Average Cost of Used Washer and Dryer(With 7 Brands Price)

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With the uncertainty surrounding the global economy, you can probably understand why so many people are flocking to second-hand appliances. The average consumer cannot afford to buy a brand-new washer and dryer. But what is a reasonable price? How much does a used washer and dryer cost?

Average Cost of Used Washer and Dryer

BrandNo Of Years UsedBrand New PriceAverage Used Price
The average used price may change depending upon the brand, quality, lifespan and number of years used.

There is no average cost. You have to pay attention to the condition of the appliance. It should match the price. It is worth noting that used washers and dryers are cheaper when you buy them from a private consumer instead of a store.

Some brands are simply more expensive than others because of their reliability, efficiency, and reputation. Retailers use a similar rationale to price used washers and dryers.

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How To Estimate The Price?

  • Start by determining the cost of a brand-new washer and dryer.
  • Look for a model that mirrors the used washer and dryer you want to buy. Once you know the cost of a new washer, identify the average lifespan of the appliance.
  • Divide the original price by the average lifespan and then multiply the result by the remaining years.

If a new washer costs $500 and washers and dryers have an average lifespan of 10 years, start by dividing $500 by 10.

This gives you $50. If the used washer is seven years old, multiply $50 by 3 to get $150. 3 is the number of years left on the washer’s lifespan.

Let’s check another example.

If a stackable washer and dryer cost $1304 and is 5 years old, then the average used price is $652.

You can apply this formula to every appliance. If you know the cost of a new washer, the average lifespan of the model, and the age of the used washer, you can calculate the average price of the used washer and dryer with relative ease.

Again, the condition matters.

For instance, you cannot pay $150 for the used washer in the example above if the door already fell off. People buy used and damaged washers and dryers all the time. But you have to take the cost of repair into account.

The more expensive the repairs needed, the cheaper the used washer and dryer. Ethical sellers will provide documentation explaining the condition of the washer. At the very least, they will highlight any defects the washer has, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Where Can I Buy Used Washers And Dryer?

Used washers and dryers are not that difficult to find. Reliable sources include:

1). eCommerce Stores

The internet has plenty of eCommerce shops that sell used washers and dryers, ranging from giants like Amazon and eBay to smaller stores owned by ordinary people. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of online retailers that sell used washers and dryers in every imaginable price range.

2). Social Media

Social media is more diverse than conventional eCommerce stores because it puts buyers in direct contact with individual sellers.

Homeowners use social media platforms like Facebook to sell old appliances all the time. Some homeowners have created social media pages specifically dedicated to the purpose of selling used machines.

3). Social Connections

Have you spoken to your friends and family members? More than likely, one of them has an old washer and dryer they would like to sell. As noted above, used washers and dryers are cheaper when you buy them from individuals instead of official retailers.

4). Repair Shops

Why don’t you visit your local repair shop? Repair shops buy used appliances because they want to harvest the replacement parts. But some of them keep and then resell those used appliances to willing buyers.

What Is The Best Used Brand Should I Buy?

You can trust an item like the Samsung WF45T6000AW Front-Load Washing Machine to last ten or more years. Therefore, if you find a model like this that has been in use for five years or less, you can use it knowing that it will deliver five or more years of reliable performance.

Samsung products are not only long-lasting, but replacement parts are easy to access.

In most cases, the best brands to buy new are also the best brands to buy used. This is why many financially-constrained consumers buy used Samsung appliances.

Does It Have a Warranty? How Long Will It Last?

Many retailers do not offer warranties for the used appliances they sell. This is not true for every single store. Some retailers provide documentation that encourages consumers to return used washers and dryers for free or discounted repair if they malfunction.

But in most cases, you shouldn’t expect a used washer and dryer to come with a warranty. Though, you are free to buy your own warranty. Plenty of home warranty service providers offer policies that cover all the appliances in a home, including the used washers and dryers.

Other vendors permit consumers to buy warranties for specific items. They will investigate the appliances beforehand to determine their condition. However, people that purchase used machines won’t purchase warranties for those devices.

The objective of buying a used washer and dryer is to save money. Spending even more money on a warranty defeats the purpose. You might as well buy a new washer and dryer, one that comes with a warranty.

How To Prevent From Buying Damaged Washer And Dryer?

Used washers and dryers cannot last as long as their brand-new counterparts. But if you buy the right appliance, it can serve you for several years before it finally gives out. The key is to keep the following in mind as you make your selection:

1). Visible Damage Won’t Affect The Performance

Look for cosmetic defects such as scratches, dents, and cracks. Cosmetic flaws are typically minor. They won’t affect the washer’s ability to perform its functions. Though, they may reveal more profound problems. For instance, I’m wary of rusted washtubs because they signify low-quality steel.

A cosmetic flaw won’t stop you from buying a used washer, but it will affect the price. You can ask for a discount if the washer looks damaged.

2). Look For A Functionality

Unlike the cosmetic flaws, the performance of the washer and dryer matters. The working condition of the appliance should match your expectations.

You need to look for a functional lid safety switch and a working spin cycle. Identify leaks, strange smells, and odd sounds. You should also investigate the motor and dryer. Rust in the drum should concern you.

3). Check The Manufacture Date

Look for the year of manufacture. It will give you an idea of the washer’s lifespan. Avoid appliances that have been in use for too long. For instance, if a washer has an average lifespan of 10 years, buying a washer that has been in use for nine years makes no sense.

It may work for a time, but it will saddle you with costly repairs. Even if the washer hasn’t seen much use, you should avoid it if it was manufactured several decades ago.

I want you to prioritize washers that are no older than five years.

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