Broan Range Hood Flashing Fan/Filter Light Meaning (Fixed)

broan range hood flashing fan/filter light

Every home with a decently sized kitchen relies on range hoods to eliminate smoke and disturbing smells. You’re discouraged from using ovens, stoves, and cookers without one.

Additionally, range hoods are attractive. They will boost your kitchen’s appearance. Range hoods are relatively simple devices, which is why people rarely panic when their lights start blinking. But does that reaction make sense? Should they worry?

Why Is My Broan Range Hood Light Blinking?

1). Faulty Control Board

A faulty control board can cause blinking lights. The same issue can prevent the range hood from resetting with the power buttons.

2). Range Hood Isn’t Flashing But Flickering

In some cases, the light is flickering, not flashing. Flickering is somewhat normal. At the very least, it doesn’t stand out. You are less likely to notice flickering.

Lights flicker when a current passes through the diode while the appliance is on a low setting. The flickering happens quickly, and you can only perceive it by looking at something near the light.

You cannot see it by looking directly at the light. Flickering is not a big deal. You are better off ignoring it because you can’t eliminate the issue. You can try installing a new bulb, but it will also flicker.

3). Delay-Off Activated

When you activate ‘Delay-Off.’, a blue LED flashes. You should consider the possibility that you pressed this button by accident, which is why the light is blinking.

Check the manual to confirm whether or not your Broan range hood has a delay-off switch. If it doesn’t, you can consider other options.

Delay-off is not the only feature that causes the light to blink. You can expect a similar response when you set the fan setting to the highest speed.

4). Defective Bulb

Maybe you have a defective bulb. Broan range hood bulbs are not immune to malfunctions. A bulb can start flashing shortly before it dies. You may also notice the same response if you install the wrong bulb. I want you to find out when you bought the bulb. Maybe you’ve had it for too long.

6). Clogged Filter

LED indicators also flash when the filters are clogged. The lights will blink to let you know that the filter requires cleaning.

Depending on your model, the range hood may continue to blink until you reset it. Although, you are better off cleaning the filter. A clogged filter can debilitate the range hood’s functions. You should listen to the flashing lights. They want to help you by reminding you that the filter needs a thorough cleaning.

7). Loose Wiring

Loose wires and connections are a problem for most electronic appliances, if not all of them. Sometimes, loose wiring manifests because a layperson tampered with the range hood, and they couldn’t reassemble the device correctly.

You also have situations where the wires wear out over time. Either way, loose wires are a threat. They can cause arcing, which can start a fire.

8). Faulty Switch

Some range hoods control the lights with a switch. A malfunction in the switch can affect the lights, causing them to either blink or turn off.

Different Broan Range Hood Lights and Troubleshooting Tips

1). Broan Range Hood Fan Light Flashing – Why?

Broan range hood fan light keeps flashing because of a defective fan. Although, I want you to test the fan motor with a voltmeter. Is it faulty? What about the fan switch? Is it working as expected?

Defective fans and motors are problematic. You can’t expect the range hood to clear the smoke in the kitchen when the fan motor is dead. The same problems will manifest once grease covers the fan blades, compromising their ability to suck up air.

The fan will also make loud humming sounds. Simply put, the fan will let you know that something has gone wrong. You don’t need the lights to tell you that the motor has stopped working

How To Fix It?

If the appliance has a wire failure, ask a technician to inspect the device until they find the loose or worn-out conductors. They can also replace these wires where necessary.

If the light switch is defective, you can ask the technician to fix or replace it. You should test it with a multimeter. If the current has stopped flowing or it flows erratically, get a replacement. Other solutions include:

  • A faulty control board can lead to flashing. Get a new one, especially if you’ve checked the fan and its motor, and they are both fine. Look for burn marks on the control board. Don’t bother fixing it. You are better off getting a new control board.
  • Because the fan and filter work hand in hand, check the filter for obstructions. A clogged filter can negatively impact the fan’s operations. If grease has blocked the filter, take a moment to unclog it.
  • Have you looked at the blades? If they are covered in grease, clean the grease off.
  • Did the fan come loose? A loose fan makes noise because it keeps rubbing against the sides of the duct. Take a moment to tighten it. The noise will stop.
  • Are the fan blades bent? You can try bending them back. If you can’t trust them to remain unbent, get replacements.
  • Test the micro switch with a multimeter. You should replace defective micro switches. You should also test the rocker and selector switches.

2). Broan Range Hood Filter Light Flashing – Why?

The filter lights on the range hood will flash because the appliance wants you to clean or replace the filter.

When did you last clean or replace the filter? Technicians encourage consumers to do this every two months. Although, they also expect these devices to blink because of bad capacitors and motors.

How To Fix It?

This goes without saying. If the appliance wants you to clean or replace the filter, you should listen. But you should make this decision carefully. You don’t have to replace the filter simply because the lights keep flashing.

Some devices flash specifically because the filter has reached the end of its life. Others will flash because the filter is dirty.

If your device has multiple filter lights, read the manual to find out what the different lights mean. The manual will show you which lights signify the end of life and which ones expect you to clean the filter.

If your range hood has one light, start by cleaning the filter. Turn the range hood off and open the filter cover. Remove the filter and clean. Put it back and start the range hood.

If the light stops blinking, you can relax. You performed the task the device expected. If the flashing light persists, turn the appliance off and on again. Hopefully, this reset is enough to eliminate the blinking light.

Ultimately, if all else fails, you should try replacing the filter. This assumes that you installed the previous filter correctly.

Admittedly, you can’t trust this final step to work every time, not when the control board might be at fault.

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