Why Does My Laptop Charger Spark?

laptop charger spark

The last thing you want to see is a spark from your laptop charger. But that is what happens when some people plug their laptop chargers into an outlet. Is this normal? Is it safe? Could it burn your house down?

Why Does My Laptop Charger Sparks When Plugging It In?

Loose wiring is a common cause of sparking. If the outlet is overwhelmed by the number of appliances and devices connected to it, any additional devices and appliances you plug into that outlet will produce sparks.

The same thing will happen whenever you unplug the appliance or device. You can overload an outlet by using a power strip. All the devices and appliances connected to the power strip will draw power from the same outlet.

If the outlet is at fault, I expect you to listen for buzzing and crackling. An outlet with loose wiring won’t stop at sparking when you plug a laptop charger into its slots. It will manifest additional signs.

Loose wiring in plugs and outlets is dangerous. But it is not as dangerous as short-circuiting. People expect short circuits to destroy their equipment. But a short circuit could also melt the insulation on the wires, exposing them.

Exposed wires are a big problem. Sparking is only the first challenge. Eventually, those exposed wires could lead to a fire or electrocution. Depending on your setup, the short circuit may cause the breaker to trip.

But if you’re not convinced that a short circuit is the source of the sparking, and you have eliminated factors like water damage, broken receptacles, frayed wiring, and old age, you should consider overloading as a potential cause.

It is important to remember that charger sparks can appear as a result of the outlet or the charger plug.

Don’t be so quick to assume that the charger plug is at fault. The reasons are wide-ranging. The blame could either lie with the charger or the outlet. You have to investigate both of them.

And if you don’t know what to look for, hire an electrician.

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Is It Normal For A Laptop Charger To Spark?

Charger sparks are normal, especially if the sparks in question are blue. Yellow and white sparks are dangerous. But you can ignore blue sparks, to an extent. The electricity in a home has to follow a predetermined path as it flows through the circuit.

Plugging a device into an outlet draws the electricity through the outlet and into the plug of your device. This transfer of power happens very quickly.

In some cases, you may see a brief spark because of that transfer of power. Technically, it happens every single time, though you do not always see it.

This is also called arcing. The transfer of electricity creates a spark as well as some heat. Though, that arcing is more likely to occur if the laptop you are plugging into the outlet is on.

If you bring the plug closer to the contacts of the outlet without plugging the laptop in completely, you are more likely to see sparks as the electricity jumps from the outlet to the plug prongs.

You don’t need to worry. I agree that damaged outlets, dust, debris, and other negative factors can cause dangerous arcing. But I also believe that arcing is normal. You should only worry if you observe alarming signs.

For instance, I want you to stop using the outlet if the charger sparks have caused the outlet to become discolored and deformed.

You should also look for burn marks and the smell of burned plastic, not to mention frayed insulation, exposed wiring, loose plug prongs, etc. Normal arcing should be temporary, not continuous.

Will There Be A Problem With Sparking?

Arcing is only dangerous when it is caused by factors like moisture, overloading, old age, and short circuits. You have to understand that arcing generates heat. Charger sparks, if you see them, should manifest as a flash. They should be short and temporary.

If the sparks last a long time, and they are so big that they keep jumping out of the outlet slots; and if they are yellow or white, they should concern you. The arcing could melt the plastic components, igniting any flammable materials in the area. Normal sparks should not produce a smell.

What To Do For A Sparking Laptop Charger?

  • If you keep observing white or yellow sparks that linger, and if your outlet has already started smelling, I want you to stop using the outlet. You can confirm that the outlet is at fault by plugging something else into it.
  • If the sparks continue, the outlet is at fault.
  • If the sparks only occur when you plug the laptop charger into the outlet, the laptop charger is the problem.

Take the laptop to a technician. They will investigate the charger to determine whether it requires repair or replacement. If the outlet is at fault, call an electrician. Don’t use the outlet until an electrician tells you that it is safe.

How To Prevent Laptop Charger From Sparking?

I encourage you to install a precharge resistor. But it is much easier to switch the outlet off before you connect the laptop charger. If the charger sparks you have observed are safe, switching the outlet on after the plug is in place will prevent you from seeing those sparks.

But if the sparks are abnormal and dangerous, you should ask for professional help.

An electrician can troubleshoot the outlet and plug to find out which one is at fault.

  • If the wiring is old, they will replace it.
  • If the outlet was poorly installed, they will fix it.
  • If they identify signs of overloading, they will show you what you can plug into the outlet without overloading it.
  • A technician can scrutinize your entire home to find the source of short circuits and water damage.
  • They can also tell you whether or not you need to replace your laptop charger.

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