Freezer Blinking Red/Green Light With Error H/H1/HA/CL/E1/E2

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If your freezer isn’t defective, you don’t expect the lights to blink. Therefore, if your freezer’s lights are flashing, you should investigate

Why Does My Freezer Blinking Light?

1). Temperature Is Too High

Is the temperature too high? Samsung believes that some refrigerators display blinking lights because the temperature is too high. The lights will continue to flash until the temperature drops.

2). Door Open

A freezer can work even when the door is open. An open door makes a freezer less efficient because it allows the cold air to escape. Nonetheless, the freezer will continue to work. Although, it will use more electricity.

But some freezers are smart. They will detect the open door and warn the consumer by causing the lights to blink. The blinking will continue until you close the door.

3). New Freezer

Is your freezer new? Frigidaire expects the lights on a new freezer to blink when you first connect the appliance to a power source. The blinking will continue until the freezer reaches a safe temperature.

The color of the flashing lights will show you the state of the freezer. For instance, a blinking red light shows that the freezer has unsafe temperatures because of a malfunction.

Electrolux Media has made similar observations. They expect freezer lights to flash until the appliance attains the appropriate temperature.

4). Ice Blocks The Evaporator

Freezers are supposed to generate ice. However, if that ice blocks the evaporator coils, the freezer will beep because the air cannot circulate. You have to clear this blockage to eliminate the blinking.

5). Hardware Failure

You will also observe blinking in freezers and refrigerators with failing components. That includes the thermostat, evaporator fan, and compressor. The lights may also blink in response to a malfunctioning power board.

These lights are beneficial because they allow you to initiate repairs before the appliance suffers lasting damage.

6). Power Failure

Freezer lights can blink because of a power failure. If the freezer’s power supply is inconsistent and unreliable because of a problem at the outlet, along the cord, or inside the freezer, it will use the indicator lights to warn you.

Look for loose connections in such situations. Loose connections can cause fluctuations in the power supply.

7). Hot Food

Did you add hot food to the freezer? Appliances will blink lights when you add hot food. Hot food is problematic because it raises the freezer’s temperature. The lights will continue to flash until you remove the food and the temperature falls.

8). Power Outage

The lights may blink because of a power outage. This is because an outage causes the temperature to rise. Without power, the freezer cannot stay cold. It will warn you using the blinking light, giving you an opportunity to take action.

9). Faulty Bulb

Are you sure the lights are flashing? Bulbs can fail. They can become loose. This can cause flickering. Therefore, before you panic, inspect the light once more. Is it blinking rhythmically or flashing erratically?

It is not that difficult to differentiate between blinking and flashing. If the light is clearly flickering, the bulb is the problem. The freezer is fine. However, don’t be so quick to change the bulb.

Other factors, including the door switch, can cause a healthy bulb to flicker. Usually, it allows the light to turn on when you open the door. If the switch malfunctions, you will observe flickering.

10). Voltage Too Low

Did you connect the freezer to the correct circuit? If the power supply is insufficient, the lights will flicker and blink because the appliance cannot operate optimally.

Freezer Blinking Different Color Light Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

Blinking lights and error codes are only scary when you don’t know what they mean. The guide below will shed some light on the most concerning aspects of a freezer’s error codes:

Freezer Green Light Blinking – Meaning

  • Ice has covered the evaporator coils, and the air can’t circulate.
  • Faulty Evaporator Fan
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Faulty Main Power Board

Freezer Red Light Blinking – Meaning

  • Samsung appliances can blink red in response to an active child lock feature
  • The fan is not operating
  • The compressor is defective
  • The freezer is not cold enough

How To Fix It?

  • If the freezer is new, give it a chance to attain the correct temperature. Beko expects the red light to stop blinking once the temperature falls to the appropriate level.
  • Remove hot food
  • Make sure the door is closed
  • Repair or replace a faulty compressor
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Fix faulty or loose connections
  • Repair or replace bad motors, fans, and thermostats
  • Fix door seal cracks and tears

Freezer Blinking H Meaning

The temperature is too high. Something has gone wrong. Diagnosing the problem may take a while because this issue has several potential sources. For instance, maybe you forgot to close the door, or the door seal has a tear.

You should also look for obstructions that have interfered with the air circulation.

How To Fix It?

  • Look for blockages and remove them. That includes ice cubes in the ice chute.
  • Make sure the door is shut tightly.
  • Use the dial to lower the temperature. Keep it below the threshold.
  • Clean the coils under the appliance

Freezer Blinking H1 Meaning

The freezer sensor is shorted. If you don’t have the experience, ask an expert to look at the thermistor and board. They should also inspect the wiring.

How To Fix It?

Inspect the thermistor. Use a multimeter to check the continuity and resistance. The thermistor communicates with the control board. If it malfunctions, you will see the H1 error. Get a replacement.

This process is not easy. You have to remove the shelves, and air duct covers to access the thermistor. Don’t forget to switch the power off.

Freezer Flashing HA Meaning

You see a flashing HA when the temperature in certain sections goes past a specific threshold.

How To Fix It?

Find out why the temperature has risen. Are the vents blocked? Can the air circulate freely? Has the ambient temperature increased dramatically? Did you close the door? Are you sure the door seal is secure? Don’t position the freezer near a heating vent.

Freezer Flashing CL Meaning

If your freezer is flashing CL, LG thinks you have a refrigerant leak. Check the evaporator.

How To Fix It?

You’re out of luck. Unless you’re an experienced technician, you can’t solve this problem alone. Take the freezer to an expert.

Freezer Error Codes

E1 Meaning

You see the e1 error code when a problem with the temperature occurs. The exact nature of the problem will vary depending on the model. You may have an issue with the fan motor or a faulty thermostat.

How To Fix It?

Find out why the temperature is rising. You will see this problem in freezers with too much food. If you crowd the freezer, you can block the airflow. If you’re lucky, you can solve the problem by simply resetting the appliance.

Otherwise, ask a technician to check all the relevant components, including the thermistor and thermostat.

E2 Meaning

The main control board has an error. An E1 error code may also refer to a freezer sensor fault.

How To Fix It?

Try resetting the freezer. If it has a breaker, use it to turn the power off. Wait a few minutes and turn the power back on. You can eliminate simple glitches by resetting the appliance.

But if the error code persists, you should call a technician. They need to open the freezer to troubleshoot the main control board and sensor.

E9 Meaning

You see e9 error codes when your freezer develops a temperature problem. Temperature problems are usually connected to the thermostat. Try adjusting the temperature dial. Check the coils under the appliance if the e9 error is still present.

How To Fix It?

Hire a technician to either repair or replace the thermostat. If the freezer is old, you are better off replacing the thermostat. You cannot trust it to perform optimally once it starts failing.

5h Meaning

Check the cooling coil. The ice probably blocked it.

How To Fix It?

Some freezers don’t have this problem because their functions include a defrost feature that activates every few hours and melts the accumulated ice. The thermostat will keep an eye on things. It won’t let the temperature exceed the preset threshold.

But sometimes, the ice refuses to melt. Instead, it continues to build up until it covers the coil. If this has happened to your freezer, check the defrost thermostat and timer.

You can also remove the ice manually. Switch the power off and give the ice a moment to melt before attempting to remove it.

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