Beautyrest Electric Blanket Blinking E/E2/E3/E4 Error Codes

beautyrest heated blanket blinking e/e2/e3/e4

Tens of millions of people around the world use electric blankets. Unfortunately, most of you have no idea how your electric blankets work. As such, you don’t know what to do when your Beautyrest blanket starts blinking. Some people will throw their electric blankets away because they don’t know what to do. However, if you read this guide, it will provide some appropriate responses to blinking error codes on a Beautyrest electric blanket.

Beautyrest Electric Blanket Blinking Different Error Codes – Why?

Beautyrest is not complicated. If the error codes on the blanket have started blinking, you can probably blame one or more of the following factors:

1). Electronic Glitch

Is the blanket glitching? Electronic glitches happen all the time. You cannot predict or prevent them. They are a foregone conclusion. If you check the manual, it will encourage you to respond to many of the malfunctions by resetting the blankets.

This is because resetting an electronic device tends to eliminate glitches.

A consumer complained that their Beautyrest blanket was blinking, and the technicians on the website told them to reset the blanket.

This means unplugging the item from the outlet, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back into the outlet. If your blanket keeps blinking, a reset should be the first solution you deploy. If it works, you can comfortably conclude that an electronic glitch caused the blinking error codes.

But if the blinking continues, you have other problems. Continue troubleshooting the blanket.

2). Power Cord Has Poor Connection To Wall Outlet

Have you checked the connection between the power cord and the wall outlet? The blanket also blinks when the power cord has a poor connection to the wall outlet.

If you’re lucky, the power cord is merely loose in the outlet. But if you’re not lucky, the outlet is probably damaged. The contacts can corrode. If they can’t maintain a secure hold on the plug’s prongs, you must replace the outlet.

If the connection between the plug and outlet is loose, the blanket cannot get the power it needs. Therefore, the error codes will blink to warn you.

3). Loose Connection

Look for loose connections in the blanket. I want you to check the control unit. Loose connections will prevent the blanket from getting sufficient power.

The error codes will persist until you fix the loose connections. Although, you can’t fix some loose connections. If a technician tells you that your blanket is beyond repair, you should get a new one. You can’t use a product whose error codes keep blinking.

The loose connections may start a fire. You can’t take any chances.

4). Short Circuit

Electronic devices are susceptible to short circuits. Beautyrest blankets are no different. A surge, loose connection, or even a metal object can cause a short circuit.

Open the control unit. Is the fuse still in one piece? Has it blown? Try replacing it. If the fuse blows again, you have a bigger problem on your hands; consult a technician.

You can’t fix every problem that occurs, not by yourself. Beautyrest blankets are long-lasting, especially if you treat them well. For instance, you shouldn’t pinch or strain the cables.

You should also keep water away from these products. This same advice applies to sharp objects. They can penetrate the blanket to cut the wires below.

But if the worst comes to pass and your blanket starts misbehaving, you should consult a professional the first chance you get.

Don’t underestimate the damage these devices can do. The fire killed a woman in North Wales on a faulty electric blanket. Defective blankets can easily burn your house down if things go wrong.

ABC Local has encouraged homeowners to replace these devices every ten years. But you can change them more frequently if you notice troubling signs such as excessive blinking.

Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore a blinking error code. These devices are dangerous.

Beautyrest Heated Blanket Error Code Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

People fear the error codes Beautyrest blankets display. However, they shouldn’t scare you. These error codes are actually a good thing because they alert you when things go wrong.

When you see a flashing error code, don’t panic. Take the opportunity to find out what the error code means. The error code will tell you what has gone wrong, giving you the opportunity to identify an effective solution.

Some blankets have numerous error codes. Fortunately, that is not the case for Beautyrest blankets. They only have a small collection of error codes for you to consider. They include:

Beautyrest Electric Blanket Blinking E – Why?

Beautyrest electric blanket blinks ‘E’ when you disconnect the controller cord from the blanket.

This error code proves that people shouldn’t panic when their blankets blink. Clearly, flashing codes do not necessarily signify trouble. In this case, you did not secure the plug in its slot.

You did not push it all the way in, and the blanket is encouraging you to take action by blinking.

Check the controller cord. Is it disconnected? Is the cable secure?

How To Fix It?

This one is the easiest of all the problems you could encounter with a Beautyrest electric blanket. Check the plug in the outlet. Is it secure? If it isn’t, apply some pressure. Push the plug into the outlet until it is firm.

You can also use a different outlet if the first one is defective. Don’t be afraid to hire a technician. Ask them to inspect the plug and its cord. Are they still healthy?

Do you see fraying, breaks, and tears? What about burn marks? You can also look at the connection to the blanket. Sometimes, securing the connection is enough to fix the problem.

The technician will determine whether or not the blanket has a more serious malfunction.

Error Code E2 Meaning

E2 error code means blankets with a loose connection. But finding loose connections is not easy. The wires are not your only problem. You have to check the fuses.

What does the manual for your particular Beautyrest model say? Does it mention an E2 error code? If it does, what malfunction does it associate with the error code?

How To Fix It?

Look for the loose connections. Start with the controller cord. Is it firm? Is the cord healthy? You can ask a technician to either repair or replace it. You can also ask them to check the wiring in the blanket.

Unless you know what you’re doing, this process may take a while, especially if you don’t know where to find the relevant wires. Don’t forget the fuse. If the old one blew, replace it.

If it blows again, you have a bigger problem. Some blankets will continue to work even though they have an E2 error code. But that is not an excuse to continue using the blanket.

What if it starts a fire? If you have secured all the connections, but the item still flashes the error code, try resetting it. Some blankets will continue blinking in the absence of an actual malfunction because of an electronic glitch. A reset can eliminate these glitches.

Error Code E3 Meaning

E3 signifies a loose connection. Check the plug. Is it dancing in the outlet?

An E3 Error code shouldn’t concern you. Newcomers may perceive it as a big deal, especially if they have never owned an electric blanket. But experienced individuals know that

Is the cord frayed? Some people blame the power cord when the outlet is at fault. Do you see burn marks on the slots? Is the outlet cover broken? Outlets are not invincible. They eventually wear out.

A surge can easily destroy the device. Try using another outlet. If the error code disappears, you can assume that the first outlet was at fault.

How To Fix It?

Make the connections firm. This is not difficult. Inspect the plug and apply some pressure while pushing it into the outlet. Check the controller cord on the blanket side. Is it secure?

What about the wires? Do they need a replacement? If all else fails, try resetting the blanket.

Error Code E4 Meaning

E4 error code appears when you have a poor connection between the controller cord and blanket.

How To Fix It?

Fix the connections. If the blanket isn’t plugged in, plug it in. If the controller cord’s connection to the blanket is unsecure, secure it. If the cables and wires are frayed, replace them.

A technician can repair them with electrical tape. However, they are not safe. You are better off replacing them. The last resort is to reset the blanket.

For many people, this is the first solution they deploy. But if it doesn’t work, you can troubleshoot the other components of the item. If all else fails, get a new blanket.

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