Dyson Vacuum Flashing (Blue, Red, White, Green, Pipe) Light

dyson vacuum v6, v7, v8 flashing blue, red, yellow, green, orange, pipe light

The layperson does not want the lights on their Dyson vacuum to start flashing. After all, the average consumer associates flashing lights with trouble. But is that true? Are blinking lights always a cause for concern? This Dyson vacuum guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Why Does Dyson Vacuum Flashing Light?

1). Depleted Battery

You can blame flashing lights on a depleted battery. Like most electronic devices, this one cannot work without a power source. If you deplete the battery, the vacuum’s lights will flash until you charge it.

Battery issues are not always this easy to solve. In some cases, the light will flash because the battery is defective. Either you can’t charge it, or it cannot hold a charge for long.

Some batteries deplete too quickly. Regardless of the reason, a damaged or dead battery will cause the lights to flash repeatedly. Fortunately, Dyson vacuums will let you know when the battery is dead.

The devices will flash when the battery is depleted. But if the battery has a problem, the light in question will simply come on instead of blinking. The best way to determine what the flashing means is to check the manual, especially if the lights in question are designed to flash at different intervals to signify various faults and complications.

2). Faulty Motor

The Dyson vacuum’s light will flash when the motor has a problem. This is another complication that requires the manual. You have to look at the number of flashes.

The number will tell you the exact nature of the problem. You may confuse the flashing that signifies a depleted battery with the flashing that points to a damaged motor. The manual will show you the exact number of flashes to look for when the motor has a problem.

3). High/Low Temperature

Pay close attention to the temperature during the charging process. These devices will warn you about high or low temperatures using a flashing light. They may also shut the power off because the appliance is too hot or cold.

4). Normal Operations

Some lights will flash to show that everything is fine. In other words, the vacuum is either charging or running as expected. This is not true for every single model.

You may find appliances where a solid light signifies normal operations and flashing lights only manifest when the vacuum’s functions deteriorate for one or more reasons.

5). Clogging

If the vacuum is blocked, the appliance will flash to let you know that something is wrong. This flashing will persist until you check and clear the hose, extension wand, and filter.

Don’t expect to fix every problem the flashing lights highlight. Some complications may force the average consumer to hire a technician. But this is not a bad thing. A layperson may destroy the vacuum because they tampered with it.

If basic fixes like unclogging the hose and charging the battery have failed to eliminate the flashing lights, hire an expert.

Dyson Vacuum Lights and Troubleshooting Tips

A Dyson vacuum’s indicator lights are a good thing. Without those lights, you would have no way of identifying the problems plaguing the vacuum. If you can learn to interpret the flashing lights, you can use them to diagnose and fix the appliance. That is why this guide was created. Laypeople can use it to make sense of their vacuum’s flashing lights:

Dyson Vacuum Blue Light Flashing – Why?

Dyson vacuum flashes blue light in the absence of power. In other words, the battery is either low or depleted. This is the best-case scenario. In the worst case, the battery is dead.

Keep an eye out for rapid flashing. If the blue light is flashing rapidly, the vacuum has a fault that has prevented the power from reaching the appliance.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing Blue, 10, 12 Times – Why?

The battery has a problem. If you’re lucky, the battery is simply depleted. In some situations, the battery is dead or damaged, and it cannot hold a charge for long, which is why the light continues to blink even after you charge the battery.

Battery-related lights are challenging because various factors can compromise the battery’s ability to provide the power with the vacuum needs. You may obsess over the battery when the fault lies with a loose connection elsewhere.

This is why technicians are so important. They can prevent you from replacing a perfectly good battery because you think the component is responsible for the blue light. Don’t make any expensive decisions until you consult an expert.

How To Fix Blue Light On Dyson Vacuum?

  • If the battery is depleted, charge it for 3.5 hours or more. The blue light on some devices will continue to flash when the appliance is charging.
  • If the battery has refused to charge, check the power cable. Is the plug securely in the outlet? Is the outlet working? What about the cord? Does it have tears and burn marks? If the power cord is defective, you should get a new one.
  • Dyson V6 battery last four years. It may last even longer if it doesn’t get regular use. But if you’ve had the vacuum and its battery for a while, the battery has probably reached the end of its lifespan. Get a new one. Old and faulty batteries cannot hold a charge.
  • A poor connection between the battery and the power board can compromise the battery’s operations, causing the lights to flash. You can ask a technician to secure this connection. They can also inspect the board.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing Red – Why?

Dyson vacuum flashes red lights when the battery has a fault. The vacuum won’t work because it doesn’t have the power it requires, or you cannot charge the battery. On occasion, the problem may lie with the power cord. If the power cord is damaged, it cannot transmit the volume of current the vacuum needs to charge the battery.

You will probably see the flashing red light when you activate the vacuum. But you may also notice the light when you attempt to charge the battery. This shows that a fault is interfering with the battery’s ability to charge.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing Red 4, 32 Times – Why?

If the red light is flashing 32 times, the Dyson vacuum has failed battery pack. A failure in the battery pack is not that difficult to identify because the battery’s performance will suffer.

You will notice that it has a lower runtime. It depletes faster than usual. It may also refuse to recharge.

Dyson Vacuum Not Charging Flashing Red Light – Why?

This is the worst outcome because it leaves you with no other choice but to replace the battery. If the battery refuses to charge, you don’t need the flashing red light to tell you that you need a new one.

Although, if the red light starts flashing early enough, it can give you ample opportunity to buy a replacement before the old battery fails.

How To Fix Red Light On Dyson Vacuum?

Some people are not afraid to open the battery pack. They think they can replace the individual cells. But that is a lot of work. A layperson cannot do this. You have to hire a technician, and if you do, they will encourage you to get a new battery.

But that is not the only solution to a flashing red light. Flashing red lights are warnings. You see them when a battery-related fault occurs. The solution to a flashing red light will depend on the type of fault.

For instance, faulty wires can affect the power supply. You should also look for signs of Undervoltage. If you have a technician on hand, you can ask them to look at the board.

You may blame the battery for the vacuum’s power issues when the problem lies with the power board. A technician can look at the component to determine whether or not the part is defective.

But don’t be surprised if they encourage you to replace the battery. This is the easiest and most effective solution, especially if the battery is old. Batteries have limited lifespans. Even if you maintain the vacuum appropriately, the battery will eventually fail. This is a foregone conclusion.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing Blue and Red – Why?

The vacuum will alternate between these two lights if the charging process is inconsistent. Sometimes, this problem has a simple cause. For instance, the power cord is loose in the wall outlet and the battery doesn’t have the reliable power supply it requires, so it isn’t charging correctly. In other cases, you have a defective battery.

How To Fix It?

  • Check the power cord. Is it firmly connected to the wall outlet? Can you trust the wall outlet? Are the contacts loose?
  • What about the power cord’s appearance? Does it have tears and burn marks?

If you trust the power cord and wall outlet, but the lights are still alternating between blue and red, make sure the connection at the docking station is secure. Otherwise, talk to an expert. They can test the battery. If the battery is dead, get a replacement.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing White Light – Why?

Dyson vacuum flashes white light when the filter needs maintenance. However, white lights are not a common sight on Dyson vacuums. If your model has a white light, check the manual to determine what it means. Otherwise, your local technician may not know what it means because these devices do not usually feature white lights.

Dyson Vacuum Flashing Yellow Light – Why?

Dyson vacuum flashes yellow light at extreme temperatures. The vacuum is too hot or too cold. Depending on your model, it may shut down in response to extreme temperatures.

If you’ve never seen a yellow light on your vacuum, some manuals call this color ‘Amber.’ It means the same thing. When you consult your technician, they may refer to the light as ‘Yellow,’ ‘Amber,’ or ‘Orange,’ depending on what they see.

How To Fix It?

Leave the Dyson vacuum alone. Let it rest. If the device is too hot, it will cool down once you leave it alone.

Dyson Flashing Green – Why?

A solid green light shows that the battery is charging correctly. A blinking green light signifies overheating. The machine is too hot or cold.

How To Fix It?

  • Identify and eliminate blockages
  • Remove dust in places like the filter where it tends to accumulate
  • Get a new battery, power cord, or docking station, depending on where the fault lies

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Flashing Orange Light

You will see a flashing amber or orange light when the vacuum doesn’t have power. The flashing light may also manifest because of overheating.

How To Fix It?

  • Let the vacuum rest
  • Check the board
  • Look for loose connections
  • Replace dead and defective batteries

Dyson Flashing Pipe Light – Why?

You did not fit the filter properly. The vacuum will stop working until you fix this problem.

How To Fix It?

Check the manual to see how they fit the filter. You should also maintain the filter regularly.

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