What Does Loc Mean On Candy Tumble/Whirlpool/Maytag Dryer?

What Does Loc Mean On Candy Tubmble/Electrolux/Frigidaire/Maytag/Kenmore/Electrolux Dryer

What does the ‘Loc’ symbol on a dryer mean? Is it a sign of trouble? Should you call the technician? How are you supposed to respond to this code? Consumers ask these questions when they buy dryers for the first time. They think the ‘Loc’ symbol is a big deal. But as this guide will soon reveal, you don’t have any reason to worry.

What Does Loc Mean On Dryer?

‘Loc’ is not an error code. Instead, you see this symbol when you activate the control lock.

If you’re not convinced, take a moment to push the buttons on the dryer. Do they work? If they don’t, the control lock is active.

This whirlpool guide has detailed the process consumers can use to activate the control lock. You have to hold down the ‘Control Lock’ button for three seconds.

If you look at the display, you will see a countdown from 3 to 1. Once the countdown reaches one, you will see ‘Loc’ on the screen. Although, some appliances use ‘LC.’

Don’t panic if you can’t see the ‘Control Lock’ button. Some dryers have a ‘Control Lock’ key. Others have buttons that perform multiple functions.

For instance, the ‘Extra Rinse’ button can double as the ‘Control Lock’ if you press and hold it down for several seconds. Check the manual for clarification. Don’t assume that ‘Loc’ means ‘Control Lock’ on every dryer.

Why Is My Dryer Saying Loc?

You will see ‘Loc’ on appliances with locked control panels. The control lock is not a bad thing. Manufacturers add the feature because it prevents children from tampering with dryers.

It doesn’t always function the same way. Some appliances have a control lock button. You have to hold it down to activate the feature. Other models have a screen you can swipe to activate or deactivate the control lock.

The mechanism is not necessarily targeted toward parents. It will also appeal to any consumer that occasionally enters unwanted commands by accident. If you engage the control lock, you can’t tamper with the settings.

In fact, you can’t even use the dryer. You can see why parents appreciate the control lock. Once you activate this feature, children cannot use the dryer, especially if they are too young to navigate the controls.

If you’re lucky, your dryer will write the words ‘Control Lock’ on the screen. Most people know what those words mean. On the other hand, it may take them a while to interpret ‘Loc,’ especially if they don’t have a manual on hand.

It is worth noting that ‘Loc’ is not always innocuous. The meaning is clear. It rarely changes. However, what if you have tried and failed to eliminate the control lock.

This happens all the time. Some people don’t remember activating the control lock in the first place. Others don’t know how to deactivate the control lock. They have tried everything, but nothing is working.

Unfortunately, dryers are not perfect. They develop errors all time. Those errors can compel the dryer to activate the control lock without your knowledge.

Those same errors can prevent you from deactivating the control lock. If you’ve tried everything, but the control lock has persisted, you may have a problem with the main control board.

You can solve this problem by performing a hard reset. If that doesn’t work, you should consult a technician. You don’t have a choice in the matter.

Ultimately, you cannot use the dryer until the control lock deactivates. Technicians are not quite as expensive as people think, especially when all you want is for the technician to troubleshoot the device.

Once they identify the problem, they may recommend an expensive solution. However, don’t hesitate to consult them. This assumes that you’ve checked the manual.

The manual should be your first stop. Some people don’t understand why the control lock on their dryer has refused to go away. They do not realize that they are using the wrong protocols. Find out what the manual has to say about the control lock.

You should only hire a technician after doing everything the manual has instructed.

Is Loc Meaning Same In Candy/Whirlpool/Electrolux/Maytag/Tumble/Kenmore/Hoover Dryer?

The meaning behind ‘Loc’ doesn’t really change. ‘Loc’ is associated with the control lock in a hoover tumble dryer. You will notice that Frigidaire dryers display ‘Loc’ when you activate the control lock. Maytag also mentioned that ‘Loc’ refers to the control lock on a Maytag dryer.

Therefore, you can safely assume that ‘Loc’ means the same thing for most dryers. The goal in every case is to prevent people from accidentally entering commands, especially when the dryer is already running.

Manufacturers usually provide detailed instructions explaining the best way to use the control lock. Therefore, if the control lock is activated independently and you have failed to deactivate the function, your dryer has a fault.

You need an expert that can troubleshoot the appliance to identify the problem.

How To Turn Off Loc?

Find the control lock button and hold it down for several seconds. The exact button you need to press and the number of seconds you have to hold it down will vary depending on the appliance.

But in many cases, it is enough to hold the button down for three seconds. The control lock is even easier to deactivate for dryers with a touchscreen because you can cycle through the settings until you find the control lock option.

This assumes that you intended to activate the control lock. It also assumes that the control lock can be deactivated through ordinary means. What if the ‘Loc’ symbol has refused to go away?

If you followed the instructions correctly, you probably have a faulty board. Try a hard reset. The process involves the following:

  • Pull the dryer’s plug out of the wall outlet
  • Wait half an hour. You can wait for a longer period if you want. But half an hour is usually enough for a whirlpool dryer’s control board to reset
  • Push the dryer’s plug back into the wall outlet.

When the dryer starts again, the control lock won’t be on. But this method does not guarantee positive results. Some main control boards are damaged beyond repair.

As such, you have to replace them. If you have the experience, use a screwdriver to access the main control board. Don’t remove this component until you take a picture.

The picture will remind you of the board’s wiring configuration. The last thing you would want is to wire the main control board incorrectly.

Is Unlocking Method The Same For All Dryers?

The concept behind the method is the same. You have to hold a button down for several seconds. However, the button you must press will change depending on the brand. For instance:

1). Kenmore

With Kenmore dryers, hold ‘Lock/Unlock’ down for three seconds. The control lock indicator will change to inform you that the control lock is deactivated.

2). Whirlpool

Does your dryer have an ‘End of Cycle Signal’ button? Press this button and hold it down for three seconds

3). Electrolux

Press ‘Dry Mode Touch Pad’ and hold it down for two seconds

4). Maytag

Press and hold the ‘Cycle Signal’ button down for three seconds

5). Tumble

Press and hold the control lock button down for three seconds

6). Hoover

Find the button with the key icon and hold it down for 3 – 5 seconds

7). Candy

Press and hold ‘Set’ and ‘Zoom’ down for three seconds

As you can see, the concept is the same. Hold the appropriate button down for several seconds. The most challenging aspect is finding the right button to press. But if you have a manual, it will show you what to press.

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