Zephyr Range Hood Blinking/Flashing Light(With Error Codes)

zephyr range hood flashing/blinking blue light

Zephyr range hoods have a decent warranty. You can repair your appliance for free or at a discount. But many people don’t want to waste their time calling a technician simply because the zephyr range hood light is flashing. Blinking lights on a range hood sound more like an inconvenience than a serious issue. But is that true?

Zephyr Range Hood Flashing Light – Why?

A light on a zephyr range will flash when it is time to clean the filter. A defective or poorly designed switch assembly can also cause the light to flash. A defective bulb can result in blinking and flashing. Though, in the case of a problematic bulb, the light will flicker instead of blinking and flashing.

The manufacturer expects consumers to eliminate flashing lights by resetting the range hood.

Resetting is supposed to resolve electronic glitches. This tells you that the manufacturer expects electronic glitches to occasionally result in blinking, flashing, or flickering lights.

If the light is flashing, but you cleaned the filter, and the range is working efficiently, you have a good reason to blame the flashing light on an electronic glitch.

People that spoke to the manufacturer’s customer support about their flashing lights learned that the lights on some zephyr ranges will flash to show that the appliance is protecting itself from a power surge. Though, some consumers have questioned whether there is any truth to this claim.

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Zephyr Hood Blinking Blue Light – Why?

If you activate Bluetooth pairing mode, the blue light will flash until the hood connects. In some cases, the hood controls will blink for a minute.

A blinking light should only concern you if it is continuous. Otherwise, the blinking is harmless.

For instance, Zephyr Online describes the process of syncing a remote control to the range hood. This process matters because the light will blink at some point. It involves the following:

  • Switch the range hood off. Hold the ‘Power’ and ‘Delay Off’ buttons on the remote down for four seconds. The ‘Delay Off’ indicator will illuminate in response.
  • Hold the ‘Delay Off’ button down for four seconds. This will confirm the link. If you succeed, the ‘Delay Off’ indicator will blink. In this case, the blinking is innocuous because it only occurs three times.

Zephyr Online has a picture of a different remote that requires the consumer to hold the ‘Lights’ button-down, causing the LCD screen to blink.

If you haven’t activated any features or functions, you must assume that the blinking light is warning the consumer to clean the filter.

Zephyr Hood Error Code

Zephyr Hood Flashing A Meaning

A zephyr range will flash ‘A’ to remind the consumer to clean the filter.

The zephyr user manual has elaborated by explaining that appliances consumers use as purifying units have metal filters the manufacturer installs in the factory. Because the range hood uses metal filters to filter residue from your cooking, you have to clean them regularly to maintain the efficiency of the appliance’s performance.

You have to clean the filter every 30 hours. The microprocessor will alert you if you fail by flashing ‘A.’ Many people use non-abrasive soap to clean the filter. But if yours is very dirty, you can soak it in detergent that specializes in removing grease. You can ignore the light, but that response is not encouraged.

Zephyr Hood F Code Meaning

‘F’ error code is no different from the ‘A’ error code. It warns the user to clean the filter. Fixya has come to the same conclusion. When they spoke to zephyr customer support, they learned that the ‘F’ code had replaced the ‘A’ code in the manual.

Check This Video.

When you see it on your appliance, it means you haven’t cleaned the filters in over 30 hours. If you cleaned the filters, but you can see the ‘F’ error code, consult a professional. They can identify the glitch responsible for the error code.

How Do I Fix My Zephyr Hood Light?

  • If the manual has asked you to clean the filter every 30 hours, you should do so. If the light is already blinking, clean the filter and reset the appliance. Some people don’t understand why their light continues to blink even though they cleaned the filter. They forgot to reset the range. You reset the range by holding the switch down for 3-5 seconds.
  • If the switch assembly is defective, get a replacement. If you have a warranty, zephyr will send you a free replacement. If you don’t have a warranty, a local technician can probably get you an inexpensive secondhand replacement
  • Reset the appliance if the light is blinking/flashing because of an electronic glitch. Switch the power off at the circuit breaker. Wait thirty minutes before moving the breaker to the ‘ON’ position.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have a loose connection or defective components, an expert can investigate the control board to determine whether or not you need to place them, especially if the range has stopped working.

If the light has stopped working, replace the bulb, especially if the light had started flickering before it stopped working. Though, some people confuse the reflections under the light for flickering. If you’re confident that the light has stopped working, do the following:

1). Before you take drastic measures, I want you to ensure that the bulb is secure in its slot. Turn the bulb clockwise to tighten it. In some cases, this is enough to fix the problem.

2). If you conclude that your range needs a new bulb, get rubber gloves for protection.

3). Reach for the bulb and apply pressure while turning counter-clockwise. The objective is to loosen the bulb until you pull it out of the socket.

4). On some occasions, you have to remove the filter and diffuser panel to reach the socket. This means removing the screws holding the filter and panel in place.

5). Don’t remove the bulb if it feels hot to your touch. Switch the circuit breaker off and make sure the bulb is cold before handling it.

Zephyr Range Hood Light Won’t Turn Off – Why?

You have to inspect the appliance’s electrical components. More than likely, the control board has a fault. If it isn’t an issue of loose or poorly wired connections, you have a stuck relay on the board.

Relay contacts are welded together. Regardless of the reason, you must consult a technician. They can fix the relay board. If the component can’t be fixed, they will recommend a suitable replacement.

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