Black And Decker Compatibility With Dewalt & 6 Other Brands

are black and decker batteries compatible with dewalt, ryobi, worx, craftsman, porter cable

If you have a black and decker drill, you have probably wondered on more than one occasion whether or not a Porter Cable battery can work in the tool. But if you’re like most people, you have probably never experimented with this combination because you don’t know whether or not black and decker batteries are interchangeable. But what would happen if you interchanged these batteries? Would they work?

Are Black and Decker Batteries Interchangeable?

Black and Decker technicians will say no. In fact, they will discourage you from tampering with their batteries. However, their answer is not necessarily correct. Black and Decker batteries can work in multiple tools from the same manufacturer. In other words, you don’t have to buy new batteries every time you purchase a drill from a different Black and Decker series.

Simply put, you have to exchange batteries within the same brand. Even if you contact Black and Decker customer support, they will tell you the same thing. But their answer shouldn’t come as a surprise.

They want you to insert their batteries in different Black and Decker tools because this encourages you to buy their batteries. If you want to operate Black and Decker drills using batteries from a different manufacturer, they will discourage you from doing so.

They may even threaten to void your warranty if you use batteries from other brands in their tools and things go wrong. Admittedly, they have a reason to worry.

At the end of the day, every battery is just a bundle of cells. But the technology behind each battery will vary. A Black and Decker battery could easily overwhelm a drill from a different manufacturer.

The reverse is also possible. What if you damage the battery by forcing it to enter a power tool that cannot accommodate its shape and size? Black and Decker’s employees want your batteries and tools to last as long as possible because your satisfaction boosts their reputation.

However, you can’t ignore the fact that Black and Decker is a profit-based manufacturer. They know that advertising the interchangeability of Black and Decker would kill their profits because it would encourage consumers to replace their batteries with cheaper alternatives.

This is the primary attraction of interchangeable batteries. The average consumer is not quite as interested in the efficacy of different batteries as manufacturers think.

They want to know that they can use the same battery to operate multiple tools regardless of the brand. They don’t want to buy a new battery for each new device they acquire.

But manufacturers have no interest in making things that easy for their clients, which is why some of them include unique physical attributes that prevent their batteries from fitting the slots of drills from different brands.

Keep this in mind before experimenting with batteries from different brands. The manufacturers are working actively to prevent interchangeability.

There are two notable solutions. First of all, you can physically modify Black and Decker batteries to fit tools from other brands.

But this process is challenging and not the sort of task a layperson can execute. Don’t tamper with a battery unless you have some experience with these processes. Fortunately, most licensed technicians can modify batteries with relative ease.

Procedures of this sort are not cheap. You may even decide that buying a new battery is more cost-effective. You can check this video on how to interchange batteries.

If you doubt your ability to perform these modifications and don’t want to hire a technician, buying an adapter is the only option. These devices allow consumers to interchange batteries.

But you should take the promises they make with a grain of salt because the original manufacturers of batteries like Black and Decker did not make them. They may do more harm than good.

Pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer before you waste money on an adapter that is more likely to ruin your battery. In the absence of an adapter or technicians to modify the batteries, don’t interchange batteries.

Black and Decker Battery Compatibility

What Batteries Are Compatible With Black And Decker?

DewaltNot Compatible
RyobiNot Compatible
Porter CableCompatible
WorxNot Compatible
HartNot Compatible
Hyper ToughNot Compatible

Even though Black and Decker discourage consumers from interchanging their products, you can successfully interchange Black and Decker batteries with items from other brands because some of these batteries and drills come from the same factories.

As such, even though the brand names are different, the product is the same. Naturally, the manufacturers won’t reveal this information to you because interchangeability hurts their profits. The guide below will identify some of the brands you can interchange with Black and Decker:

Dewalt – Is It Compatible?

Dewalt and Black and Decker are not compatible because these batteries have different connectors. Therefore, you cannot interchange them.

However, you can experiment with it. Look at the connectors of your Black and Decker battery. Do they match the Dewalt drill?

If they do, try sliding the Black and Decker battery into the Dewalt drill. This experiment is risky because you can ruin both the battery and drill.

Ryobi – Is It Compatible?

Unfortunately, Ryobi and Black and Decker are not compatible with one another. You cannot interchange them organically. But that shouldn’t stop you from using a Black and Decker battery in a Ryobi tool.

If you have a keen interest in DIY projects, you can also follow the instructions Instructables Workshop has provided. They want you to build a Ryobi battery adapter.

But this process is far from easy. You need wire cutters, a hacksaw, a VOM meter, a cutting board, rubber bands, a box, and more. If you don’t even know what pliers look like, you are better off buying an adapter.

The devices are relatively inexpensive and also more reliable. They can guarantee a certain amount of efficiency and efficacy. Although, they also have risks.

Craftsman – Is It Compatible?

Craftsman can work with Black and Decker tools and vice versa. But this might not be true for every craftsman battery. Check with the manufacturer. If you don’t trust their answers, talk to battery technicians. They will tell you whether or not your particular craftsman battery is compatible with Black and Decker.

Porter Cable – Is It Compatible?

Yes, Porter Cable is compatible with Black and Decker. Sometimes, you have to use adapters or perform modifications. But for the most part, the two brands are interchangeable.

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Worx – Is It Compatible?

No, you can’t interchange Worx with Black and Decker. You can only interchange these two brands by buying an adapter and modifying the batteries. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect them to work with one another’s tools.

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Hart – Is It Compatible?

Unfortunately, Hart is not compatible with Black and Decker. Unless you make modifications or use an adapter, Hart batteries are unlikely to work in Black and Decker tools or vice versa.

Hyper Tough – Is It Compatible?

Don’t waste time trying to interchange Hyper Tough and Black and Decker batteries. These two brands are not compatible. You can interchange Hyper Tough batteries between various Hyper Tough tools, but you cannot do the same for different brands.

What To Look For In Black and Decker Batteries If It is Compatible With Other Brands Or Not?

Compatibility comes down to a specific set of attributes. Usually, you would want Black and Decker to give you a list of compatible batteries. But they won’t do that because doing so would promote the company’s competitors.

If you want to determine compatibility, look at the voltage. For instance, if you want to interchange a 20V Black and Decker battery with Porter Cable, look for a 20V Porter Cable battery.

You cannot interchange batteries with different voltage ratings.

If the voltage matches, look at the size. Can a Black and Decker battery fit in the slot of a power tool from a different brand?

If it can’t, either because it is too large or too small, you cannot interchange them. If the size matches, you can proceed. Admittedly, size is not the only physical attribute that matters.

You must also consider the shape. Again, if a Black and Decker battery has a unique shape that can only fit Black and Decker tools, the battery won’t work in devices from other brands.

The connectors may also prevent interchangeability. But you can analyze these physical factors with relative ease. Get a Black and Decker battery. Put it next to a battery from a different brand and compare them.

Do they look alike? Do their shapes match? Are the connectors the same? Is the size the same? If the answer to all those questions is yes, and they have a similar voltage rating, you can try interchanging the batteries.

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