Dewalt Charger(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green) Light Meaning

dewalt charger red,yellow,green,orange,light blinking and flashing meaning

What do the LED lights on your Dewalt Charger mean? Those lights are supposed to help you diagnose the charger and its batteries. If you don’t know what they mean, you can’t troubleshoot your charger.

Dewalt Charger Red Light Meaning

It simply means that the battery is charging. Don’t unplug the charger until the battery finishes charging.

You will know when the battery is charged because the light will turn green.

This isn’t true for every Dewalt charger.

For instance, according to the Dewalt Support Page, a Dewalt charger will blink continuously to show that the battery is charging.

The LED will only turn a solid red color when charging is complete.

This is why it is essential to check the manual. If you expect your charger to turn green when it finishes charging, you will panic when the blinking red LED becomes a solid red LED.

Remember that red lights are specifically associated with the charging process, regardless of whether the red LED is solid or flashing.

If your batteries are full, but the red LED is still flashing, you have a faulty battery or charger. Either the charger doesn’t realize that the battery is full, or the battery won’t charge.

Dewalt Battery Charger Light Stays Red – Why?

The LED will remain red when the battery is charged. When the battery is charging, the red LED will blink continuously. It only becomes a solid light when the charging process ends.

Dewalt Charger Fast Blinking Red Light – Why?

  • The blinking red light shows that the charging process has started. The red LED will blink at a steady pace.
  • Those whose LEDs started blinking long and short blamed the issue on a battery that was either too hot or too cold. If the temperature is too high or too low, the blinking red LED will turn yellow. The yellow LED will fade once the temperature stabilizes. The red LED will start blinking once more when the charging process commences.
  • The red lightaslo could start blinking because the battery is not connected correctly.
  • If the battery is completely drained, the red light will blink. It will continue to flash until you charge the battery.
  • If the red LED blinks regardless of whether or not a battery is inserted, a malfunction has occurred. You either have a defective battery or a defective charger

Dewalt Charger Flashing Red Light – Why?

Rapid flashing is a sign of trouble.

1). A poor connection between the battery and charger can cause the red LED to flash rapidly.

2). The red LED may flash as a result of a defective battery pack. Most defective batteries must be replaced. You cannot fix them.

3). If the red LED flashes long and then short, the issue is on the Hot/Cold Pack Delay feature found in some Dewalt chargers. When the battery becomes too hot, this feature will step in, suspending the charging process. The Hot/Cold Pack Delay feature will only permit the charging process to commence once the battery cools.

Red Light Blinking On Dewalt Charger – Why?

A blinking red light tells you that the battery is not charged. It also means that the charger is trying to charge the battery. In some chargers, a blinking red light can signify a dead or discharged battery. But that isn’t true for every single charger.

Check your manual to find out what the blinking red light means. If the manual associates a blinking red light with a dead battery, test the battery with a multimeter to determine its health.

The testing process involves the following:

1). Activate the multimeter and move the knob to the ‘V’ with the horizontal line underneath.

2). Locate the probes of the multimeter. Connect the black probe (negative) to the common plug. The red probe (positive) goes to the VOLTS connection.

3). Touch the black probe to the battery’s negative contact. Do the same thing with the red probe and the battery’s positive contact. The display should show the battery’s voltage. If the multimeter doesn’t show any readings, the battery is most likely dead.

This test is not always necessary. Before you use the multimeter, take a moment to examine the battery. If it has cracks, tears, burn marks, leaks, or any other significant signs of damage, you can confidently conclude that the battery is the cause of the blinking red light.

You have to replace dead batteries. You can’t fix them. Take yours to a recycling station. Because lithium batteries are toxic, you are discouraged from throwing them in the trash.

Dewalt Battery Charger Flashes Red Light Once – Why?

A red light that flashes once each second signifies a temperature delay.

What Does Orange Light On Dewalt Charger Mean?

An orange light could mean that the battery is charging. If that is the case, it will turn green when the battery is full. If the orange light is flashing, the charger recognizes the battery, and it is waiting to charge. Orange can also signify a Hot/Cold Delay issue.

You have to consult the manual to get clarification on the meaning of the orange LED.

What Does The Yellow Light Mean On My Dewalt Charger?

On some models, when the battery is charging, the yellow LED will come on. But if the yellow LED is flashing, the charger has entered ‘Abort Mode.’ If the yellow light comes on after a blinking red light, the battery is too hot or too cold.

In such a situation, the blinking red light signifies charging instead of the yellow LED. Once the battery cools down, the yellow LED will disappear. Because the battery has started charging again, the blinking red LED will return.

Again, you are better off consulting the manual. Do not assume that your Dewalt charger will follow this scheme.

Dewalt Charger Amber Light Meaning

The amber light is the yellow light. Some manuals call it ‘Yellow.’ Others call it ‘Amber.’ The yellow light can signify charging.

If the yellow light illuminates after a blinking red light, the charging process has been suspended because the battery is too hot. In some cases, the red light will continue to blink even when the yellow light is on. The yellow light will only turn off when the battery is cool and the charger begins the charging process.

Dewalt Charger Green Light Meaning

A green light shows that the battery is fully charged.

I want you to keep an eye out for an LED that flashes red and then green. Dewalt chargers tend to blink red when they charge a battery. The green light will only illuminate when the charging process comes to an end.

But if the LEDs have started alternating between a blinking red light and a green light, the charger has tried and failed to charge the battery. More than likely, the battery is defective.

Don’t forget to check the manual.

A flashing green light in some Dewalt models shows that the battery is using a ‘Fast Charging’ mode. If the green light is solid, the battery is waiting.

Dewalt Charger Turn Green – Why?

When the battery is charging, the charger will blink red. Once the battery charges to completion, the red light will turn green.

Dewalt Battery Charger Light Codes

1). Red

  • Charging (Continuously Blinking)
  • Completed (Solid Red)
  • Malfunction (Fast Blinking/Flashing)

2). Yellow

  • Battery Too Hot or Too Cold

3). Green

  • Battery Fully Charged

How To Tell If Dewalt Charger Is Bad?

There is a process that can be used to check the functionality of a Dewalt Battery charger:

1). Connect the charger to a power source such as a wall outlet

2). Connect a battery to the charger. Use a healthy battery that doesn’t have any signs of damage, including leaks and burn marks. Leave the battery to charge.

3). Take the battery out and use a voltmeter to test it. If the pointer is on the right side, the battery has received some charge. The readings will show you the amount of charge the battery received. A negative reading shows that the battery did not receive any charge.

If you’re confident in the battery’s health, you have to assume that the charger is defective. If it can’t charge the battery, it has malfunctioned. You can confirm your theory by inserting a second battery.

If you don’t have a voltmeter, pay attention to the LEDs. If the red light is blinking, the battery is charging. If the yellow LED is illuminated, the battery is too hot or cold. If all the lights are off, you have a defective charger. This assumes that you trust the battery.

Dewalt Charger Problems And Troubleshooting

1). Dewalt Charger Has No Light

If the charger doesn’t have any illuminated lights, the battery is most likely dead. This is not always the case. Sometimes, you have blown a fuse in the charger. But in most situations, if all the lights are off, you have a dead battery.

You can test the charger by connecting it to another battery pack. If it works, you can conclude that the first battery is dead. If the lights are still off, you have to assume that the charger is at fault.

2). Dewalt Charger Light Won’t Come On

If the lights won’t come on, the charger is defective. You can test the battery with a voltmeter to find out whether or not the charger is working. You can also test the battery with another charger to ensure that it isn’t at fault. If the battery works with the second charger, the first charger has malfunctioned.

The lights of a Dewalt charger will illuminate when you connect a battery pack. The red light will blink if the battery is charging. The green light will come on once the battery is fully charged. You may even see the yellow light if the battery is too hot.

3). Dewalt Charger Light Goes Out

The lights on a Dewalt Charger are tied to the operations of the device. If the charger is working, the lights will illuminate or flash, especially when you connect a battery. If the lights won’t shine, the charger has stopped working.

You can reach the same conclusion if the charger’s lights go off during a charging session. To confirm that the charger has stopped working, wait for the duration that it usually takes the battery to charge to completion.

Test the battery with a voltmeter. If it doesn’t have any charge, the charger has stopped working.

How To Fix Dewalt Charger?

  • If the fuse has blown, open the charger and replace the fuse. If the charger has refused to respond despite the new fuse, check the wiring.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, consult a technician. They will troubleshoot the device for you. If they find torn or frayed wires, you must replace the charger.
  • If the technician cannot identify the source of the problem, try jump-starting the battery watching the following video

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