Why Is My Smart Meter Waiting For Current Data?

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If you don’t have a smart meter, you might be surprised to learn that this question is very common among homeowners. It is also quite frustrating because smart meters are supposed to provide convenience and yet they keep irritating and confusing customers.

Why does my smart meter say waiting for current data?

The ‘Waiting for Current Data’ message only appears when the display unit fails to acquire information from the smart meter. In other words, it is a connection issue. The display unit cannot talk to the smart meter.

This error is only an issue for your display unit. It doesn’t mean anything where the functions of the smart meter are concerned. The smart meter is still working.

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Me describes a smart meter as a device that measures the current and voltage at regular intervals. It can also measure the gas flow. When your service provider installs a smart meter, they will also provide a display unit.

The smart meter uses the Home Area Network to talk to the display unit. The display unit allows you to monitor your energy usage. The smart meter uses a Wide Area Network to send information to the electricity company.

What Do Smart Meters Do?

Smart meters are far more potent than their appearance suggests. Not only do they provide meter readings that companies use for billing purposes but they also send maintenance messages, tamper messages in the event of attempted theft, and power outage messages, to mention but a few.

They simplify communication between power suppliers and their consumers. This is why ‘Waiting For Current Data’ errors are so frustrating.

How to Solve The ‘Waiting for Current Data’ Error?

If your display unit is still stuck displaying ‘Waiting for Current Data‘, you can try the following solutions:

1). Wait for 24 hours

Unfortunately, when you contact your supplier’s customer support personnel, many of them will ask you to wait.

Give it 24 hours.

In many cases, the device eventually reconnects without you taking any direct action.

2). Proximity

 You bring the display unit closer to the smart meter. The display unit cannot access the smart meter if it is too far away. As was noted before, a display unit uses the Home Area network to connect to the smart meter.

new smart meter

Obstructions such as walls can strain the connection between these two devices. If the display unit cannot communicate with the smart meter, bring it closer. But you shouldn’t expect immediate results. Give it another 24 hours.

3). Reset

If bringing the display unit closer hasn’t helped, try resetting it.

You can do this by switching it off and switching it back on again. In many cases, this is a simple matter of holding the power button down. Once you switch the device back on, you are still expected to wait 24 hours for the display unit to reconnect.

None of these methods can guarantee results. If your display unit has failed to reconnect, talk to your supplier. Depending on the situation, they may send a technician to troubleshoot the problem.

Sometimes, the network is to blame.

  • If the HAN has been compromised, your display unit won’t connect to the smart meter.
  • If the Wide Area Network has an issue, you will find that you cannot see the smart meter’s readings on your online account.

As far as the ‘Waiting for Current Data’ message is concerned, your smart meter is fine.

It will continue to send information to your service provider. The ‘Waiting for Current Data’ error is associated specifically with your display unit.

The error appears whenever the display unit fails to connect to the smart meter. However, even if you cannot see the information on your display unit, the smart meter is still working. The error is so prevalent that many homeowners have learned to live with it.

Though, that isn’t an excuse for you to ignore the error. A smart meter is supposed to simplify the process of tracking your energy consumption. If you cannot see the information you need on the display unit, the smart meter cannot perform its role to the fullest.

Why are Smart Meters So Attractive?

Despite all their faults, smart meters are still popular in many circles, and for a number of reasons, including:

1). Tracking

Smart meters allow homeowners to track their energy usage. Rather than rough estimates, the devices provide more accurate data regarding the amount of gas and electricity you regularly use. Additionally, they will tell you the exact amount your energy consumption will cost you.

2). Budget

Not only do smart meters track your energy usage but you can also use them to create a budget. First of all, the devices are designed to compare your daily energy consumption with previous days, weeks, and months.

On its own, that data is more than enough to help owners create their budgets.

Secondly, the best smart meters have programs that you can use to set a daily, weekly, or monthly target. You don’t have to stop using electricity and gas simply because you hit your target. Rather, a budget allows you to keep your energy usage within a specific limit. This can enable you to lower your utility bill in the long run.


Smart meters are supposed to help you track your energy consumption. They use the Wide Area Network to send readings to your supplier. They also use the Home Area Network to connect to your display unit.

The display unit allows you to access the information recorded by your smart meter. However, if your display unit cannot connect to the smart meter, you will get a ‘Waiting for Current Data’ message.

You can resolve this error by moving the display unit closer to the smart meter. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the display unit by switching it off and then on again. You might have to wait for 24 hours or even longer for the display unit to reconnect.

If you have tried and failed to reconnect the display unit to the smart meter, call your service provider and ask them for more direct assistance.

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