Are Honda Generators Worth The Money?

Power outages are inevitable. They can happen for several reasons, including weather phenomena. This is the reason why every home needs a generator. You never know when you might require one. Whenever the issue of generators is raised, a lot of people mention Honda Generators as the only suitable choice. But is that true?

Are Honda Generators Worth the Money?

Honda generators are definitely worth every penny. They are durable, dependable, reliable, and cost-effective. But you cannot enjoy everything they have to offer unless you identify and purchase the right model. That means taking factors like cost, portability, and output into account.


Honda generators are strong and compact machines that are designed to stand the test of time. If you maintain them appropriately, remembering to run them dry before storing them, they will last for years. They are dependable.


Drivin & Vibin is astonished by the Honda generator’s ability to retain its value. They bought one (EU2000) for a little over five hundred dollars. Five years later, they sold it for six hundred. Instead of deteriorating, the generator gained value.

This makes Honda generators a financially sound investment that could profit users several years down the line.


Honda generators are not simply long-lasting. There is no point in buying a generator that lasts a long time if it keeps struggling to perform its duties. Honda generators can be trusted to retain their value because they are highly reliable, capable of starting on command even after years of use.


These generators are not limited in what they can do. You can use them to operate home appliances, campsites, job sites, etc. Depending on the model you have purchased, you can trust Honda generators to support both strong and rugged devices as well as sensitive electronic gadgets.


The brand is compatible with home settings because it uses four-stroke engines with low decibel levels. Their generators are incredibly quiet, especially those in the ‘Super Quiet EU‘ series.


You don’t have to worry about moving your Honda generators. Some of the models are so light that their owners can carry them with ease. Other models are quite heavy. However, that isn’t an issue because they have wheels that you can use to simplify transportation.


These devices are cost-effective. Yes, some of the models are quite expensive. But they come with highly attractive warranties. Additionally, their repair centers, which are found all over the country, are always ready to cater to your needs.

Portable VS Standby Generators

Honda generators can be classified as either portable or standby according to the function they perform:

Portable generators

Portable generators are exactly what their name suggests. You can move them from place to place. While they can be used to power a home, you can also take them to other work and recreational sites that lack a conventional power source.

They are convenient because they have 120v power outlets and they can run on gas (or diesel).

Standby generators

Standby generators are static. Once you install them in a particular location, you cannot move them. They are connected to the electrical system. You can use them to power entire facilities such as schools and hospitals.

This classification is not unique to Honda generators. You will find it in all generators.

Standard VS Inverter Generators

To buy a Honda generator, you must first determine whether you want the standard model or an inverter:

1). Standard generator– The standard Honda generator is old. It has been around for a long time, which is why it is cheaper. It is larger, heavier, and louder. Made with AC output in mind, the Chicago Tribune has noted the tendency that standard generators have to produce spikes and lulls in power, which is irritating.

2). Inverter generator – Unlike traditional generators, inverters are more balanced in the power they deliver. In case you wanted to know what makes them better, that balanced output makes inverters more compatible with sensitive electronics.

They do not have a reputation for producing the surges and drops found in standard generators. if that wasn’t enough, they are smaller and lighter, and they operate quietly. This makes them less of a nuisance.

How to Choose a Honda Generator?

Some people spend a lot of time complaining about the weaknesses of Honda generators. They argue that the brand isn’t as impressive as everyone claims. They do not realize that you have to choose the right Honda generator to enjoy all the advantages associated with the brand. That means taking the following into account:

Fuel Capacity

Rural Living encourages you to find a Honda generator whose fuel capacity suits your needs.

The fuel capacity determines the number of hours the generator will operate. But you have to take the type of generator and the job it will do into consideration.

For instance, a single gallon will keep the Honda 2000 running for roughly ten hours. However, a commercial model designed for heavy-duty work will only last an hour on a single gallon.


All your gadgets have a particular wattage. By accounting for all the devices you want to operate, you can determine the output you need. This will enable you to select a Honda generator that can accommodate your power needs. The output of their models ranges between a thousand and ten thousand watts. You should match the performance of the generator you want to your specific needs.


Honda generators come in a variety of sizes. Find a generator whose size can accommodate the purpose you have in mind. For instance, the brand’s lightest models, which weigh only 29 pounds, are perfect car camping.


Consider the decibel rating of the generator and match it to the setting. For instance, a generator with a decibel rating lower than 60 is compatible with camping sites because you can have a conversation even when the generator is on.


How much money are you willing to spend? The price tag will affect performance. You can get a decent inverter (1000 w) with quiet operations for less than a thousand dollars. But if you want a more powerful 5000-watt model, it will cost you more than $2000. It is a question of the features and performance you require.

Best Honda Generators Lineup

Brand NameTechnologyOutputWeightNoiseTank Size
EB500Recoil Start4500W256 P65 dB6.2 gallons
EU2200iInverter generator2200W51.5 P57 dB.95 gallons
EU100iInverter generator1000W29 P53-59 dB.6 gallons
EU300isInverter generator3000W131 P58 dB4 gallons
EB2200iInverter generator2200W40 P48-57 dB.9 gallons
EU3000IS1AInverter generator with electric start6000 W144 P49-58 dB3.4 gallons
EB2800iInverter gas generator2800W66.6 P62 dB2.1 gallons

From this data, I can say, if you need a powerful generator you can go for EB500. In terms of reliability and portability, I will prefer EU2200i.


Every product has its pros and cons. Honda generators are no different. You have to determine whether the brand’s advantages exceed its disadvantages. If you have failed to reach a satisfying conclusion, consider some of the factors that have made Honda generators so attractive to so many people.

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