Bedsure Heated Blanket Not Working Flashing f1, f2, f3 & Red

bedsure heated blanket not working flashing f1, f2, f3 and red light

Heated blankets are good for you. This study in Ergonomics has praised them for supporting sleep stability. But you can’t benefit from a heated blanket if it won’t work. The guide below will show you how to fix a Bedsure heated blanket that won’t work.

1). You’re Using Extension Cords

The Electrical Safety Foundation International has repeatedly warned consumers against using extension cords and power strips because they are more likely to start fires. People overload power strips all the time by connecting multiple heavy-duty appliances.

Additionally, power strips and extension cords increase resistance, which, in turn, leads to overheating. Bedsure heated blankets are unlikely to overload power strips. However, they can stop working because the power strip is dead or faulty.

Some consumers expect extension cords and power strips to explode dramatically when they die. But in most cases, these devices fail in silence. Plug the blanket into a wall outlet. If it works, the power strip or extension cord is the problem.

2). The Blanket Is Damaged

Heated blankets are delicate, which is why so many of them fail within months. They have controllers, wires, and heating elements that break when you mishandle the blanket. A defective controller is not that difficult to troubleshoot because you can inspect the component directly.

The same cannot be said for the wires. If a visual check has failed to yield results, has a recommendation:

  • Lay the blanket on a flat surface.
  • Turn it on and switch it to the highest setting.
  • Wait fifteen minutes. Don’t leave. If the blanket has a fault, it may start a fire if you leave it unattended. Observe it during this period.
  • Switch the blanket off and look for hot spots. This means touching every inch of the blanket.
  • A hot spot reveals a broken or kinked coil or wire.

Naturally, this method only works if the blanket turns on but has glitches. For instance, it switches off prematurely or fails to attain the correct temperature. Some blankets are too hot. Others make strange sounds or generate error codes.

If the blanket doesn’t even turn on, the procedure above won’t work. You should call a technician.

3). The Bedsure Heated Blanket Has A Glitch

Do you know why experts encourage consumers to unplug and reconnect a faulty heated blanket after a few minutes? This procedure resets the product, and a reset can combat electronic glitches.

Heated blankets are just as susceptible to electronic glitches as any other electronic device. Therefore, if yours won’t work, don’t hire a technician until you perform a reset. You should only call the technician if the reset fails.

You should also consult an expert if the blanket requires frequent resets. This shows that something has gone wrong. Find the problem before it causes a fire.

4). The Power Cord is Frayed

The power cord is easier to troubleshoot than the wires inside the blanket. You can damage this cable by exposing it to excess heat, bending it, throwing the cord into a washing machine along with the rest of the blanket, allowing pests to gnaw on the line, etc.

A damaged power cord will interrupt the blanket’s power supply. The item may switch on and off haphazardly. Your biggest concern is arcing. Don’t forget that heated blankets are surrounded by flammable material.

You don’t want to expose those flammable fabrics to a frayed cable’s sparks. This is why the power cord is the first component consumers check when a Bedsure heated blanket fails.

5). The Plug Is Loose In The Outlet

Like the power cord, a loose plug in the outlet will interfere with the power supply. Arcing is equally possible in this situation. If you routinely observe sparks in and around the wall outlet, call your local electrician.

Meanwhile, use a different outlet. And if you don’t have a different outlet, wait for the electrician to arrive. Don’t rely on extension cords.

It is worth noting that you can’t always blame loose plugs on a careless consumer. Sometimes, plugs are loose because the outlet is old and the contacts are worn-out. Plugs can also wear out. Of course, you can’t rule out negligence.

6). The Bedsure Heated Blanket Has A Factory Defect

Some products have factory defects. You always get one or two items in a batch that have a fault the manufacturers missed before sending their products to the shelves in your local store. Bedshure is not immune to such mistakes.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission compelled the brand to recall over 300,000 heating blankets at one point because of reports about the controllers causing thermal burns.

Therefore, you can’t rule out the possibility of a factory defect. If you visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission site or even Bedsure’s platform, you can determine whether the company has noted any defects associated with the model you bought.

You can also check consumer reviews and complaints to determine whether your particular model is associated with specific factory defects.

7). You Washed The Blanket

You can wash some blankets. The labels will say as much. Others require specific washing procedures. They may stop working if you use the wrong washing and drying methods.

Different Bedsure Heated Blanket Error Codes

Bedsure Heated Blanket F1

  • The connection between the power cord and the heated blanket is poor
  • The power cord is damaged.
  • The plug is loose in the outlet.
  • The controller has a malfunction.
  • The Bedsure heated blanket has a glitch.

How To Fix It?

  • Perform a reset. Unplug the blanket, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in. This will eliminate glitches.
  • Replace a damaged or frayed power cord.
  • Make sure the power cord is firm and secure in the controller.
  • Check the plug’s connection to the wall outlet. Replace an outlet that can’t maintain a secure grip on the plug’s prongs.
  • Replace a defective controller.
  • Repair a plug with loose connections. Replace any damaged wires you find in the plug.

Bedsure Heated Blanket F2

  • The blanket has a glitch.
  • You did not plug the blanket directly into a wall outlet.
  • The power cord is damaged.
  • You have loose connections.

How To Fix It?

  • Perform a reset.
  • Plug the blanket directly into a wall outlet. If you don’t have any outlets in the vicinity, ask an electrician to install outlets nearby. Don’t use extension cords and power strips.
  • Replace a damaged power cord.
  • Look for loose connections and resolve them. If you’ve checked the plug and power cord, but the error code has persisted, you may need a technician to identify crimped and broken wires and heating elements inside the blanket.

Bedsure Heated Blanket F3

  • The blanket has a glitch. You can never rule out electronic glitches.
  • The blanket has a connection issue. Check the outlet, plug, and power cord for damage or defects.
  • The controller has a defect.

How To Fix It?

  • Perform a reset to resolve glitches. This is where you unplug the blanket for a few minutes. Depriving the blanket of power can fix electronic glitches.
  • Resolve the blanket’s connection problem. This means replacing damaged plugs, outlets, and power cords.
  • Replace a defective controller.

Bedsure Heated Blanket Flashing Red Light – Why?

  • The thermostat settings are wrong.
  • The connection between the blanket and the controller is weak. The wires are frayed.
  • The power cord is frayed.
  • The plug is damaged.
  • The outlet is defective.
  • The controller is faulty.
  • The blanket has broken wires.
  • You left the blanket on for too long, which led to overheating. Overheating can also occur because you folded the blanket while using it, creating hot spots.

How To Fix It?

  • Fix the connection between the controller and the Bedsure heated blanket.
  • Replace a frayed power cord.
  • Make sure the blanket’s plug is firm in the outlet.
  • Connect the plug to a second outlet. If the blinking stops, the blanket’s power supply is compromised because the first outlet is faulty. Open the first outlet and look for loose or damaged wires. If you can’t fix the outlet, replace it.
  • Open the plug. You can either tighten loose connections or replace damaged wires.
  • Replace a defective plug.
  • Replace a faulty controller.
  • Use the settings the manufacturer has recommended in the manual.
  • If the blanket has broken wires, you should replace it. Technicians can fix these wires, but they are more likely to break again down the line. Replacing the heated blanket will give you peace of mind.

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