Brookstone Heated Blanket Not Working, Blinking Red Light

Brookstone heated blanket Not Working, Blinking Red Light

Don’t expect Brookstone heated blankets to do what you say every time. Sometimes, they refuse to work without warning. The guide below will show you what to do when this happens.

Why Is My Brookstone Heated Blanket Not Working?

Brookstone is not a famous brand. Nonetheless, some of you have probably stumbled across their products on the market. The term ‘Heated Blanket’ may throw you off. Make sure you know what you’re buying.

You can interchange ‘Electric Blankets’ and ‘Heated Blankets.’ In most cases, they refer to the same things. However, it is worth noting that some heated blankets are not electric blankets. They don’t use electricity to generate heat.

They rely on air-activated body warmers to fight the cold. You may also encounter battery-operated blankets and throws.

If you bought your Brookstone heated blankets from an unreliable retailer, take a moment to confirm that their heated blankets are actually electric blankets. If you got your blanket from a genuine source, the following factors could explain why it stopped working:

1). Error e4, f1

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of e4 and f1 error codes. Again, Brookstone is not a household name. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your local technicians try and fail to interpret these error codes. They rarely encounter this brand in their line of work.

f1 is related to connectivity issue. In other words, the blanket’s plug is loose in the wall outlet or extension cord. E4 may also point to a connection problem. Don’t stop at the plug and wall outlet.

Check the connection between the power cord and the controller. Some technicians blame this error code on overheating. But overheating is a symptom, not a cause. Then again, many electronic appliances have error codes that flash when the device overheats. The goal is to encourage you to troubleshoot the problem.

Don’t expect every error code you see to explain the source of your blanket’s malfunction.

2). Age

Heated blankets are no different from their traditional counterparts. They wear out over time because you use them every day. You can exacerbate the wear and tear by mishandling the heated blanket. For instance, if you continuously allow your pets to play with it.

Electric blankets are just as vulnerable to sharp teeth and claws. If you’ve had your blanket for ten or more years, you can assume that it stopped working because it has reached the end of its lifespan.

3). Washing

How do you wash your Brookstone heated blanket? You can ruin your blankets by using the wrong washing procedure. This Brookstone Heated Throw is washable. You can put it in a washing machine.

However, you must take the necessary precautions beforehand. That includes disconnecting the power cord. If you prefer to wash your heated blanket/throw by hand, you cannot submerge the cords and control units.

Additionally, you should avoid dry cleaners and bleach. Washing the blanket the wrong way will destroy the control unit and power cord, compromising the product’s health in the process.

4). The Blanket Doesn’t Have Power

This problem has two sources. The first is the most obvious. You have a damaged power cord. Look for signs of fraying. Power cords with breaks and tears are fire hazards.

The second issue usually goes unnoticed. Some consumers are so focused on the blanket they ignore the wall outlet. Plug the item into a second outlet to determine whether or not the first receptacle works.

5). The Controller Is Dead

Open it and look for burn marks. Did the fuse blow? People often ignore cases of overheating. They don’t realize that overheating can cause permanent damage to the controller.

Some people try to avoid such issues by plugging the blanket into a surge protector. But the product may fail to work because it cannot attain sufficient power from the surge protector. You are better off using a wall outlet.

6). Loose Connections

Inspect the blanket for loose connections. The conductors in the power cord, controller, and blanket can break outright, especially if the blanket is old. As you now know, these devices wear out over time. That wear and tear can take the form of broken wires.

How To Fix A Brookstone Heated Blanket That Is Not Working?

  • Check the plug. Apply gentle pressure to ensure that it has a firm grip on the wall outlet.
  • Check the power cord for fraying. You should replace damaged power cords. Repairs can keep the Brookstone blanket afloat in an emergency, but they are fire hazards in the long term.
  • Repair or replace broken outlets.
  • Did you install any timers that automatically disconnect the power? If you did, remove or reprogram them.
  • Perform a reset by unplugging the heated blanket, waiting thirty minutes to an hour, and reconnecting the blanket.
  • If the fuse blows, replace it.
  • Open the controller and search for loose connections. You can hire a technician to perform a more comprehensive search. They can also fix these loose connections. This may involve replacing damaged or worn-out wires.
  • Replace an old heated blanket. Healthline has warned against buying secondhand blankets. They are more likely to start fires.
  • Read the manual. Make sure you follow the instructions. For all you know, you don’t know how to turn the blanket on.
  • Follow the washing instructions.
  • Electrical Safety First UK suggests replacing blankets with scorch marks, visible wires, and a damaged connector. You can also replace a broken connector independently without throwing the blanket away.
  • Replace blankets that make crackling and buzzing noises.
  • UL Solutions warns against folding heated blankets when you’re using them. They will overheat. Additionally, don’t place anything on top of the blanket.

Brookstone Heated Blanket Blinking Red Light – Why?

You may struggle to diagnose this issue because blinking red lights on a blanket are usually vague. They can point to any one of several factors, including:

1). You have a loose wire or connection somewhere. This issue is challenging because several heating wires are running through the blanket. The red light can blink because one of those wires broke. Finding them is easier said than done.

2). The heated blanket has an unreliable power supply. This can happen because of a faulty outlet or power cord. Do you remove the plug from the outlet by tugging on the cable? This practice is common. Unfortunately, it damages the line.

3). The Brookstone heated blanket has a glitch. Fortunately, glitches are temporary problems with simple solutions.

4). The controller is damaged. This happens because of surges and spikes or when people mishandle the blanket. For instance, sending the item to a dryer cleaner is a bad idea. The same goes for using a conventional washing machine unless the manual classifies this product as ‘Washable.’

5). Are you using an extension cord? You should plug this device directly into a wall outlet. You can’t trust extension cords, power strips, and surge protectors to provide adequate power.

How To Fix A Brookstone Heated Blanket Flashing Red Light?

  • Reset the blanket by disconnecting it from the power source for a few minutes. Depending on the response, you can extend that duration to thirty minutes or even an hour.
  • Plug the device directly into a wall outlet.
  • Replace damaged power cords and wall outlets. Don’t patch holes in the power cord with electrical tape. Electrical tape is a temporary solution. It can’t fix the power cord.
  • Check the connections between the outlet, power cord, and controller. Make sure the plug is secure in the outlet and controller.
  • Replace a blanket with broken heating wires. You can consult a technician for a second opinion. Even if they can fix the blanket, they will encourage you to replace it in the near future.
  • Replace a blanket you’ve owned for more than ten years.
  • Replace a damaged controller. Do the same for a controller with suspicious burn marks.
  • Replace fraying wiring.

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