How To Reset A Maytag Bravos (X, XL, XL MCT) Washer?

how to reset maytag bravos washer

Maytag Bravos washers are not perfect. For all their strengths, they are prone to malfunctions, just like every other washer on the market. When a washer stops working, you might be tempted to hire a technician to fix it. But as this guide will soon show, you can solve some faults by simply resetting the Maytag Bravos washer.

How Do You Reset A Maytag Bravos Washer?

1). Press Start/Stop. Hold the button down for three seconds. This will put the washer in standby mode. The indicator lights will go off.

2). Rotate the selection knob one click to the right.

3). Wait for half a second and rotate the knob one click to the right.

4). Wait for half a second and rotate the knob one click to the right.

5). Wait for half a second and rotate the knob one click to the left.

6). Wait for half a second and rotate the knob one click to the right.

You should perform these rotations within six seconds. The indicator lights will flash on and off while you work (except for the lid-locked LED). Eventually, you will notice that the LCD panel has indicated ‘Wash,’ ‘Done,’ and ‘Rinse.’ This is your cue to press ‘Start’ once. But you’re still not done.

7). Pull the plug out of the outlet.

8). Wait ten seconds and push the plug back into the outlet.

9). If you succeed, the washer won’t start automatically. But it should start within the next ten seconds. Otherwise, you need a technician to look at it, preferably a Maytag technician.

Don’t expect this procedure to work for every washer. Some washers expect the consumer to lift and lower the lid a couple of times. Others require the user to flip the breaker on and off to reset the circuit board.

You can reset old models of Maytag washers by simply unplugging them. Wait ten minutes before plugging it back into the outlet. The goal is to let the charge drain. If the appliance has error codes, you can clear them using this method.

Before you do anything, check the manual. Don’t be so quick to listen to other people on the internet. Unless their washer is the same as yours, you can’t expect their reset procedure to help you. The manual should be your first stop. And if you lost it, ask the manufacturer for instructions. You can either call or send them a message.

They are eager to help you because they don’t want you to tell others that their washers don’t work.

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Is There A Reset Button On A Maytag Bravos Washer?

Maytag Bravos washers don’t have reset buttons.

Newer washers have reset features that consumers can use to eliminate error codes and basic glitches. However, you will have difficulty finding a consumer whose Maytag Bravos washer has a reset button.

From what most people have seen, the manufacturer doesn’t include dedicated reset buttons. Also, check this video that shows a consumer resetting a Maytag Bravos washer by turning the dial clockwise several times before pressing start.

This is what the majority of consumers do. They have manuals that provide a list of reset procedures because the average washer doesn’t have a reset button. This is a problem because laypeople have a difficult time remembering the reset procedures, especially those that involve turning the dial several times.

This is why they prefer to hire a professional that can reset the washer on their behalf. But if you practice, you can reset this device yourself.

Is Resetting Setting Same On Bravos X, XL, XL MCT Washer?

You would expect the reset procedures for different Maytag Bravos washers to vary. But that is not necessarily true. For instance, Rob Getty has a video showing consumers how they can reset a Maytag Bravos machine. Their procedure involves:

  • Emptying the drum
  • Turning the knob counterclockwise all the way around once
  • Turning the knob three clicks down to the right
  • Turning the knob one click up to the left
  • Turning the knob one click down to the right
  • Continuously turning the knob to the right until the ‘Rinse’ LED lights up
  • Pressing ‘Start’

From Rob Getty’s video, you can see that this method actually works when applied to the Bravos X machine. However, this list of instructions also works for the Maytag Bravos MCT washer. Those instructions match the procedures for resetting the X machine. This shows that the same instructions can reset different Bravos models.

For resetting a Maytag Bravos XL washer. They involve the following:

  • Press Power/Cancel
  • Select a new cycle
  • Press Start/Pause

But the type of resetting has very little to do with eliminating a glitch or malfunction. People use this procedure to cancel and change cycles. For the moment, you can assume that the same reset procedures work on multiple washers.

This is not a guarantee. Again, you must start by checking the manual. It should provide clarification.

Why Should I Reset Maytag Bravos Washer?

Reset procedures can solve some of the common problems that plague Maytag Bravos washers, including:

  • The washer refuses to continue to the next cycle
  • The washer refuses to start
  • The washer makes strange noises
  • The washer stops in the middle of a cycle
  • The washer vibrates incessantly

Reset Button On Maytag Bravos Washer Not Working

Maytag Bravos washers don’t have reset buttons. They use a series of knob rotations to reset the device. If your model has a reset button, you should use it to recalibrate the machine. If the button fails, use the longer method, the one with the knob. Many laypeople hate the procedure because it is long and relatively complex. But it becomes easier once you practice.

  • If this procedure fails, you can perform the full reset. This is where you unplug the machine from the outlet. Wait thirty minutes and plug it back into the outlet.
  • If this doesn’t work, look for a fuse or circuit breaker. If the washer has one, use it to perform a reset. This should also resolve basic faults. People use the circuit breaker when they can’t access the plug.
  • If all these options fail, you should call a technician. Your washer has bigger problems, possibly a broken door switch, faulty latch, or a defective timer. Regardless of the situation, a professional can identify and fix it. Where necessary, they may encourage you to get a new washer. Some problems can’t be fixed.

Troubleshooting Tips For Maytag Bravos Washer

  • If the washer vibrates incessantly, redistribute the load. If the vibrations stop, the load was the problem. You should also check the feet of the machine. Is it standing evenly? An uneven device is more likely to vibrate.
  • You should check the locking lid switch on appliances that refuse to continue to the next cycle. The washer won’t work unless the door is locked securely. A broken door lock switch can interfere with the operations of the appliance.
  • A worn-out drive belt can interrupt the spin cycle. The belt hangs around the drum. If the belt is frayed or worn out, the drum cannot spin smoothly. It may produce strange noises. You must replace it. Laypeople should leave this task in the hands of an expert.
  • If the washer won’t work because you left it unplugged for several days, try resetting the device. You can also do the same thing for glitchy control boards.
  • Pay attention to the contents of the washer. Heavy items such as towels can unbalance the machine, especially if you have too many of them clustered in one area. The washer will refuse to spin. If redistributing the load fails, take some of the heavy items out. Washers have manuals that will tell you the capacity of each machine. Pay attention to this information.
  • Look for signs of corrosion. Bleach vapors cause corrosion. This is why many consumers avoid bleach even though washers offer a bleach dispenser.
  • If the fabric softener dispenser has malfunctioned, clean it. The dispenser is probably clogged. The spruce encourages consumers to soak the dispenser in hot water for half an hour. If the device is detachable, wash it with distilled white vinegar.
  • If the machine is noisy, don’t panic. You probably left hard objects like coins in your clothes. The noise will likely dissipate once you remove these objects. If the noise persists, call a technician.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some washers stop working because the user waited too long to consult a technician. Experts can solve most problems if they catch them early. If possible, take the machine to a Maytag workshop.

Use your warranty to get cheap repairs or a new washer. You may void the warranty by hiring an external technician or opening the washer yourself.

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