Mira Electric Shower Flashing White, Green, Red, & Low Light

mira electric shower flashing white, green, echo, low, red light

Have you noticed the flashing lights on your Mira electric shower? This guide will show you what they mean and whether or not you should worry.

Mira Electric Shower Flashing Lights – Why?

Don’t ignore the flashing lights on your Mira electric shower, even though most of them are harmless. Consider the following:

1). Status

The shower’s lights will flash to confirm the mode it has entered. For instance, the amber and white lights will pulse when the shower enters standard mode. The pulsing will only stop when the unit attains the correct temperature.

Check the manual. It will show you the LEDs associated with the various modes and functions. Analyzing these LEDs will put you at ease the next time you see flashing lights. You’re less likely to panic.

2). Bluetooth

Plumb World has diagrams detailing the Bluetooth pairing procedure. You hold the start button for five seconds. You will know pairing mode is active when the green and red lights flash. The red LED will flash to show that pairing has not occurred.

Once pairing occurs, you can hold the start button again to unpair the pump. The red light will flash during this period. A flashing blue light can signify a loss of connection, or maybe the transformer is far away.

3). Shut Down

The ‘Start/Stop’ light will pulse when the heater is shutting down. This happens when you push the start/stop button.

4). Replace The Heater Tank

The appliance wants you to purge the hot water, buy a new valve assembly, or replace the heater tank. Your course of action will depend on the symptoms and error codes you’ve identified during the troubleshooting process.

5). Faulty Control Board

The control board is aptly named because it runs the appliance. The red and white LEDs will flash when it fails, compelling you to replace the component.

5). Abrupted Power Supply

You have a problem with the power supply. Either the voltage is questionable, or the power supply is unreliable. Check the thermal trip and relay PCB.

6). Defective Heating Elements

You have faulty heating elements. Eliminate some of the obvious culprits before you blame the heating elements. That includes descaling the appliance and removing blockages.

7). High Flow

The high-flow light will flash during the commissioning process. This light matters because the temperatures will reach 44 degrees C during this cycle. Therefore, you should apply some caution.

8). Setting Is Stored

Mira electric showers can store settings. You achieve this objective by setting the temperature and flow and then holding the relevant memory button down. The light will flash to show that your setting is stored.

9). Stuck Buttons

You see rapid flashing when you push a button, and it gets stuck. Scrutinize the unit until you find the stuck button.

10). Water Temperature/Pressure Too High/Low

Is the temperature of the incoming water too high? What about the incoming water pressure? Is it too low? The warning lights will flash to alert you. You should also expect a beeping sound.

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Mira Electric Shower Flashing White Light – Why?

  • The white light will pulse when the appliance enters BEAB mode. The unit will beep three times. Besides the white ‘Start/Stop’ light, you can also expect the green status light to pulse.
  • The white light pulses when you set the temperature in the cold position as the shower starts. Press the start/stop button and wait for a single beep. The blue status light will also pulse.
  • The shower has entered config mode.
  • You have paired the pump and shower.

Some people expect the white ‘Start/Stop’ light to flash when a power cut occurs while you’re using the shower. However, the light will simply illuminate.

How To Fix It?

  • If the appliance starts in BEAB care mode, the pulsing lights will fade once the product achieves the temperature you set. Wait for the shower to beep in confirmation.
  • If the appliance starts with the temperature in the cold position, wait for the unit to achieve the full cold flow. The pulsing will stop. Expect a beep.
  • If the flashing lights keep alternating between red and white, the water pressure is low. The plumbing is not always at fault. Make sure no other outlets are working while you shower. You should also inspect the isolator valves (Are they fully open?) and hoses (Are they blocked?).

Mira Electric Shower Flashing Low Lights – Why?

  • Faulty heating element.
  • Faulty solenoid coils.
  • Dirty inlet filter.
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaky flow valve.

How To Fix It?

  • Someone is using the other outlets. This reduces the pressure in the shower. Close those other outlets.
  • Make sure the isolator valves are open.
  • Check the hose and showerhead for clogging. Clear the obstructions.
  • Find and resolve leaks.
  • Clean the filters.
  • Replace a defective flow valve.
  • Check your home’s water supply. Maybe the pipes are old or blocked. Hire an expert to diagnose your plumbing.

If you have concerns about the pressure, this Mira showers page encourages consumers to test this variable by placing a one-liter jug under a tap. The tap should fill the jag in six seconds. Depending on your situation, a plumber may install a water pump to boost the flow. This assumes that replacing the showerhead is not enough to solve the problem.

Mira Electric Shower Flashing Green Light – Why?

  • The appliance started in BEAB care mode. The green and white lights will pulse.
  • The flow switch is stuck.
  • Faulty relay PCB.
  • If the water continues to flow for several seconds after you turn the shower off, and then it goes cold, there is an issue on a defective flow valve.

How To Fix It?

  • The green and white lights will stop pulsing once the appliance attains the set temperature.
  • If the lights alternate between green and red, you initiated pairing mode by pressing and holding the start button. You must pair the shower within the next minute.
  • Unstick the flow switch.
  • Replace the relay PCB.
  • Replace a defective flow valve.

Mira Electric Shower Flashing Red Light – Why?

  • No water flow.
  • Wrong pump.
  • The pump is not paired.
  • If the flashing alternates between red and white, the water pressure is too low.

How To Fix It?

  • Check your home’s water supply. Ask an expert to troubleshoot the plumbing. They can unclog blocked lines and replace old or damaged pipes.
  • Check the isolator valves for defects. Make sure they are open.
  • Unblock clogged hoses and showerheads.
  • Replace damaged showerheads and hoses.
  • Inspect the drain pump for faults.
  • Close all the other outlets before using the shower.

Mira Electric Shower Flashing Eco And Low

You have three settings to choose from when you use a Mira shower. Use ‘Low’ when you want the unit to provide cold water. This setting will deactivate the heating elements.

‘Medium’ is also known as ‘Eco.’ Here, one heating element will work. The objective is to generate the water at a comfortable temperature without overwhelming you. People gravitate towards this setting during the hottest months of the year.

The ‘High’ setting runs both heating elements. This mode uses the shower’s full power. You don’t have to tolerate the temperatures provided by these settings. Once you select a power setting, you can continue to adjust the temperature and flow rate.

The indicator LEDs will show you the setting you’ve selected. They are neither good nor bad.

Mira Electric Shower Stopped Working – Why?

  • The thermal switch has failed. As a result, the hot water keeps turning cold.
  • The pressure relief device is defective. This can occur because of mineral buildup.
  • You have blockages in the hose and showerhead.
  • The solenoid coil has gone bad.
  • The flow valve is damaged.
  • The breaker has tripped.
  • You don’t have a reliable power supply.
  • The heating elements are faulty.
  • Your house has blocked or damaged pipes.
  • The water supply has insufficient pressure.

How To Fix It?

  • Remove the limescale.
  • If the limescale buildup damaged the tank, replace it.
  • Clean blocked showerheads, hoses, and pipes.
  • Replace blocked showerheads, hoses, and pipes.
  • Replace the pressure relief device.
  • Repair or replace the thermal switch.
  • Repair or replace the solenoid.
  • Repair or replace the flow valve.
  • Identify and resolve loose connections.
  • Fix or replace faulty heating elements.
  • Reset a tripped breaker.

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