From Pollution to Clean Power: NYC’s New Battery Storage Facility Leads the Way

Photo Credit: Elevate Renewables

New York City is about to change its energy landscape with the conversion of the Arthur Kill Power Plant on Staten Island into the city’s largest storage facility. Once completed, the plant will have the capacity to power more than 10,000 homes during peak demand, making it the first existing power plant in the region powered by battery storage, according to Electrek.

A Shift from Polluting Power to Clean Energy

Arthur Kill Power marks a significant shift from its former role as a polluting ‘peak’ factory to a clean energy hub. This 60-megawatt battery storage system will not only reduce pollution, but also support New York State’s goal of using 6 gigawatts of storage by 2030, a goal reported by Utility Dive.

Benefits to society and the environment

Conversion from fuel to battery storage provides many advantages:

Reliable Power Supply: The facility stores excess power during periods of low demand and releases it during off-peak hours to provide stable and reliable power.

Savings: The system helps reduce residents’ energy bills by using stored energy during times when electricity prices are high.

Environmental impact: Reduced dependence on fossil fuels means cleaner air and smaller carbon footprints for communities.

Enhancing Grid Stability

This project also addresses the need for greater grid stability. Eric Cherniss, head of development at Elevate Renewables, emphasized the importance of the project:

The Arthur Kill renovation project will install the latest energy storage technology in a former power plant. This project showcases Elevate’s battery expertise and development capabilities and will help New York State reach its goal of 6 GW of energy storage by 2030.

A Model for Global Energy Transition

Arthur Kill Project serves as a model for other areas seeking to replace aging electrical infrastructure. As more and more power plants around the world are being rethought as sources of clean energy, these new projects are paving the way for a better future. They show that recycling existing battery storage facilities is not only possible, but also environmentally and economically beneficial.


Arthur Kill Power Plant into New York City’s largest battery storage facility is a significant step in the city’s sustainable energy journey. By providing clean energy, reducing costs and improving grid connections, this project demonstrates the potential to solve new problems. Moving forward, initiatives like this will play an important role in building a sustainable future with one rechargeable battery at a time