GenerLink Review – The Safe and Reliable Transfer Switch

generlink review

For years, we have been using traditional transfer switches and additional interconnection boxes to connect generators to our home’s main wiring. Due to sudden and long power outages, especially in bad weather conditions, everyone requires a portable generator to enjoy a continuous supply of electricity. However, the connection process can be quite challenging, daunting, and unsafe for laymen.

That’s where GenerLink comes in!

It is easy to install (with some professional assistance), easy to turn on, and easy to turn off. Also, it is highly cost-efficient and offers a great deal of flexibility.

In this review, I will look into what exactly GenerLink is, its working mechanism, installation, compatibility, cost, and legality, along with a lot of other helpful information for your benefit. Let’s dive in!

Detailed Review of GenerLink

What Is GenerLink?

GenerLink is a contemporary and efficient transfer switch that allows easy interconnection between your electrical power meter and a portable generator. It comes with a connection underneath where you need to connect your generator. Thankfully, the power cord known as GenerLok comes supplied with the GenerLink.

It eliminates the need to buy a separate power cord, any additional transfer switches, or a power supply panel. All you need is GenerLink and a portable generator to receive power while it goes off the electrical grid in your area.

GenerLok Power Cord

It is important to note here that GenerLok comes with three different plug options.

  1. L14-20 Locking. Coming in the lock shape, it offers 20A of power to your panel.
  2. L14-30 Locking. Coming in the lock shape, it offers 30A of power to your panel.
  3. L14-50 Locking. Featuring a straight plug shape, it offers 50A of power to your panel.

Also, the power cord is available in several length options such as 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 ft.

Choosing the plug option and power cord length depends on the model of your generator and how far you have placed your generator from GenerLink.

How Does GenerLink Work?

GenerLink follows a simple working mechanism. It safely connects your portable power generator to the main electrical supply. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, turn OFF the main electric supply by shutting down all the breakers in the breaker panel.
  • Get your GenerLok cord. Connect the female end to GenerLink and the male end to the generator.
  • Turn the generator’s circuit breaker OFF, then turn on your portable power generator by following the steps mentioned in the generator’s manual.
  • When the generator starts running, wait for 30 seconds and turn the circuit breaker of the generator ON. This delivers the power from the generator to GenerLink.
  • Keeping in mind the maximum wattage of your generator, turn ON the important breakers. Depending on your wattage, you can also turn on all the breakers in your home and use all the appliances.

However, you must be wondering if you have to go through all of these steps every time the power goes out; that is not the case. I will discuss how to use GenerLink in the next section.

How To Use GenerLink?

To simplify the use of GenerLink, all you need to do is:

  • Turn ON your generator when the power goes off as it is already connected to GenerLink.
  • To know if the power supply from the grid is restored, you can download the GenerLink application.
  • As the status of the utility grid on GenerLink changes, you get to know right as the power restores. This way, you can shut off the generator promptly to prevent fuel and money wastage.

You can easily download the GenerLink application from the App Store or Google Play Store. You only have to connect it through Bluetooth. This allows for ease of operation as you will not have to go out in the dark to find out if the power has been restored. It keeps you safe and secure from any kind of power hazards.

How To Go Back To Utility Power?

Switching back to utility power is even easier than transferring to generator power. When utility power resumes, here’s what you have to do:

  • Turn OFF all the circuit breakers you turned ON before
  • Shut down your generator
  • Turn ON all the circuit breakers

Here, you can turn all the circuit breakers ON as you are using a direct power supply. It allows you to use all your appliances and power switches.

How To Find Out If GenerLink Is Compatible With My Generator

GenerLink is compatible with most portable generators. To ensure compatibility with the generator of your choice, you need to know your generator’s manufacturer and model. Then, you can use the GenerLink Compatible Generator Guide to find out if GenerLink is compatible with your generator.

Which GenerLink Model Is Right To Buy?

Currently, GenerLink comes in two different models. The only difference between both models is the limit of wattage they support.

MA23 (30 Amps)

MA23 is a 30-Amp GenerLink transfer switch that works with portable generators that come with less than 8,500 running wattage. It is suitable for small to mid-sized generators.

MA24 (40 Amps)

MA24 is a 40-Amp GenerLink transfer switch that works well with portable generators coming with less than 10,000 running wattage. It is usually great for larger domestic generators.

Additional Surge Protection

GenerLink allows you to add surge protection to your chosen model to protect your appliances from power surges. The Surge module offers 75kA/phase surge protection. Also, it comes with an alarm to notify when there’s a sudden power surge.

How To Install GenerLink?

Installing GenerLink is a convenient and straightforward process.

Firstly, you need to contact your electrical service provider to cut off your electrical meter from the main power grid it is connected to. This service may cost you a bit, and the service provider might set a time at which he will disconnect your power supply.

Next, you need to hire a professional installer. Make sure that he is a licensed electrician. If not, you can also ask for a professional from the company you are buying GenerLink from. The installation costs for GenerLink may be significant, though.

Now, the professional will mount GenerLink on your electric meter. Once mounted, he will connect GenerLok to the respective areas. When plugged in, there’s nothing you need to worry about anymore.

At this moment, it is great to test your GenerLink with the generator while the main power supply is off. For that, you need to turn your generator ON, wait for 30 seconds, and switch ON the circuit breaker of your generator. Follow it by turning ON your circuit breakers, and you are good to go.

If you receive power supply, it means GenerLink has successfully connected to your electrical meter and generator. Make sure you test it with the help of and in the presence of an electrician. Otherwise, you might have to pay more fees on the second call.

How Much Does GenerLink Cost?

The overall cost of GenerLink depends on its model and the length of the cord you require.

The base model of the 30-Amp GenerLink costs around $650, while the 40-Amp equivalent costs around $775. Some providers offer installation and taxes within the actual cost, but most charge separately. Make sure you buy from the right company, such as one of the representatives of GenerLink operating in different states across the United States and Canada.

Where To Buy GenerLink?

Now, if you are worried about buying from a reliable seller, GenerLink offers a list of its manufacturer representatives along with the name of the company, locations they cover, and respective phone numbers.

Buying GenerLink from here ensures a credible and secure purchase.

Is GenerLink Legal?

As far as the legality of GenerLink is concerned, it varies from state to state. Some states allowed the use of GenerLink, then banned it, then again allowed its use.

Some known states where GenerLink is legal: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, Maine, Illinois, Idaho, Alabama, New Hampshire, Michigan, Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Florida.

However, it’s best to confirm locally whether your state allows the installation of GenerLink before making a purchase. 

Does GenerLink Require Any Maintenance?

The best thing about GenerLink is that it requires no maintenance. Once installed and plugged in, you can use it forever without any worries.

However, if you run into any technical problems, it is good to contact the company or a licensed electrician in your area.

GenerLink vs. Traditional Transfer Switches

GenerLink has emerged as a strong competitor against traditional transfer switches. Here are the main points of difference:

Flexibility To Use Desired or All Appliances

What makes GenerLink stand out is that it allows you to choose which appliances you want to run. If your generator can take the load, you can run everything. In the case of traditional transfer switches, there are only 6 to 8 hard-wired circuits, and so, you can only use a few circuits.

Installs Outside Your Home

Another major point of difference is that GenerLink installs outside your home. It needs to be mounted on the electrical meter and does not require any rewiring.

On the other hand, traditional switches require rewiring the entire electrical supply system of your home.

Delivers High Voltage

GenerLink makes sure that you can use full voltage. Hence, you are allowed to use all the heavy appliances such as those that require 120 or 240 volts, depending on your generator’s capacity. Be it a water heater, an electric motor, or a clothes dryer, etc., you can run these appliances on a rotation basis.

In the case of traditional switches, you get only one or two 240V circuits that only support lighter loads. These 15 to 20-Amp switches cannot take heavy loads to run such electric appliances.

As the GenerLink transfer switch is an all-in-one solution, all you need to do is hook it up with your generator, and you are good to go. The initial installation, however, requires professional help.

Benefits of GenerLink

GenerLink offers many benefits. It is a safe and reliable meter mounted transfer switch that acts as a means of interconnection between your generator and the electrical meter outside your home.

Here are some significant benefits of GenerLink:

No Need for Extension Cords

The major advantage of GenerLink is that it eliminates the need for extension cords and the hazards that come attached. Most homeowners do not have a suitable power cord that runs long enough to connect a generator to the meter. Also, there is no specific extension cord for generators as all the extension cords support multiple power appliances.

Usually, such extension cords overheat and can cause a fire. At other times, the extension cord is so long that it does not deliver full voltage potential and results in damaging your appliances. With GenerLink, you do not need any extension cord as it comes with GenerLok, the specifically designed power cord.

Offers Flexibility

With GenerLink, you are free to operate any electric appliance in your home that is supported by your generator’s wattage capacity. There is no need to worry about any damage, and with surge protection installed, you can feel carefree.

Prevents Dangerous Feedback

GenerLink ensures safe use and operation by preventing dangerous feedback. It automatically detects when a generator is running. Consequently, it disconnects from the utility grid instantaneously. As a result, the potential for dangerous feedback in the system is averted.

Verdict – Is GenerLink Worth It?

GenerLink has eased the lives of thousands of people living across the United States and Canada. Given its high flexibility, ease of installation, convenient use, and cost-efficiency, it has made it easier to deal with sudden power outages. The Bluetooth application further offers convenience and effective use, making it worth it.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a GenerLink representative in your area and get your GenerLink now!

If you need more information about GenerLink, check out its manual here!

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  1. Hi Stellar,
    Thanks for a great review. My utility Portland General Electric does not allow use of Generlink equipment at this time. What can a homeowner do to nudge the approval system forward?

    1. Hey,

      Reach out to Portland General Electric’s customer support for clarification on the reasons behind the restriction. Understanding the specific concerns can guide your approach in addressing them


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