Vax Blade Flashing (Red, White) Light Meaning + Repair Tips

vax blade 24v, 32v flashing red & white when charging

Vax blades are not dangerous. Yes, like every electronic device, they can start fires under the right circumstances. However, they are not quite as scary as conventional heavy-duty appliances. Flashing lights on a vax blade won’t cause the same panic as flashing lights on a freezer, microwave, or any other household items with significant electrical requirements.

That being said, you can’t afford to ignore the flashing lights on these devices. If something has gone wrong, you are better off identifying and solving the problem early before the vax blade suffers lasting harm.

Why is My Vax Blade Flashing Light?

1). Glitch

Electronic devices are susceptible to electronic glitches. If your device has a circuit board, it will probably struggle with an electronic glitch or two at some point.

This shouldn’t concern you unless it happens repeatedly. You can eliminate most electronic glitches by resetting the appliance. Some products have reset buttons. But in most cases, ‘Resetting’ simply means depriving the device of power for a few minutes.

If you deactivate the device and reactivate it, the appliance will most likely resume normal operations. You should reset your electronic devices whenever things go wrong to eliminate the possibility of a glitch.

If the flashing lights persist after the reset, you can conclude that the flashing lights have a different source.

2). Device Is Charging

Some vacuums have lights that flash when they charge. Check your manual. What does it say about the charging process? Does it expect the vax blade’s lights to flash when it charges? If it does, what color is supposed to flash during the charging phase?

If the lights are supposed to flash when the vax blade charges, you should only worry when the blinking stops.

3). Faulty Battery

You can also blame Flashing lights on a faulty battery. The vacuum’s lights would flash when it detected an error in the charger.

You have to look at the battery and charger. Batteries fail all the time, especially if you charge them frequently. This New York Times article noticed that batteries degraded at a faster rate if you charged them to full capacity more regularly.

Therefore, if your vax blade gets a lot of use, don’t be surprised if the battery suddenly stops working. Chargers are equally susceptible to harm. A faulty charger can damage the battery because it creates fluctuations, especially when it wears out.

The lights may flash to warn you. They want you to take action before the lights do lasting damage.

4). Contacts Are Bent

Sometimes, the battery will refuse to charge because the contacts are bent or broken. But the lights can’t tell that the contacts are broken. All the vacuum can detect is the charging error.

You have to inspect the device to identify the faulty contacts. You should consult a technician if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some laypeople do not know what healthy connections are supposed to look like.

5). Brushbar

Red light also illuminates when you obstruct the brushbar. Fixing this problem is a hassle because you must remove the powered head to access the obstruction.

If you succeed, give it a minute or two before activating the appliance.

6). Power Level

Some people expect their appliances to flash when they charge. But what about devices that manifest similar symptoms when the battery level is low? Does your vacuum have a battery level indicator? What does the manual say about the light? Is it supposed to flash when the battery is low?

What happens when the battery is fully charged or empty? If you check the manual, it will guide you accordingly. Some vacuums have lights that flash when they are in use. Different lights will flash to reveal the amount of charge left.

Your vacuum may have multiple lights associated with different battery levels.

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Vax Blade Flashing Red When Charging – Why?

The Vax blade flashes a red light when the battery is at 25 percent or less. Additionally, if your appliance has four red lights and they are pulsing, a blockage is debilitating the airflow. It may look like the battery is low because the vacuum wants to prevent overheating.

Flashing red lights cause a lot of panics because red is usually a sign of trouble. However, in this case, you don’t have to worry.

How To Fix It?

If the battery is low, charge it. The red light will disappear once the battery is full. If you have an obstruction, find the filter and remove any blockages you can find.

You can hire a technician to remove fibers and other forms of debris from the brush head, roller brush, wand, and bin inlet. But you can also perform these tasks yourself. They are not particularly challenging.

If you removed the blockages and charged the battery, but the red light keeps flashing, you have to consider the possibility that you have a dead battery.

Vax Blade Flashing Red and White – Why?

The white light will illuminate when you switch the vacuum on. You will also see the white light when the battery is fully charged. Also, the white light flashes when the battery is charging. You get a solid white light when the battery is fully charged. However, if the red and white lights are flashing, you probably have a battery issue.

How To Fix It?

How long have you had the battery? If the battery is nearing the end of its life, you have to replace it. There’s no other option. But before taking any drastic measures, try wiping the contacts with a dry cloth.

Remove any corrosion you see using some sandpaper or steel wool, depending on the severity of the corrosion.

You should also check the temperature. Overheating can affect the battery. Wait for the vacuum to cool down and check whether the flashing lights have disappeared.

Talk to a technician if you charged the battery, cleaned the contacts, and removed the obstructions, but the lights are still flashing. They can determine whether or not the battery requires replacement.

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