Smart Meter Making (Beeping, Humming, Alarm, Buzzing) Noise

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Smart meters are supposed to make life easier. They keep track of your energy consumption, providing accurate readings and enabling homeowners to reduce their heating expenditure. But because many people are still unfamiliar with this technology, they tend to panic when their smart meters make noise.

Why Does My Smart Meter Make Noise?

1). Electricity

Electricity is not silent. According to live science, it produces a hum. You hear this hum in devices like radios and televisions whenever you switch them on. Some items have magnetic components that tend to vibrate when in use, generating a more prominent hum.

If you call a technician and describe the sound in your smart meter as a hum, they may dismiss it as the sound of electricity. Admittedly, that hum shouldn’t be loud enough to disturb you.

You can also hear prominent humming in high voltage machines and appliances. If the sound of electricity is so loud that you cannot focus on your tasks, you should call an electrician.

2). Low Battery

Has the smart meter depleted its battery?

Smart meters start beeping when the battery is low. You can test this theory by charging the battery. If the beeping stops, you can safely assume that the low battery was the cause. If the beeping continues, keep troubleshooting the meter until you locate the problem.

3). Specific Program

People love smart meters because you can program them to perform specific tasks. For instance, if you want to keep your energy consumption below a particular threshold, and you’ve programmed the meter accordingly, it will make noise to inform you that you’ve crossed the line.

If you don’t remember programming your meter, talk to the person who installed it. For all you know, they programmed the meter without telling you. You can eliminate this sound by adjusting the program.

4). Poor Internet Connection

Even though smart meters are convenient, not everyone qualifies for one. The meter requires an internet connection. Therefore, you can’t use it in locations with a poor signal.

Because the smart meter requires an internet connection to send and receive updates from your service provider, it will make a noise to alert you when the internet connection cuts out. You can eliminate this sound by keeping the display within the vicinity of the meter. If that doesn’t work, restart the device.

5). Malfunction

If you can hear crackling and snapping sounds, call a professional. Cracking sounds can manifest as a result of poor installation and loose connections. You may also observe signs of arcing, which is dangerous.

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Different Smart Meter Sound and Its Troubleshooting Tips

You cannot determine whether or not a smart meter’s noises are dangerous without first identifying the sounds. Different sounds have different meanings. Once you know the type of sound your meter is making, you can describe it to a professional, and they can tell you what it means. If you don’t have any technicians on hand to consult, you can use this guide:

Smart Meter Making Beeping Noise – Why?

1). You have Exceeded Budget

Smart meters beep because you set a budget and your meter wants to alert you that you exceeded it. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, you can set a daily usage allowance.

Some people do this because they want to save money. Others are trying to lower their carbon footprint. Smart meters tend to beep at the end of the day. At that point, you have the option of raising the daily usage allowance. You can also choose to disable the program.

Check your service provider’s website. Look for a manual that can show you how to disable the sound. If your service provider doesn’t have instructions, call an electrician and ask them to disable it on your behalf.

2). Low Battery

Smart meters will beep when the battery is low. Recharge the battery or connect the meter to a power source, when the battery is low. You don’t have to concern yourself with this issue if your meter is always connected to a power source.

Some homeowners hate this practice because they want to save electricity. Therefore, they will charge the meter and then disconnect it. If your meter is beeping even though you just charged it, ask an electrician to inspect the battery. It has probably deteriorated to the point where it can no longer hold a charge.

3). Poor Signal

The meter uses the internet to send information to your service provider. If your internet connection falters or if the signal is too weak, the meter will alert you so you can take steps to fix the issue.

4). Send/Received Message

The meter can send and receive messages. If you have messages in your inbox, the meter will beep to alert you. People rarely consider this issue. They do not realize that their meters can receive messages. Therefore, they will check the battery and scrutinize the internet connection in search of the factors causing the beeping without stopping to look at the inbox. But you can turn message notifications off.

Smart Meter Making Humming Noise – Why?

Humming comes from the grid system. Electricity is not silent. It makes noise, and that noise generates a slight hum.

In most cases, the hum is not loud enough to disturb you. If the hum is so loud that it sounds like buzzing, you should contact a professional. You have a defective component.

Check the other objects in the vicinity of the meter. You may assume that the smart meter is humming when, in truth, the sound is coming from the television set in the area.

Smart Meter Making Alarm Noise – Why?

The smart meter makes alarming noise because of the problem on the IHD (In-Home Display). It has features that allow the meter to notify you of an alarm when you exceed your usage allowance. You can change this setting to fit your needs.

Smart Meter Buzzing Noise – Why?

Smart meters hum because they use electricity, and electricity is not silent. It generates a humming sound. Sometimes, that humming can grow to a point where it becomes buzzing.

Defective outlets, switches, and light fixtures with loose connections can also buzz. Don’t be so quick to blame the buzzing on the meter, especially if it has outlets, switches, and light fixtures in the area.

Smart Meter Clicking Noise – Why?

Smart meters should not make clicking noises. You are more likely to hear clicking in traditional electric meters, especially the analog versions. If your smart meter has started clicking, you should call an expert. The device is defective.

Smart Meter High Pitched Noise – Why?

The high-pitched noise could be an alarm warning you about a lost signal or a low battery. It could also mean that you have exceeded your daily budget. Smart meters tend to beep during these occurrences.

If you expect your smart meter to beep, but it has started generating a high-pitched noise you do not recognize, call a professional. The device is probably defective. Smart meters are not immune to malfunctions.

How To Complain About Smart Meters Noise?

If your meter is making noise, contact your service provider. Most companies install these meters for free. They may also carry out maintenance.

If you cannot access a technician from your service provider or have an emergency, hire an experienced electrician from your area. More than likely, they troubleshoot smart meters all the time, and they can identify your problem with ease.

But if you have the option, you should leave this task in the hands of a technician sent by your service provider. They have a more intimate understanding of the device.

How Do I Silence My Smart Meter?

In many cases, you can silence the meter by eliminating the factors causing it to beep. For instance, if the battery is low, charge it.

You shouldn’t expect every service provider to use the same meter. If the meters are different, their functions will also vary.

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