Smart Meter Reset (How-To With Button Location) Guide

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Like every other piece of technology, glitches interrupt the functions of smart meters all the time. If you can’t reset them, smart meters will become an inconvenience.

Is There a Reset Button On My Smart Meter?

The SMA Energy meter has a reset button. Holding this button for several seconds will reset the device.

Holding the button again will also restart the meter. A glance at your manual will reveal the presence or absence of a reset button.

If your meter doesn’t have a reset button, the manual will show you how to reset the device without a button. You cannot predict which smart meters will offer a reset button and which ones won’t.

Talk to your utility provider. They install these devices. The company will show you the reset button if the meter has one. Otherwise, use the alternative reset procedures they’ve provided.

How To Reset Smart Meter?

The easiest option is to press the reset button. If your smart meter doesn’t include a reset button, you can reset it the way you would any other electronic device: by depriving the meter of power.

Some glitches are so problematic that you can’t resolve them without allowing the device to run out of power. However, according to Scottish Power, holding the power button for ten seconds is enough to achieve the correct results.

The reset isn’t complete until you switch the meter back on. Right IO’s instructions take things a step further. They want you to switch the power off before disconnecting the charger. Wait a while before reconnecting the charger and turning the smart meter on.

Why Do I Need To Reset My Smart Meter?

People reset their smart meters because the devices have manifested a fault or malfunction. Faults and malfunctions in smart meters will vary. They include:

1). Wrong Readings

Some people have smart meters that display the wrong readings or readings that don’t make sense. Others have meters that don’t show anything. Your IHD’s screen can go blank because of a power issue.

But if the device has plenty of power and yet it is still blank, try resetting it to resolve the issue.

2). Connection Error

Connection errors are surprisingly common. The in-home display cannot help you unless it creates a connection to the smart meter and your service provider. Connection issues can develop because of the distance between the smart meter and IHD.

Sometimes, your service provider is at fault. But before you hire a technician to troubleshoot the situation, try resetting the smart meter. Some devices require frequent resets before the smart meter, and IHD can pair correctly.

3). Flashing Lights

Smart meters have LEDs. Some of those lights flash when the meter wants to alert the consumer about a problem. Manufacturers will explain the source and purpose of each flashing light in the manual.

If your manual doesn’t mention flashing lights, or if you’ve ruled out all the other causes but the lights are still flashing, you have a glitch. A reset will solve this issue.

4). Lost Features

Smart meters have come a long way. Many utility providers have replaced first-generation meters with superior second-generation meters. If you still have a first-generation meter, don’t be surprised if it eventually loses its smart features.

It won’t lose all of them. However, you will notice that the device has become dumber. Some consumers respond to this situation by performing a reset. Although, the best option is to contact your service provider. Ask them to install a second-generation smart meter.

5). Lost Readings

The smart meter communicates with your utility provider. This allows the company to keep an eye on your energy consumption and update your account and billing information accordingly. Many consumers blame connectivity errors when they notice that the meter has stopped sending readings to the utility provider.

They notice this issue after checking their online accounts and realizing their bill doesn’t reflect the readings they’ve noted on the IHD. However, various internal glitches can affect a smart meter’s ability to send readings.

You notice this problem in smart meters that a utility provider recently installed. More often than not, you need to wait a few weeks for the company to update your account details. But if you have concerns, a reset will put you at ease.

6). Weak Signal

Many consumers blame weak signals on obstacles between their smart meter and the IHD, and for a good reason. Technicians are well aware of these issues and typically install aerials to boost the network.

If you’ve taken all the necessary measures, but the IHD keeps complaining about a weak signal, you should think about performing a reset.

7). Noise

Is your smart meter making a strange noise? This should only concern you if the manual fails to mention the noise. Some smart meters are quiet. Others may generate a beeping sound for various reasons. If you listen closely, you may also notice some humming or buzzing.

For the most part, these sounds are normal. The strange ones tend to disappear after a few days, especially if the smart meter is new. If they persist, a reset will probably eliminate them. You should only panic if you can still hear the strange sounds despite the reset.

What Happens After Resetting my Smart Meter?

It depends on the reason why you want to reset the smart meter. For instance:

  • If the signal was weak before, a reset would make the signal stronger
  • If the connection was gone, a reset would restore the connection
  • If the IHD had stopped showing the readings, the readings would reappear
  • If the meter was making strange noises, the noises would disappear
  • If the meter had flashing lights you couldn’t explain, the flashing lights would disappear
  • If the smart meter has stopped sending readings, it will send them

Simply put, the malfunctions that made the reset necessary will disappear. Naturally, this is not a guarantee. For instance, if the smart meter is making strange noises because it has reached the end of its lifespan, a reset cannot eliminate these noises.

They will persist until you get a new smart meter. The same thing will happen if the smart meter has a severe hardware defect. Resets are more likely to resolve software glitches. Don’t expect them to fix your connectivity issues if you have a faulty network or an obstacle preventing the smart meter and IHD from communicating.

Don’t hesitate to consult the utility provider if the reset has failed to produce the results you want. You can try troubleshooting these problems yourself. Smart meters have error codes that simplify this process.

If you can see the error codes on the screen, you can use the manual to interpret them. But once this fails, you should seek professional assistance. Resets are not the answer to every problem.

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