Murray MP-T Breaker Compatibility (Siemens QP, Eaton, t&b)

are mp-t breakers interchangeable with siemens qp, eaton, t&b

Murray makes efficient electrical panels with durable shells. But what happens when their MP-T breakers malfunction? Can you replace them with breakers from a different brand? The guide below will tell you.

What Breakers Are Compatible With Murray MP-T?

MP-T Breaker Compatibility Chart

Siemens QPCompatible
  • Siemens QP

QP is a line of Siemens breakers. MP-T belongs to Murray. If you haven’t heard, Siemens and Murray merged. Or rather, Siemens bought Murray. They stopped making the old Crouse-Hinds breakers people associate with Murray.

These days, most people accept that MP and QP breakers are interchangeable. Their shells are the same, showing that both breakers can fit in one other’s panels.

Depending on where you live, the conventional Murray breakers to which you’re accustomed may become unavailable. If that happens, you can use their QP counterparts. The marketing content you encounter may seemingly discourage this practice by suggesting that Murray’s MP-T breakers and Siemens QP breakers are different.

Siemens will continue to sell all its breakers under different brand names because this approach allows them to make more money.

But you shouldn’t permit the branding to confuse you. These breakers are the same. Some people are hesitant to interchange the two because the NEC prohibits contractors and consumers from mixing brands.

Your local code may present a similar challenge. If they prohibit consumers from interchanging QP and MP-T brands, you should obey these regulations even though the breakers are identical. The last thing you want is to attract the ire of inspectors.

Admittedly, in the case of QP and MP-T breakers, Siemens will defend you. Have you seen this Siemens letter from 2019? It explains that Siemens phased out Murray’s circuit breakers and replaced them with similar Siemens products.

They encouraged consumers to interchange Siemens breakers with Murray products made after 2002. That includes load centers and circuit breakers. Underwriters Laboratories will also defend your right to use Siemens breakers in a Murray panel and vice versa.

They have listed Siemens breakers as a suitable replacement for Murray products. But again, they emphasize Murray products made after 2002. If you have a Murray panel or breaker made before 2002, use the wiring diagram in this Siemens letter to determine its compatibility with other Siemens breakers.

People interchange breakers from the same company all the time, regardless of opposition from the brands involved. But with MP-T breakers, you have Siemen’s blessing to interchange them with their QP counterparts.

  • Eaton

Underwriters Laboratories have not listed Eaton breakers as a suitable replacement for Murray’s MP-T breakers. But you can interchange them. Eaton CL breakers will work in a Murray panel. But you can’t place Murray breakers in an Eaton BR panel.

Eaton BR breakers will work in BR and challenger panels. According to Eaton’s official website, their breakers are interchangeable with breakers from Murray, Square D, and General Electric, to mention but a few. Therefore, you can confidently interchange MP-T and Eaton breakers.

  • t&b

Murray’s MP-T and t&b breakers are interchangeable. This is because Murray and Eaton’s breakers are interchangeable.

How Do I Know If MP-T Breaker Is Compatible With Other Breakers?

The question of compatibility among breakers is complicated because experts have different opinions:

  • The market has various types of breakers. Manufacturers that make breakers will also sell panels that support those breakers. Manufacturers expect you to pair breakers with panels from the same brand. For instance, if you have a Murray panel, they want you to install a Murray breaker.
  • Most manufacturers oppose interchangeability. First of all, they argue that breakers from the wrong brand may harm their panels and vice versa. Secondly, they have threatened to void the warranties of anyone that interchanges their breakers and panels.
  • This is not true for every manufacturer. Some manufacturers are not opposed to interchangeability. In fact, they will give you a list of the brands you can use in place of their breakers. Siemens is one example. If you check their platform, it has a diagram showing the different compatible breakers and panels.
  • Siemens is not unique. If you want to know whether MP-T breakers are compatible with your brand, check the panel for a list of compatible breakers. Your brand’s website will also provide this information. You can confidently interchange MP-T breakers with any brand that lists MP-T breakers as suitable replacements.
  • Underwriters Laboratories only encourage interchangeability between two brands after testing them. Therefore, you can trust their recommendations.
  • Make sure a licensed expert installs your MP-T breaker. The contractor can analyze the situation to ensure that the MP-T breaker is compatible with the panel. Even though breakers from different brands have the same external shells, their mounting mechanisms and specs may differ. An expert will identify these differences, preventing you from making a costly mistake.
  • Don’t interchange MP-T breakers with other brands if your local code prohibits the practice. Otherwise, an inspector will penalize you.

Is It Safe To Use MP-T With other Breakers?

It is safe if the MP-T breakers are UL-listed as adequate replacements for the brand you want to replace. Underwriters’ Laboratories test different breakers to determine their compatibility with one another.

Therefore, if they recommend MP-T breakers as a suitable replacement for a specific brand, you can trust them. That brand may also list MP-T breakers as a fitting replacement. Without these recommendations, interchanging MP-T breakers with other brands is a risk, even when the breakers have the same physical attributes.

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