Vicks Humidifier Red Light Stays On/Won’t Go Off/Flash Green

vicks humidifier red light fully filled, won't go off, keeps coming on, flashing green/orang/blue light

Vicks humidifiers are great. However, you can’t expect them to work flawlessly day after day. Over time, they will develop faults. The devices have indicator lights. People use them to diagnose the humidifier. But they can’t help you if you don’t know what they mean. Fortunately, you have this guide. It will give you all the answers that matter.

Why Does Vicks Humidifier Flashing Light?

1). Low Water Level

How much water do you have in the humidifier? It is not uncommon for humidifier lights to flash when their water reserves are depleted. A humidifier with low water levels shows that it has power by causing the lights to flash even though the mist is not coming out of the unit. 

2. Glitch

Vicks humidifiers are not immune to electronic glitches. If you checked the tank and it had plenty of water, but the mist won’t come out of the unit and the lights are blinking, you can blame the issue on a glitch.

You can solve this problem by resetting the humidifier, a solution that tends to resolve electronic glitches.

3). Faulty Bulb

A faulty bulb also blinks like strobe lights. Bulbs are delicate items that fail all the time. You won’t know whether the bulb can be fixed or replaced until you contact the manufacturer.

Some bulbs are unique. You cannot replace them. But you won’t know until you consult an expert. You can try twisting it to see if it solves the problem. If the blinking you saw is flickering, a technician may resolve the fault by fixing one or two loose connections.

4). Faulty Board

You can also blame flashing lights on a faulty board. Most technicians will agree with this assessment because the circuit board is the heart of most electronic devices. If the board develops a fault, the humidifier’s operations will suffer, and the lights will flash in response.

Vicks Humidifier Light Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

If you just bought your first humidifier, no one will blame you for panicking at the sight of illuminated or flashing lights. However, you have to realize that most humidifiers have multiple lights, and some of those lights will come on or flash for innocent reasons.

You don’t have to call your technician every time a suspicious light comes on. I suggest you make the user manual your first stop.

The manual will show you all the things that can go wrong and how you can fix them. They will highlight the steps you can take to maintain the humidifier to prevent faults from manifesting in the first place.

But what if some of the lights on your humidifier are on and you don’t have a user manual on hand? You can look to this guide for answers. It will explore some of the lights you can expect to encounter, what they mean and how you can resolve them:

Vicks Humidifier Red Light Meaning

Red light comes on when the humidifier starts running out of water. Vicks humidifier will flash a red light when the reservoir has ½ an inch of water.

If you force the humidifier to operate without water, the motor will burn out. For that reason, your Vicks humidifier will stop working once it runs out of water

Red lights are always a source of concern. But they are a good thing in this case because they give consumers the opportunity to add more water. The red light should only worry you if it persists even though the tank has plenty of water.

Red Light Keeps Coming On Vicks Humidifier – Why?

  • You can blame the issue on a loose or broken level sensor and float.
  • You could also have a stuck spring.
  • You could also have overfilled the tank.

You are supposed to see a green light when you refill an empty tank. But if you add too much water, the red light will return. It will stay on until you remedy the issue.

You should check your manual for further clarification. For all you know, your model uses the red light for a different function. It is worth noting that a humidifier’s lights don’t always mean what you expect, especially if the unit develops a fault.

The red light may flash for reasons unrelated to the water level because something else has gone wrong. For instance, humidifiers flash red when water enters the wrong sections. The light will persist until you clean the water.

How To Fix It?

  • If the unit has water in the wrong place, get a cloth and clean the spill. Sometimes, the solution is straightforward.
  • Don’t obsess over potential glitches and faults until you refill the tank. After all, the red light comes on when the tank is depleted. Start by refilling the tank. You can worry about other issues once the reservoir is full. Be careful. You don’t want to spill water on the humidifier’s most sensitive components.
  • Don’t overfill the tank. Check the manual to identify the appropriate water level. If you have already overfilled the tank, do what air taper has suggested and pour some of the water out.
  • Fix the loose sensor and float. You can rinse and reattach it with relative ease.
  • Try resetting the humidifier. Switch the unit off and leave it off for a few hours. In some cases, the red light will continue to flash until you reset the machine.

Red Light Fully Filled In Vicks Humidifier – Why?

That can happen when the user overfills the tank. You have to fill the reservoir to the level the manual has specified. You can see the appropriate mark inside the tank. The red light will stay on until you fix this problem.

Inspect the unit if you filled the water to the correct level, but the red light has refused to go away. Is it dry? Did you spill any water while filling the tank? If some of that water trickled into the wrong place, the red light might stay on because of the fault the spill caused.

If you’re lucky, everything is perfectly fine. The tank is full, and the unit is dry. But the light will stay on until you reset the humidifier. You won’t know the truth until you hire a technician. For all you know, the level sensor and float are loose.

How To Fix It?

Is the tank out of water? Fill it to the correct level. Did you overfill the tank? Remove some of the water until it falls to the proper level. The red light should disappear once you have sufficient water in the reservoir.

What if you made the unit’s sensitive components wet? The answer is obvious. Dry the humidifier. Get a cloth and wipe it down. Most of these problems are relatively easy to fix. That includes the loose level sensor and float.

You should only consult a technician if you’ve tried everything and the red light has persisted. The last solution you can attempt is to reset the humidifier. This is where you disconnect the device from its power source for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, get help from a professional.

Red Light Won’t Go Off In Vicks Humidifier – Why?

  • If you refilled the humidifier recently, you probably spilt water in the circuitry.
  • You should also check the floating ring. Is it loose or broken?

How To Fix It?

This goes without saying. You have to fill the tank. Some people get so caught up in trying to identify all the other factors responsible for a persistent red light that they forget to fill the tank.

This should be your first concern. Is the tank full? If it isn’t, you have identified the source of all your problems. If you have already filled the reservoir, find a screwdriver and pull the humidifier apart.

You have to identify and dry the wet circuitry. You can also fix the float, but only if you have some experience with basic repairs. Otherwise, leave these tasks in the hands of a technician.

Red Light Stays On Vicks Humidifier – Why?

The red light comes on when the tank is running out of water. It will stay on until you fill the reservoir. On the other hand, if you overfill the tank, the red light will come back.

Be very careful while filling the tank. You run the risk of spilling the water and making the circuitry wet.

How To Fix It?

  • Fill the tank
  • Remove excess water
  • Dry the unit
  • Reset the humidifier
  • Hire a technician to check the board

Vicks Humidifier Flashing Green Light Meaning

A Vicks humidifier flashes a green light to show that the tank has sufficient water, and the humidifier is ready to go.

What If The Green Light Is Not Working?

Does it have power? You should check the fuse. You may have a loose connection somewhere.

How To Fix It?

Look for a loose connection or a blown fuse. If you trust the power source, hire a technician to troubleshoot the humidifier. Maybe the green light died. If the humidifier can still produce mist, you shouldn’t worry.

Vicks Humidifier Blue Light – Meaning

The humidifier has a blue section. This is not a light. Rather, it is part of the humidifier’s exterior design.

Vicks Humidifier Light Is Orange – Meaning

Vicks humidifiers don’t use orange lights. You are probably confusing the red light for an orange glow, especially if the red light is weaker than usual.

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