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PortablePowerGuides is a website launched by Stellar to provide information related to electrical products.

He as an electrical engineer has in-depth knowledge of electrical products.

In order to convey information that he has accumulated through work and study, he decided to launch this website.

On this website, he will try to provide the best information related to electrical stuff and he will help you to recommend the best electrical products.

You can contact him to know more about his projects and works.

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Wohee Han

Thank you so much for this information. This is very helpful.


Thanks, Stellar for your help

Tina Aponte

You are such a star!

Ambreen Saheed

Thank you for the very informative write-ups, help us novices to understand things better.

Alia Paula

Got it. I found the manual which recommends using a ‘surge suppressor.’ I’ll be calling to purchase the recommended suppressor/protector. Again, many thanks.

Michel M Justin

I understand that the voltage should not be higher or lower


I didn’t buy the wrong one. I’ll check out Best Buy and also double-check. Thanks again! Great website!

K Bailey

Well, that’s relieving. Thank you for the clarification.


Thanks for the review! I truly appreciate it.

Sharad Kerur

Thank you, sir. Got my answers Appreciate your time.