Electric Fireplace Error Codes (E3, E5, CO, E1, 88) Meaning

electric fire place error codes E3, E5, CO, E1, 88, E2, ER, EE, 1, EC, 0h

Electric fireplaces are convenient because you can get them in every imaginable size and shape. But what happens when an electric fireplace malfunctions? Electric fireplaces have error codes. If you can learn to interpret those error codes, you can identify the problem before crafting an effective solution.

Why Does My Electric Fireplace Say Error?

1). Burnt Out Bulb

If your fireplace uses a bulb, the bulb can burn out. Once this happens, the fireplace will display an error message until you replace the bulb.

2). Motor Stops Working

If your fireplace uses a motor instead of a light bulb, check the motor. If the motor stops working because of a loose connection or frayed wires, the fireplace will display an error message until you fix the problem.

3). Fuse Burn Out

Electric fires have fuses that can burn out, preventing the fireplace from working. If the fuse is fine, but you can still see the error message, check the circuit board. You may require a new remote control. 

4). Heating Element Stopped Working

Electric fireplaces have a heating element that can stop working if you have frayed wires and loose connections. Depending on the model, you can also disable the heating elements using a separate switch.

Electric Fireplace Error Codes and Troubleshooting Tips

Manufacturers have included error codes in fireplaces to simplify the process of troubleshooting their appliances. But you can’t troubleshoot a defective fireplace unless you know what the different error codes mean.

E3 Error Code Meaning

E3 means ‘Heat Override ’/ ‘Overheating’. Something has blocked or restricted your fireplace’s airflow. The fireplace is too hot. As a result, it keeps shutting down to prevent permanent damage.

Don’t ignore error codes related to overheating. The fireplace is not the only asset at risk. You may start a fire that could burn your house down.

How To Fix It?

Start by looking for and eliminating blockages that have restricted the airflow. Use a compressor to blow air through the passageways. This should clear the obstacles, especially dust. People do not realize that dust can accumulate in a fireplace.

E5 Error Code Meaning

E5 error codes denote venting problems. If the fan has refused to work, you have a blockage. Look for debris in the vent. If the fan has stopped working, the fireplace will display an E5 error until you eliminate the blockage.

How To Fix It?

  • Start by clearing the debris in the vent. If you cannot find any debris in the venting, turn your attention to the tubes. Bent tubes can attract E5 error codes as well.
  • Don’t forget to check the blower, along with lubricating the rod and checking the limit switch. If the fan has refused to work even though you’ve performed the relevant maintenance procedures, you should consider the possibility that a voltage issue is responsible for the malfunction.
  • Consult a professional that can check the circuit board and electrical connections. Loose connections that affect a fan’s operations.

CO Error Code Meaning

CO error may appear as a result of an electronic glitch.

You are unlikely to encounter a CO error code in a modern electric fireplace. If your device shows CO, the error code is probably unique to that model. Others manufacturers rarely use it, if ever.

You won’t know what the error codes mean until your check the manual or the manufacturer’s website.

How To Fix It?

If the CO error code appeared because of an electronic glitch, you could try resetting the electric fireplace. If this doesn’t work, you should consult a professional, especially if the manual hasn’t provided any other notable solutions to the error code.

E1 Error Code Meaning

  • You see the E1 error when your unit overheats. Once the temperature triggers the overheat sensor, the fireplace will use this code to warn you.
  • You can also see these errors with damaged circuit boards.

The best way to confirm the meaning of the error code is to check the manual. Otherwise, the interpretation will vary with each model.

How To Fix It?

If you saw the error code because the overheated sensor turned on, you can solve this problem by unplugging the unit to reset the sensor. But if you have a damaged circuit board, you must replace it. You cannot repair circuit boards.

88 Error Code Meaning

You typically see 88 error codes when overheating occurs. Overheating can occur because of airflow restrictions. The fireplace will repeatedly shut itself off. Don’t switch it back on unless you’ve taken steps to solve the problem.

How To Fix It?

  • Start by cleaning the inlets/outlets to remove the blockages restricting the airflow. You can also try restarting the fireplace.
  • Shut the device off, unplug it, plug it back into an outlet and start it. You can also try switching the power off at the breaker. Homedepot wants you to keep the fireplace unplugged for five minutes before switching it back on. Resetting the fireplace can eliminate electronic glitches.

E2 Error Code Meaning

  • E2 means that the temperature controller’s internal clock has a problem. If the device cannot retrieve the data in the controller’s memory chip, it will display an E2 error code.
  • It also means that fireplace is a victim of overvoltage or Undervoltage. This can cause overloading. 

Check the manual to determine what the error code means for your device.

How To Fix It?

If your manual has connected the E2 error code to a malfunction in the temperature controller, you can either reset the controller or replace it.

But you won’t solve this problem until you determine the meaning of the error code for your model. Don’t assume that the interpretation of the error code in other fireplaces will apply to your model.

ER Error Code Meaning

Look for a faulty outlet. Fireplaces can overheat, resulting in an error code. But if your fireplace has chosen to display an ER error, it means a faulty outlet. If it isn’t the outlet, check the plug.

Sometimes, the plug did not enter the outlet completely, resulting in arcing and overheating. If you don’t resolve this issue, you may start a fire.

How To Fix It?

Check the plug. Make sure it is snug and secure in the outlet. If the fireplace is overheating, reset it by turning the device off for several minutes before switching it back on. If the fireplace still feels warm, switch it off and call a professional. Otherwise, the fireplace may start a fire.

EE Error Code Meaning

Some heating devices display EE error codes when you connect them to an unstable or unreliable power source, such as a weak power strip. You may also see the error code in situations where the heater is not connected to a power source.

EE error codes are rare. If you see this error code, it is probably unique to your model.

How To Fix It?

Because EE error codes are rare, you should check the manual if you see one. You can also contact the manufacturer. If they cannot provide satisfying answers, hire an electrician.

1 Error Code Meaning

For all you know, your fireplace showed an ‘E1 Error’, but the ‘E’ was not visible because of a malfunction in the display.

Most electric fireplace owners have never heard of a 1 error code. More than likely, it is unique to your model. Make sure you did not misread the display.

How To Fix It?

Check your manual to confirm that the fireplace has a 1 error code. If it shows ‘E1’ instead of ‘1,’ you can use the solution for eliminating the E1 error codes that were mentioned above.

If your model has a 1 error code, the manual will tell you how to fix it. Otherwise, call the manufacturer and ask for guidance.

EC Error Code Meaning

EC appears when you unplug the appliance while still in operation. It also occurs when the power is interrupted by a power outage.

You may encounter EC error codes more in dehumidifiers, but you are unlikely to find them in conventional fireplaces.

How To Fix It?

Resetting solves the problem.

Most fireplace owners have never seen an EC error code. But if your model has one, check the manual. It will provide clarification.

0h Meaning

Fireplace displays 0h when overheated.

However, conventional fireplaces do not use 0h error codes. You probably have a unique model with a distinct set of error codes.

How To Fix It?

  • Turn off the circuit breaker
  • Allow appliance to cool for 15 minutes
  • Turn the breaker on

If the problem persists, check the manual, or hire an expert.

UE Error Code Meaning

You may find UE error codes in washers but not in electric fireplaces. Check your manual to confirm that the fireplace has a UE error code.

How To Fix It?

Ask a professional to troubleshoot the device. They will determine why it shows a unique error code like UE.

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