You need a specialized adapter to make them work in one another’s tools.

Things To Consider Before Checking Compatibility With Other Brands

Manufacturers do not support interchangeability. Or, at the very least, they don’t deliberately make batteries you can interchange. The reasons are obvious:

  • First of all, manufacturers don’t want to make power tools that readily accept batteries from other brands. These companies would lose money because consumers would start using cheaper brands.
  • Manufacturers only release batteries for their power tools after testing them rigorously to identify faults. This is why you trust those batteries to run your power tools without exploding. Manufacturers cannot perform similar tests with tools from other brands. Therefore, it would be dangerous for them to release batteries that work with tools from other brands.
  • There is no benefit to interchangeability for manufacturers. They don’t gain anything.

In other words, if you want to interchange battery brands, don’t expect the manufacturers to help you. Try to keep the following in mind:

1). Make Sure The Specs Match.

For instance, you can’t interchange a 40V battery from one brand with a 20V battery from another brand. If you’re determined to swap brands, make sure the voltage is the same. Otherwise, you may harm the battery or the power tool.

Manufacturers include a label that tells you the battery’s attributes. Check the labels on both batteries and ensure the information matches.

2). Check The Design

Physical appearance is not your primary focus. Some batteries look the same externally, but they can’t fit in one another’s slots because of unique designs and features. Look for physical factors that may hinder one battery from sliding into a power tool from another brand.

The most obvious is the size. You can’t force a larger battery into a smaller slot or a smaller battery into a larger slot. Any attempt to do so may cause unnecessary damage. If the sizes match, look at the shape.

Some manufacturers create distinct shapes to discourage interchangeability. Their batteries can only fit the company’s power tools.

If the shape and size match, consider the contacts. Most laypeople forget this variable, especially where batteries from the same manufacturer are concerned. Some organizations control multiple brands.

Because the batteries from those brands originate from the same factories, they will mirror one another in physical appearance even though the contacts are different. Manufacturers encourage these differences to increase their profits. They want the consumer to buy a separate battery for each tool.

3). Don’t Replace Different Battery Types

This goes without saying. Don’t mix and match battery types. For instance, you shouldn’t replace a lithium-ion battery with its Ni-CAD counterpart.

Even when the brand changes, the new battery should mimic the type and chemistry of the old battery.

4). Manufacturers Don’t Encourage Interchangeability.

Some companies will provide a list of brands that work with their power tools. This typically happens when the company in question owns all those brands.

It is also common practice for manufacturers to make various types of tools that use the same battery. For instance, the same Dewalt battery may work in a drill, and a table saw.

Is It Safe To Use Other Brands With Dewalt Batteries?

Interchangeability within the same brand is acceptable. No one will stop you from using a battery made for one series of Dewalt tools in another series. The same cannot be said for a battery from a different brand.

You don’t know how those other batteries were made and whether they have the same chemical composition as the Dewalt battery you want to replace. Therefore, every time you interchange batteries between different brands, you take a risk, one that may backfire by destroying the power tool or the battery. If you’re determined to interchange batteries, use an adapter. Adapters reduce the risk.

What Would You Recommend To Try With The Dewalt Battery?

If you are determined to interchange Dewalt batteries with another brand, prioritize Mac tools. Mac Tools and Dewalt are closely related. In fact, they both have the same parent company (Stanley Black and Decker). These two brands are unlikely to reject one another. You can interchange them without using an adapter.

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