Makita Charger Flashing (Red, Green, Yellow) Light Meaning

makita charger flashing red, green, yellow light meaning

When a Makita power tool stops working because of a depleted battery, you can recharge the battery by inserting it into the Makita charger. But what if the Makita charger stops working? Check the lights. If they are flashing, you can use the indicator lights to identify the problem, but only if you know what the flashing lights mean. Some consumers own a Makita charger, but they don’t know how to interpret the flashing lights. Fortunately, they have this guide.

Why Is My Makita Battery Charger Flashing Light?

1). Battery Is Charging

A flashing light on a Makita battery charger is not necessarily a sign of trouble. Like most brands, this one has a light that flashes when the battery is charging successfully.

In other words, you want the light to flash. If the light doesn’t flash during the charging phase, something has gone wrong. You should worry. Better yet, check the manual to determine what the lights should do during the charging process.

Some models have lights that remain steady while charging. Others use a flashing light.

2). Heat

The lights may flash because the battery is too hot. Batteries generate heat when you charge them. This can’t be helped. However, excess heat is bad for them. High temperatures can destroy a battery, causing it to bulge.

The high temperature won’t destroy the battery immediately. Instead, it will shorten the battery’s lifespan. Eventually, it will stop working. Therefore, you should thank Makita for including a system that warns you when the battery overheats.

3). Dead Battery

Makita chargers cannot charge a dead battery. Batteries have limited lifespans. You can tell that they are wearing out because they can’t hold as much charge as you remember.

And even when you charge them, the batteries will deplete quickly. If the battery is approaching its expiration date, either because it is old or you mishandled it, the charger’s lights will flash to let you know that something is wrong because they have tried and failed to charge the battery.

4). Wrong Battery

Are you charging the correct battery? Makita chargers are compatible with a specific battery type. For instance, if you insert NIMH batteries instead of Lithium-Ion batteries, the lights will flash because the device cannot charge the batteries. 

5). Dead Charger

People use the flashing lights to diagnose Makita chargers. However, if you’ve tried to fix the charger but it has refused to function, and the lights are still flashing, you have to consider the possibility that the device has reached the end of its lifespan.

Take the battery out and insert it into another charger. If the battery charges, the original charger was the problem. You can confirm your suspicions by connecting a second battery to the faulty charger.

If the faulty charger refuses to work, you can conclude that the Makita charger is dead. Don’t be so quick to throw it away. For all you know, the charger has a loose connection somewhere.

Ask a technician to take a look. If they can’t fix it, they will encourage you to get a new one.

Different Makita Charger Lights Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

If your charger is flashing and you don’t understand why, start by identifying the color of the light. Different colors have different meanings. Admittedly, colors can only help you if you know what they mean. If you can’t find the manual, use the guide below:

Makita Charger Flashing Red Light – Why?

Makita charger flashes the red light when the battery is too hot. The charger won’t charge the battery in this situation because it is not safe to charge a hot battery.

The charging process generates heat. Therefore, it is not out of the ordinary for charging batteries to feel warm. But there’s a difference between a warm battery and a hot one.

Warm batteries are not a problem. On the other hand, hot batteries should concern you. Listen to the charger and allow the battery to cool down before you attempt to charge it. The charger won’t give you a choice in the matter. It won’t charge the battery until the temperature drops.

Makita Charger Light Flashing Red Twice

If you can see two flashing red lights, the temperature has exceeded 70 degrees C. The charger will switch back to one flashing light once the temperature falls below 70.

A flashing red light is always a sign of a hot battery. You can put this theory to the test by touching the battery. If it feels hot to the touch, give the battery a moment to cool down before attempting to charge it again.

If the red light is flashing because of the heat, it will stop, and the battery will charge successfully once it cools down. You can also blame flashing red lights on bad batteries.

Sometimes, that is true. But you shouldn’t make that assumption until you’ve given the battery a chance to cool down.

Makita Flashing Red Light Without Battery – Why?

The Makita charger shouldn’t flash red when it doesn’t have a battery in the slot. If you have noticed a flashing red light in the absence of a battery, the charger has a fault, possibly an electronic glitch. You should try resetting it.

Again, don’t be so quick to throw the charger away. The device is not beyond saving.

How To Fix It?

Reset the charger. You can do this by finding the reset button and holding it down for five seconds. Keep the charger unplugged while you reset it.

Check your manual before you take any action. The instructions for resetting your model may differ.

Makita Charger Keeps Flashing Green Light – Why?

A flashing green light is a good thing. This light shows that the charger has access to a reliable power source. You can slide the battery into the slot because the unit is ready to perform its role.

You don’t have to fix it. The flashing green light shows that everything is working correctly. The absence of a flashing green light would be a bigger concern because it would show that something had gone wrong. More than likely, the charger is not connected to a power source.

Or a fault in the device, such as a loose connection, has prevented the device from receiving the power it needs. If you cannot find the problem, you should contact a technician.

But if the green light is clearly flashing, you should rejoice because your charger is working as expected.

Flashing Red and Green on Matika Charger – Why?

Makita charger flashes red and green lights when the battery is broken.

But what does that mean exactly?

It means that debris can invade the contacts. Additionally, the contacts can bend or break. Either way, the battery won’t engage with the charger. Sometimes, the battery is at fault. Test it with a multimeter before you blame the charger.

How To Fix It?

If the multimeter has confirmed the battery’s health, inspect the charger’s contacts. If they have debris, remove it. Clean the contacts with a dry cloth.

Apply a contact spray where necessary. If you inadvertently bent the contacts, try bending them back. If the contacts are broken, you’re out of luck. Let a technician look at the charger before you replace it. Give them a chance to try and fix it.

Makita Charger Flashing Red and Green and Beeping – Why?

  • The charger is defective
  • You shorted the battery
  • The battery is defective
  • You are trying to charge the wrong type of battery

How To Fix It?

  • Insert a battery type prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Use a charged battery to jump a battery whose voltage is too low
  • Replace the battery
  • Replace the charger

Don’t tamper with the battery pack until you test it with a multimeter. You should also ask a technician to troubleshoot the charger. Opening the battery or charger will probably void their warranty.

You are better off reaching out to the manufacturer and using your warranty (if you have one) to get a new battery or charger.

Makita Charger Blinking Yellow Light – Why?

The yellow light blinks when the charger has a cooling problem. Either the cooling fan is defective, or dust has clogged the cooling system.

Cooling problems will not prevent the device from charging the battery. However, this issue will extend the charging time.

If you listen closely, you may hear strange noises from the vent because of the dust and debris.

How To Fix It?

You need a technician to solve this problem. They need to inspect the fan and perform repairs where necessary. They may also compel you to buy a replacement fan. Clean the vent before you hire an expert. This may solve the problem.

Makita Charger Flashing Orange – Why?

Makita doesn’t have orange lights. You have probably confused the yellow light for orange. Or maybe the charger’s LED has a problem, and it has distorted the yellow light, making it look orange.

Either way, you have a cooling issue resulting from a faulty fan or clogged vents.

How To Fix It?

Most Makita chargers don’t use orange lights. But you should check your manual to confirm. For all you know, yours is the only model with orange light.

If you confused the yellow light for orange, try cleaning the vent. If that doesn’t help, ask a technician to inspect the fan.

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