Can A Dual Fuel Generator Run On Natural Gas?

are there generators that run on natural gas

Having a generator can be a blessing as it provides you back up power and is an amazing convenience. However, all these aspects can go down the drain when you run out of gasoline, or Mother Nature causes some serious power outages for days. 

These are times when you end up thinking about having more gas at hand or a solution that eradicates this issue.  How about switching to natural gas instead? However, the big question is that Can a dual fuel generator run on natural gas? 

The answer is yes! A dual fuel generator can run on natural gas because it is built in a way to have the capacity for it. It comes with the option to use two fuels in combination or one alone. 

However, here is the catch; it will take some serious modifications and work on your part. Worry not as I bring you two solutions sure to help. While it is a daunting thought for many as they are afraid of leakages or accidents, there are safe ways to do this. So if you are willing to spare the time and get to work, read on and take your pick from the options I have provided.

Can A Dual Fuel Generator Run On Natural Gas?

Most dual fuel generators run on either gasoline or propane and can work fine until you run out of these items. That is when you need a safer and more reliable option, like natural gas. 

With a few tools and some time and dedication, your generator will be good to go with your natural gas supply. Switching to natural gas can also be very beneficial, as it burns cleaner so there is less stress and maintenance of oil or other generator components. 

Dual fuel generators are very versatile, inexpensive to run, and can gain better power. As many face the need of switching to natural gas, manufacturers recognized this demand and devised a dual generator conversion kit solely for this purpose. A conversion kit is your go-to option if you contemplate going the natural gas route. 

Using Natural Gas Conversion Kit

This conversion kit utilizes an adapter that makes it possible to administer natural gas. As many homes have low-pressure natural gas for their stoves, grills, and heaters, you can run your dual fuel generator on natural gas. This kit contains a governor regulator, a carburetor adapter, stud extensions, mounting bolts, fittings for the adapter, and a hose. 

The adapter’s job is to blend the natural gas into the air stream above the carburetor. Therefore, at the core, this kit is not exactly a permanent conversion, but it works wonders and is a great adaptation. This is the most popular technique of conversion; it does not cost much and requires minimum labor. 

How to Run Your Dual Fuel Generator On Natural Gas with the Conversion Kit

Before I get into the process, it is imperative to mention that you must use approved conversion kits and follow all the safety precautions to avoid any accidents. Using the correct conversion kit is very crucial, as it will strengthen the whole process.  

Safety Alert!

Never forego the regulator because it is a safety device. A vacuum valve inside it allows fuel to flow when there is sufficient suction on the outlet. As your engine whirls, it generates a vacuum that pulls in the air and fuel. This vacuum pressure opens the valve on the regulator and allows your fuel to pass. If your engine shuts down, the flow of fuel would instantly stop. 

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Withdraw the air filter cover and air filter.
  • Take out the nuts securing the air filter to the carburetor. Do these steps carefully and remove any choke levers and pipes.
  • Screw on the stud extenders firmly. Take a pair of pliers to tighten them up.
  • Get a tank filled with natural gas and attach the provided hose to it along with the regulator, then attach the other end of the hose to the carburetor, this connects it to the natural gas supply. 
  • Put the carburetor adapter over the stud extensions. Re-install the air cleaner while ensuring that the natural gas supply hose is tucked between the housing and the carburetor adapter. 
  • Install all fittings by using either tape or a sealer. Drill in the bolts with utmost care so you do not risk the gas supply. 
  • Start the generator and get it to operating temperature, do not go overboard with the excessive gas supply, and use low pressure. 

How to Run Your Dual Fuel Generator On Natural Gas without the Conversion Kit

If you want to know about a way without using or spending money on a conversion kit, then yes there is. However, it will still require you to have some necessary tools.

Material Needed

  • Compression ball valve 1/2 inch
  • 2ft. Copper tubing
  • Natural gas Regulator
  • Hose and clamp 
  • Pipe benders
  • Cutting pliers
  • Drill driver

How To

  • Open the air filter box
  • Remove the filter 
  • Cut the tubing and route it by bending it as necessary to the front of the carburetor
  • Drill a quarter-inch hole in your airbox cover and route the tubing through it
  • Install your valve linked to the regular with a hose clamp
  • Attach the regulator and hose to your natural gas tank supply
  • Now bring in your natural gas tank and attach its hose to the carburetor and you are good to go!


Natural is a much more reliable option than both propane and gasoline as the supply is constant. You never have to worry about running out of fuel for your generator. However, you must adhere to the precaution of whether or not you are using a conversion kit.

Thoroughly read the manual of your generator to confirm the equipment that will suit it best. I have provided you with two ways to run your dual fuel generator on natural gas and you can go with whichever option suits you most. 

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