Frigidaire Freezer Reset (How-To, Button Location, Diagnose)

frigidaire upright, chest & deep freezer reset

People buy Frigidaire freezers because they are dependable. But just like every other appliance, they can develop faults and glitches. When that happens, resetting these devices can resolve the glitches. Unfortunately, manufacturers rarely include reset buttons when they design appliances. But if you have a Frigidaire freezer, you don’t need a reset button to reset the machine.

How Do I Reset The Frigidaire Freezer?

  • Start by switching the freezer off. That means flipping the switch to the off position and pulling the plug out of the outlet.
  • Wait 20 minutes.
  • Plug the freezer back into the outlet and flip the switch to the on position.
  • Find the ‘Alarm Reset’ button. Hold it down for three seconds.
  • Press the down arrow three times. Do this quickly
  • Press the Up Arrow once
  • Set the temperature

This process sounds relatively complicated, and it isn’t always necessary.

It is typically enough to unplug the freezer, wait 40 minutes and then plug the appliance back in.

People call this a hard reset.

If your goal is to reset the compressor, you can do the following:

  • Remove the plug from the wall outlet. This will disconnect the freezer from its power source.
  • Move the freezer dial to the ‘Off’ position. Some freezers use a different controller. They don’t have a dial. Others use ‘0’ instead of ‘Off.’
  • Adjust the settings
  • Give the appliance a day to attain a stable temperature.

How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Freezer After A Power Outage?

  • Disconnect the freezer from its power source. This means pulling the plug out of the outlet
  • Press the ‘Alarm Reset’ button. Hold it down for three seconds
  • Press the down arrow three times
  • Press the up arrow once
  • Select the temperature

These are the same steps people use to reset freezers in normal circumstances.

However, sometimes the screen displays ‘PF’ when the power goes. Additionally, the appliance will generate a loud alarm. During this time, you can reset the device by pressing the alarm icon.

The freezer can also reset automatically. You don’t have to do anything. This shows you the importance of reading your manual. Don’t expect different models to share the same features and functions.

A manual will show you the unique steps you must perform to reset your model. If you can’t find the manual, check the manufacturer’s website.

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Is There A Reset Button On A Frigidaire Freezer?

Frigidaire freezers do not have a reset button. But if yours has one, you will probably find the button inside. Check the manual. It will tell you where to look.

If the freezer doesn’t have a reset button, the manual will show you the steps required to reset the appliance. If the manual doesn’t mention the reset procedure, you can still perform a reset by unplugging the device, waiting several minutes, and plugging the freezer back in.

In many cases, depriving the appliance of power is enough to resolve basic glitches and malfunctions, especially in freezers with sophisticated systems.

Why Should I Reset The Frigidaire Freezer?

Resetting the freezer can solve several problems, including the following:

  • Has the freezer failed to reach the right temperature? Try adjusting the settings. If that doesn’t work, you should reset the appliance.
  • If your device has a control panel, it can develop error codes that consumers can quickly clear if they reset the freezer.
  • If the freezer makes strange noises, you should reset it before attempting to disassemble it. Anyone can reset a freezer. But you need an expert to pull it apart, especially if the appliance has a defective component.
  • If the freezer is too noisy or makes sounds you don’t recognize, try resetting it.
  • You can reset specific components like the compressor or thermostat if you think the freezer consumes too much energy.

Resetting solves simple glitches and malfunctions. If you have a serious fault, it will persist regardless of the number of resets you perform.

Troubleshooting Tips

An Outage Trips The Breaker

If a power outage occurs, you should check the circuit breaker, especially if the freezer refuses to work. An outage can trip the breaker. Resetting the breaker will solve the problem.

Switch The Button ON

Check the control panels of your appliances. If your freezer has a control panel, you will find the ON/OFF buttons in this area. In other words, it isn’t enough to plug the freezer into an outlet. You must also switch it on via the buttons. Some consumers think their freezer died when they simply don’t know how to switch it on.

Reset The GFCI

Does your freezer user a GFCI receptacle? If the receptacle trips, it will cut the power off, preventing the appliance from starting. Resetting the GFCI will restore the power.

Give It Some Time

Did a power outage occur? Has your freezer refused to cool even though the power returned? Give it time. Some freezers require several minutes to start cooling once the power returns. Wait an hour or two before you panic.

Plug Is Secure In The Outlet

Check the power cord. Make sure the plug is secure in the outlet. You should also look for signs of wear and tear, such as burn marks and damaged insulation.

You Changed The Temperature

Did you adjust the temperature settings? This should be your first consideration, especially if the freezer has refused to cool. If it can’t get cold enough, experiment with different temperatures. You can accidentally change the temperature while adding or removing items from the freezer. You can unknowingly move the dial.

This raises another issue. How many items do you have inside the freezer? You can block the air vents by crowding the internal cabin. The freezer uses the vents to transport cool air.

Condenser Coils Gets Dirty

Check the condenser coils. They can get dirty, preventing the freezer from performing its functions. If you adjusted the temperature, but the device is still too warm, clean the coils.

You can hire an expert to do this once every six months. Though, you can also perform this task yourself. Just remember to unplug the appliance. If you have a manual, it can show you where to find the coils.

All you need is an appliance brush. It will make short work of dirt and debris. If you recently cleaned the coils, but the freezer has failed to reach the right temperature, check the rubber seal on the door. The door cannot keep the cold air inside unless it creates an airtight seal.

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