Vape Charger Blinking (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) Light Meaning

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Every vaping fanatic keeps a charger on hand. And for the most part, vape chargers are straightforward. But if yours has started blinking, you’re probably wondering whether the flashing lights should concern you. On the one hand, vape chargers can blink for innocuous reasons. On the other hand, you cannot afford to ignore a blinking light, not unless your manual has dismissed it as a normal function of the charger.

Why Is My Vape Charger Blinking?

1). Battery Is Charging

Some vape chargers blink during the charging process. The color of the blinking LED will vary depending on the model. Check the manual. If the manual expects the charger to blink until the battery is full, you can stop worrying.

You should only panic in situations where the charger continues to blink even after the charging process ends.

2). Battery Is Full

Some chargers blink during the charging process. Others blink when the battery is fully charged. Don’t leave your e-cigarettes charging overnight.

You can rely on some models to turn off automatically once the battery is fully charged. But others will stay on, which is a problem because you can’t intervene if things go wrong.

Therefore, some chargers will blink once the batteries are full to get your attention, letting you know that it is time to disconnect the e-cigarette.

Some charger illuminates the red LED during the charging process. But once the battery is almost full, the green LED will flash.

3). Defective Battery

A loose battery can cause blinking. Chargers cannot perform their function when the battery is loose. As such, some models will flash their LEDs to alert you. In some cases, the battery is defective. It won’t accept the charge. Therefore, the charger will blink to warn you that something bad has happened.

4). Loose Connection

The charger also started blinking because it couldn’t create a secure connection with the battery. The connection between the charger and battery was poor. Make sure your battery is secure in its position before you consult a technician.

5). Defective Charger

Vape chargers have a limited lifespan. Eventually, they will stop working. If yours is new, it probably developed a fault. Factory errors occur all the time. You can’t always predict them. If you’ve tried everything, but the blinking has persisted, you have to consider the possibility that the charger is defective.

Different Vape Charger Lights and Troubleshooting Tips

Again, blinking lights on a charger are not always bad. Sometimes, they are perfectly normal. Ultimately, it depends on the type of flashing light and whether it has compromised the functions of the charger. These are just a few of the indicator lights you may encounter:

Vape Charger Blinking Red – Why?

The vape charger blinks red LEDs on bad batteries. Some chargers also blink red because the voltage is too high or too low.

However, you shouldn’t take any action until you’ve tested the battery.

For all you know, the battery is simply full. This is the best-case scenario. At the very least, it is easier than finding and resolving the source of high or low voltage.

How To Fix It?

  • Start by trying another charger. If the first charger is defective, the second charger will work without blinking.
  • Insert a different set of batteries in the charger. If the blinking stops, the previous battery set was the problem. You need new batteries. You don’t fix dead batteries.
  • Drain the batteries completely before trying to charge them.

Don’t forget to consult the manual. For all you know, the red LED is perfectly normal, and it should blink when the charger does its work. If the manual doesn’t say anything about a flashing LED, you can take steps to resolve the issue.

Vape Charger Blinking Green – Why?

A flashing green LED shows that the battery is fully charged.

If you saw the blinking green LED on the vape pen, you probably changed to the high mode power output.

Again, it helps to check your manual. Some chargers will blink when the battery is almost full. In other words, you may disconnect the battery before it is fully charged.

How To Fix It?

You don’t have to fix it. The green light is supposed to blink when the charging process finishes. Leave it alone. You should only tamper with the charger when the manual informs you that the blinking green light is bad.

You should also take action if the light flashes, but the battery is not fully charged. Otherwise, leave the vape charger alone.

Why Is My Vape Flashing Green And Not Working?

Aqua Vape thinks that a flashing green light shows that the connection between the battery and coil is loose or nonexistent.

How To Fix It?

Aqua Vape believes that fitting the coil securely is enough to solve this problem. They also expect the user to ensure that the screws at the tank’s base are firm.

Some tanks are screwed a little too tightly. This can damage the battery’s connection pin. You need a pen to fix it, especially if the pin is stuck in an awkward position.

If the blinking light persists, you can try replacing the coil. Sometimes, removing and reinserting the coil is enough to solve the problem. It is a good idea to clean the battery’s connection. Use a delicate tool such as a Q-tip. But if the coil is dead, you have to get a new one. You don’t have a choice in the matter.

Vape Charger Blinking Blue – Why?

If the light is flashing through all the colors, from red, to green and finally blue, you have a smart charger that is testing the battery’s voltage. Some devices use a blue LED in the place of red or green. Therefore, it can indicate everything from low voltage to a loose battery and low charge.

You can also see this LED light on overheating, a stuck activation button, and defective components.

This is why manuals are so vital. A manual will tell you whether or not the flashing blue light is normal.

How To Fix It?

If the charger is testing the battery’s voltage, you don’t have to do anything. Otherwise, you must find the exact cause of the blinking before deploying an effective solution.

For instance, you can resolve blinking caused by a loose battery if you make the battery firm in its slot.

Gently cleaning the battery’s head with a Q-tip will eliminate the blinking, especially if the blue light is a button on an eGo.

Vape Charger Flashing Green and Red – Why?

The battery will flash green and red when almost full. LEDs also shift from green to red when the battery discharges.

Use the manual to get clarification.

How To Fix It?

You don’t have to fix it. The battery is almost full. Wait for it to charge to completion. If you think the battery is discharging, start charging it. If you have a defective battery on your hands, get a new one.

Vape Charger Yellow Light – Why?

Yellow lights can flash because of a charging battery, defective battery, loose connections, etc. It also blinks yellow when the battery is medium-level.

How To Fix It?

You need the charger’s manual to guide you. You don’t have to do anything if the LED simply indicates the charge level. Otherwise, yellow LEDs on vape chargers are somewhat rare. You have to consult the manufacturer to find out what they mean.

Vape Pen Charger Blinking 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 Times – Why?

  • 3 – Short Circuit
  • 5 – Connection Issue
  • 10 – Dead Battery
  • 15 – Dead Battery
  • 20 – Charging Battery, Dead Battery

How To Fix It?

  • Get a new battery
  • Get a new charger
  • Secure the connections
  • Clean the contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol

You won’t know what these flashing lights mean until you check your manual. Some devices will flash three times because of a short circuit. Others will flash three times to show that the charging process has started.

You don’t want to apply the wrong solution to the wrong problem. The manual will guide you.

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