Generac Generator Battery Lifespan (With Replacement Cost)

how long does a generac generator battery last

Do you maintain your Generac generator’s battery? You don’t want the device to disappoint you during an emergency. But disappointment is all you can expect if you’ve never stopped to inspect or even change the battery. Admittedly, you can’t change a generator’s battery out of paranoia. You should only change the battery when it reaches the end of its lifespan. But when does that happen? When is the right time to get a new Generac generator battery?

How Long Does A Generac Generator Battery Last?

You may assume that it is more important to figure out how long a Generac generator battery lasts. But that is not true. Even if the battery can keep going for a few more months or years, you are better off replacing it every three years.

Otherwise, the battery can fail at an inopportune time, inconveniencing you and the inhabitants of your house.

The charging setup, application, and usage influence the lifespan of the battery.

The battery is a generator’s heart. It can perform various functions depending on your setup. That includes running the digital control panels, sending power to the ancillary planes, providing backup power to the secondary battery set, powering automatic vents, and more.

Suffice it to say, you cannot afford to neglect the battery. The device is too important. This is why experts encourage laypeople to change their Generac batteries. A failing battery will compromise the operations of your generator, especially if the machine gets extensive use.

Some people make the mistake of reviving dead batteries. But there’s little point in extending the life of a dying Generac generator battery by a few weeks or months.

It will rob you of your peace of mind because you cannot help but wonder when the battery will stop working. If your batteries still work, keep them charged at all times, especially if you expect the generator to start whenever the need arises. The age will make a world of difference because older units use portable chargers while their newer counterparts use an installed charger.

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What Should I Do To Maintain The Generac Generator Battery lifespan?

A battery’s lifespan depends on various factors, including the generator’s frequency of use, how long it runs when you start it, the amount of charge the battery uses to start the engine, and more.

If you want to squeeze a decent lifespan out of the battery, you have to perform the relevant maintenance routines.

If you want your Generac generator battery to last the full three years, take the following actions:

1). How much use does your generator get? If the unit spends a lot of time in storage, I want you to run the generator every three months.

Keep the unit on for half an hour. The goal is to charge the battery. If you keep the generator in storage for too long, the battery will discharge completely. You don’t have to run the generator every three months. You can start the unit more frequently to protect the battery.

2). Check the wiring. Is the battery firm? What about the connection between the wires and battery terminals? Did you connect each wire to the appropriate battery terminal?

The ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs are not arbitrary. They are supposed to guide you. Inspect the connections to ensure they are firm and accurate.

3). I want you to lean the battery terminals routinely. Check for corrosion. It can interfere with the connections. Fortunately, the terminals are not particularly difficult to clean.

4). Check the water. The water level will drop with the passing of time regardless of whether or not you run the engine. Therefore, you should take a moment to add more distilled water until it reaches the relevant level.

Make an effort to test the battery with a multimeter every so often. You should only panic if the readings are less than 12V. This assumes that you remembered to switch the multimeter to the DC voltage position.

A battery with less than 12V won’t help you because the DC components of the generator won’t get the power they need. The Generac unit may even refuse to start.

You should also clean the battery’s surface. This sounds like an irrelevant step, but it matters.

How Do I Know Generac Generator Battery Is Degrading? Its Problems

Batteries are not designed to last forever. You cannot trust them to remain operational after three years. Although, some batteries will deteriorate within the first or second year. The devices are susceptible to various factors, including the following:

1). For various reasons, the generator might be overcharging the battery.

2). You added an undersized battery to the unit, leading to more frequent discharge and recharge cycles than the battery can handle.

3). High temperature

4). Loose connections

5). Dirty connections

Degrading batteries are not that difficult to spot. They will discharge at a faster rate than usual. Some of them will take much longer to charge than you might expect. Others won’t hold their charge for long, forcing you to recharge them frequently.

Admittedly, some of these issues have other causes. For instance, a leak in the system can lead to frequent discharging. You cannot always assume that the battery in question is degrading.

Although, you can confirm your worries by testing the battery with a multimeter. The reading of a healthy battery should be 90 percent of the listed rating.

You may assume that readings in the 70s are not so bad, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Readings below 80 percent of the listed rating are terrible. Throw the battery away and get a new one.

You can also check the temperature using thermal imaging. Baseline measurements are essential here because you can use them to determine the health of the battery.

For instance, if you have baseline measurements, you can take note of and account for any increase in resistance that occurs. You can do the same for the temperature and capacity.

Although, among the three, the temperature is the most critical consideration. The variable will tell you whether or not the battery is operating within acceptable parameters.

Baseline measurements are particularly useful to people that perform routine inspections because you can observe trends and changes that could affect your decisions in the long run.

You don’t have to test your own batteries. You can leave this task in the hands of a professional. Any licensed technician you consult can test the batteries to determine their health.

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If Battery Is Dead, How Much Does A Generac Generator Battery Replacement Cost?

Generac battery costs at least $99. If the labor takes $60 – the total replacement cost will be about $159.

While the cost of the batteries may remain fixed, the cost of installation will change depending on the company or contractor you’ve chosen to hire.

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