Cuddl Duds Heated Blanket Not Working, Blinking Green

cuddl duds electric blanket not working and blinking green

According to Cuddl Duds, they are a leading brand that makes stylish layers. But you don’t buy Cuddl Duds electric blankets for their style. You buy them because you want to stay warm. Therefore, a Cuddl Duds blanket that doesn’t work is useless to you. The following may explain your predicament:

1). The Controller Has Failed

If the blanket turns on, but you can’t adjust the temperature, the controller is at fault. You can also blame the controller if the blanket doesn’t turn on. Controllers are complicated because they tend to house the control board.

Therefore, any defect in the controller disrupts the blanket’s operations. While a defective controller is unlikely to start a fire, you can’t rule out the possibility. This is why controllers that prevent the blanket from working are preferable. They force you to take action.

2). You Did Not Plug The Cuddl Duds Blanket Into A Power Source

These products have a plug that enters a wall outlet. You have two potential problems here. Some people connect their blankets to extension cords and power strips, which can’t be trusted to operate electrical appliances reliably.

Others plug their blankets into defective outlets. You can experiment by plugging the blanket into a second wall outlet. If it works, inspect the first outlet for faults. Are the wires broken? Are the contacts worn out? Has the outlet reached the end of its lifespan? Electric blankets cannot work without a reliable power source.

3). The Plug Is Damaged

The power cord and its plug transmit electricity to the blanket. The blanket won’t work if those two components fail. You can damage the power cord by tugging at it whenever you remove the plug from the wall outlet.

If you have pests, they can also chew through the cable. Damaged cables are fire hazards because they cause arcing.

4). You Damaged The Internal Wiring

The internal wires and heating elements are delicate. You can damage them by allowing your pets to play with the blanket. What if you don’t have pets? You probably ruined the blanket while washing it.

Did you read the blanket’s manual? It will tell you whether or not your unit is washable. If the blanket is washable, the manual will show you how to wash it. Washing a blanket the wrong way can lower its lifespan.

5). The Cuddl Duds Electric Blanket Is Off

Have you turned the blanket on? This sounds obvious, but some people don’t read the instructions. The Cuddl Duds blanket’s activation procedure may differ from what you know. Don’t contact the company’s customer support personnel until you’ve checked and followed the instructions in the manual.

6). The Cuddl Duds Is Old

Old blankets are dangerous. From what Healthline has seen (based on information from Columbia University), 99 percent of all electric blankets that start fires are ten years or older. Therefore, don’t ignore an electric blanket that stops working because of old age.

You should repair it knowing it is more likely to start a fire. And even if it doesn’t, electric blankets have their limits. Eventually, they will all stop working. Therefore, you shouldn’t keep a Cuddl Duds electric blanket past the date the company recommends.

Cuddl Duds Heated Blanket Blinking Green

Blinking lights are usually unique to each model. Manufacturers don’t have a reputation for using the same flashing lights and error codes you see in their rivals. In this case, the meaning of the blinking green light will depend on the model.

It could refer to a disconnected controller. This would be the best outcome. However, it could also refer to broken internal wires. Those are challenging to troubleshoot because they are more difficult to access.

How To Fix It?

Glitchy Cuddl Duds electric blankets are nothing to scoff at. According to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, electric blankets can cause fires and shocks if you misuse them. A faulty Cuddle Duds blanket is a threat to everyone in your home. You can fix it using the following solutions:

1). Washing and Maintenace

Some blankets are beyond repair. You’ve ruined them, and a technician will tell you as much. But if the technician successfully repairs the blanket, you can avoid further damage by using the following steps to wash it:

  • Remove the power cord and controller.
  • Place the blanket in the washer. You can either load it loosely (High-efficiency washer) or spread it out evenly (standard washer with a central agitator).
  • Adjust the temperature. Use the settings the manual recommends.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners. Stick with regular detergent.
  • Select the cycle the manual recommends. In the absence of strict instructions, use short, gentle cycles. The lower the setting, the better. You don’t want to strain the internal wiring.
  • Agitate for two minutes before transitioning to the rinse cycle.
  • Don’t allow the blanket to linger in the washer. Remove it as soon as the rinse cycle ends.
  • Use the most gentle drying settings available (Cool or Air-Only). Don’t dry the blanket completely. Keep it in the dryer for twenty minutes and remove it while it’s still damp. Put it on the clothesline. Otherwise, the excess heat from the dryer may damage the insulation on the wires.

The Spruce has published diagrams depicting these steps. This assumes that your blanket is machine washable. If you can only wash it by hand, soak the blanket in cold water (with mild detergent) for a few minutes. Agitate the water gently and drain it. Add clean water and squeeze the blanket to remove the soap.

2). Broken Internal Wiring

  • Unplug the blanket.
  • Inspect the wires. You’re looking for signs of damage.
  • Test the wires for continuity using a multimeter. Broken wires won’t show readings.

While you can potentially splice and fix these wires, you are better off replacing the blanket.

3). Broken Controller

Take the blanket back to the company. You can also call Cuddl Duds and ask for advice. You won’t find replacement Cuddl Duds controllers in your local store or anywhere else. Ask the manufacturer to send you a replacement. If you have a warranty, they will send you the replacement for free.

Asking a technician to open and repair the controller may void your warranty. Don’t tamper with the controller without seeking clarification from Cuddl Duds.

4). Connections

Check the connection between the power cord and the plug, as well as the power cord and the controller. A loose connection in either location will prevent the blanket from working, or the green light will blink.

You can tighten the power cord’s connections with relative ease. However, if the power cord is frayed or damaged, replace it.

5). Power Source

  • Start by plugging the blanket directly into a wall outlet. Stop using extension cords, power strips, and surge protectors.
  • Replace damaged extension cords and power strips. This assumes your blanket’s power cord is too short to reach the outlet.
  • Repair or replace damaged wall outlets.
  • Repair or replace defective plugs.

6). Reset

A reset eliminates glitches. You can reset an electric blanket by unplugging it, waiting a minute or two, and plugging it back in.

7). Replace old blankets

This refers to every electric blanket ten years or older. Old blankets are a fire and electrocution hazard.

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