Serta Heated Blanket Flashing Blue Light With Error F, E1

serta electric blanket blinking blue light with error codes f and e1

Serta is one of the lesser-known brands in the electric blanket market. When the blanket fails, the manufacturer expects you to take steps to troubleshoot it. But you must learn to interpret the blanket’s blinking lights before acting. Consider the wisdom in the guide below.

Why Is My Serta Electric Blanket Blinking Light?

1). Loose Connection

Check the blanket’s connections. That includes the connection to the power source and the controls. The light may blink because these connections are loose. Some connections come loose because you mishandled the blanket.

In other cases, you can blame the issue on a frayed cord. A loose connection in the power cord is dangerous because it leads to arcing, and arcing can start a fire.

2). Glitch

Glitches are common. They manifest in most electronic devices. Some glitches will compromise the operations of the blanket. In the best-case scenario, the blanket will continue to function, but the lights will blink for no reason.

This element causes frustration among homeowners that have inspected a blanket from top to bottom, but they can’t understand why the lights are still blinking. You can’t always explain electronic glitches. The best you can do is to perform a reset.

3). Defective Control Panel

The control panel is defective. Look for signs of damage, such as burn marks. Electronic devices are vulnerable to surges. Some blankets that encounter surges will stop working. Others will limp along for a few more days or weeks. But the light will flash, warning you that the control panel is approaching its final days.

4). Error

Some blanket lights blink because the blanket has an undefined error. The blanket knows that something has gone wrong but doesn’t know what. It will flash the light to compel the consumer to troubleshoot the blanket.

5). Unreliable Power Supply

Have you given the blanket a stable power supply? The light may blink because the power supply is unreliable. Blankets can run on extension cords and power strips. But it is safer to plug this item into a wall outlet.

Extension cords and power strips are prone to overloading, especially if they have to support additional appliances such as freezers and microwaves. In fact, extension cords and power strips are hazards because they have a reputation for starting fires.

The electric blanket may resort to blinking lights to compel the user to switch to a safer power source.

6). Grounded Connection

Flashing can occur in blankets with a grounded connection. This happens after you wash the blanket. Grounded connections should frighten you because they can lead to electrocution. You should take immediate action to resolve the issue.

7). Age

How old is your blanket? Electric blankets are not like conventional blankets. You cannot use them forever. If you’re lucky, your electric blanket will last a decade. But that is a stretch, especially if you use and wash the product routinely.

The blanket will wear out over time. A time will come when it can’t generate enough heat. Then it won’t produce heat at all. Or it will generate heat in some places but not others. Either way, the product’s functions will deteriorate until it dies altogether. As it approaches its final days, don’t be surprised if the light flashes.

8). Normal operation

Some blankets have lights that flash when everything is fine. The blinking will start the moment you switch the blanket on, proving that everything is fine. In instances of this sort, you should only worry when the blinking stops.

Check the manual for clarification. Does it expect the light to blink during normal operations? If it does, you can stop worrying.

Different Serta Electric Blanket Light And Troubleshooting Tips

Flashing lights on a Serta blanket do not always signify trouble. Some lights are innocent. You should learn to differentiate between warning lights and innocent flashing.

Serta Heated Blanket Flashing Blue Light – Why?

The blue light may flash because you have a connection problem. Fortunately, you only have one significant connection on the blanket: the connection to the control panel. Therefore, it won’t take long to troubleshoot this issue.

The other consideration is the health of the control panel. The control panel is the beating heart of the electric blanket because it allows you to manipulate the product. But the control panel is susceptible to damage.

It can malfunction because you mishandled it. For instance, you dropped a heavy object on it. It can also misbehave because of a surge. One other concern is a factory defect. You can’t predict factory defects.

They appear randomly in every line of products your favorite brand makes. Some defects prevent the control panel from working in the first place. Others will permit the control panel to remain in operation for a few days or weeks before it fails suddenly and unexpectedly.

How To Fix It?

Don’t take action without consulting the manual. Believe it or not, the blue light on some blankets is supposed to flash when you switch the device on. The manual will tell you whether or not the flashing is a cause for concern.

If the blue light is not supposed to flash during normal operations, check the control panel. Can you see obvious signs of damage, like breaks and burn marks? Test the device with a multimeter.

If the control panel is dead, get a replacement. You don’t have an option. A faulty control panel is of no use to you. Consult a technician to confirm your worries. If the expert can repair the control panel, compare the cost of repairs to the price of a new electric blanket.

If the new blanket is cheaper, get a new blanket. But again, let the technician troubleshoot the blanket before you act. For all you know, the connection between the control panel and the cord is loose. This problem has an easy solution.

If the connection is secure, but the blue light is still flashing, check the cord for damage. You don’t want to use a frayed cord. They are hazardous.

Serta Electric Blanket Error Code

Serta doesn’t expect you to troubleshoot their product without assistance. They have provided error codes that make the process easier:

Error Code F Meaning

F could signify two potential problems. The first is a power supply issue. The second is a connection error. These two elements are connected. Power supply issues encourage consumers to check their cables.

They want to know whether the power cord is connected to a wall outlet. A loose connection to the wall outlet can influence the cord’s ability to operate the blanket reliably. No one expects their circuit to present a challenge.

They know that electric blankets are low-duty devices that use very little electricity. The chances of an electric blanket overwhelming a circuit are low. You are right to focus on the wall outlet. These devices fail all the time. If you trust the wall outlet, what about the power cord?

A frayed cord is a hazard that can interrupt the blanket’s power supply. If you also trust the power cord, turn your attention to the connection between the power cord and the control panel.

How To Fix It?

It depends on the source of the problem. Consider the following:

1). Wall Outlet

If the wall outlet has a fault, get a new one. Some wall outlets have physical signs of damage, such as burn marks that betray their failed state. In other cases, you must test the outlet with a multimeter. If the outlet is dead, replace it. Connect the blanket to a second outlet to confirm that the first outlet is the problem.

2). Power Cord

Look for burn marks and tears on the power cord. Replace damaged power cords before they start a fire.

3). Plug

Sometimes, the power cord cannot maintain a secure connection with the outlet because the plug’s prongs are bent or warped. Fortunately, you can cut the old plug off and install a new one.

4). Control Panel

If the cord is too damaged or worn out to create a secure connection with the control panel, you can replace whichever component is at fault. The cord is easier to replace.

5). Extension Cords

Test the extension cords and power strips. If they are damaged, find a suitable replacement.

Error Code E1 Meaning

The power cord is most likely disconnected.

How To Fix It?

Inspect the power cord. Don’t stop at simply looking at it. Gently wiggle it. Does it feel secure? If the cable is loose, apply some pressure as you push the cord into the slot. Do the same for the plug in the power outlet.

If the error persists, perform a reset by disconnecting the device from the power supply, waiting several minutes, and reconnecting it. Resets tend to eliminate nuisance error codes that don’t originate from a real problem. If all else fails, replace the power cord.

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