Can I Plug My Keurig Into An Extension Cord? (Explained)

can you plug a keurig into an extension cord

Is your Keurig coffee maker’s power cord too short to reach the wall outlet? You are probably tempted to use an extension cord, but is that safe? The guide below will tell you.

Can I Plug My Keurig Into An Extension Cord?

Technically speaking, your Keurig will run on an extension cord. If the Keurig plug fits the configuration of the extension cord’s outlets, you can plug the appliance into the extension cords. A commercial setting may present a challenge because an inspector may penalize you for pairing a heavy-duty device with an extension cord.

Some locations have regulations that prohibit this practice. But you can do whatever you want (more or less) with a Keurig in your home.

Pay attention to the Keurig coffee maker’s amperage. According to Dripped Coffee, a 12-cup Keurig uses 6.5 amps of electricity. You find a lot of 15A power strips and extension cords on the market. You can trust them to run the appliance without overloading it.

You would expect extension cords to present even less of a threat to a single-cup Keurig brewer. But the single-cup model uses a whopping 12.5 amps. It has a litany of features that don’t appear in the 12-cup Keurig.

This is why experts encourage homeowners to check the rating. The average consumer may downplay a single-cup Keurig brewer’s electrical consumption because they expect the 6.5A brewer to use more power.

A 15A extension cord can support a 12.5A brewer. But you are better off buying an extension cord with a higher rating that offers more breathing room. A 12.5A brewer’s electrical draw can easily exceed 15 amps if a malfunction occurs.

Don’t allow the beverage to spill into the extension cord’s outlets. This is a substantial risk that consumers rarely consider. You can’t always rely on the fuse to protect you from such accidents. This is another reason that makes wall outlets the superior option.

Is It Safe To Plug Keurig Into An Extension Cord?

No, it is not safe. You should keep extension cords and power strips away from heavy-duty kitchen appliances. They introduce three primary concerns:

1). Overload

The Keurig brewer can overload the extension cord. This can happen for various reasons. Some people choose the wrong extension cords with low ratings and a small gauge. Other people allow multiple appliances, including the Keurig brewer, to share the same heavy-duty extension cord.

Overloading can lead to electrical fires because you’re forcing the extension cord to transmit more current than it can handle. The conductors will overheat and ignite. You risk losing the extension cord, coffee maker, and your house, depending on how quickly you respond to the fire.

Even if you’re smart enough to connect the Keurig brewer to a heavy-duty extension cord without adding other appliances, the brewer can overload the extension cord because of a malfunction.

2). Tripping Hazard

Extension cords introduce a tripping hazard. Laypeople solve this issue by hiding the line under a carpet or mat. That is a mistake. Electricity generates heat when it flows through a medium. Usually, that heat dissipates harmlessly. But if you hide the cord under a carpet, the extension cord will overheat and start a fire.

3). Voltage Drop

An extension cord increases the resistance because the current has a longer distance to cover to reach the appliance. A higher resistance elevates the voltage drop, which interferes with the brewer’s work. The machine may burn out because it keeps working harder to compensate for the voltage drop.

What Gauge Extension Cords Should I Use For Keurig?

14AWG is a decent starting point. A 14-gauge extension cord can safely accommodate 15 amps.

If you know the Keurig brewer’s amp rating, you can use an amperage/wire size chart to identify a suitable gauge. Don’t match the ratings. For instance, if your appliance is 15A, don’t buy an extension cord with a rating of 15 amps.

The extension cord will work, but it doesn’t leave any room for error. If a malfunction in the brewer produces a surge, the extension cord will overload. Look for an extension cord with a larger rating than the brewer.

Keep the brand in mind. Some extension cords fail even though the gauge and amperage are correct because you selected a cheaper, poor-quality brand that can’t stand the test of time.

How Long Can A Keurig Extension Cord Be?

People use extension cords because their Keurig brewers have short power cords. That is not an accident. Manufacturers are not trying to frustrate you deliberately. Heavy-duty appliances have short power cords because longer wires have higher resistance, and higher resistance results in overheating and a more significant voltage drop.

Therefore, they limit the length of the power cord. You should do the same. Aim for 25 feet. If you need a longer extension cord, look for a higher gauge to compensate for the voltage drop. Don’t daisy chain extension cords.

People do this when they have short extension cords and they want to cover a longer distance. But daisy chaining increases the risk of overloading and overheating.

Best Extension Cord For Keurig

  • LIPWEL Extension Cord

This is a 3250W (13A), 1M heavy-duty extension cord capable of running powerful appliances such as water heaters and microwaves. The device uses a durable PC material that resists heat, impact, wear, and tear.

Additionally, the manufacturer included a flame retardant component that allows the extension cord to withstand 750 degrees.

This 15A heavy-duty extension cord features a 100 percent thermo-plastic elastomer, a compound that promises maximum flexibility and resistance to extreme temperatures. The TPE jacket allows the extension cord to survive outside because it can tolerate challenging weather conditions.

The device is strong enough to run everything from snow blowers to generators. In other words, the Keurig brewer won’t present a challenge. Expect a slick female plug that illuminates to show that the extension cord has power.

  • PIBEEX Extension Lead

This 250V 13A extension cord can support phones, tablets, computers, speakers, hairdryers, and more. It has conventional outlets as well as USB slots, not to mention four on/off switches and indicators.

The manufacturer provides two replacement fuses that defend against surges and overloads. The jacket is fire-retardant. It can withstand high temperatures. The child-proof mechanisms in the outlets prevent electrocution. But the manual prohibits children under ten from using this product.

The USB function is intelligent enough to disconnect the power when your device’s battery is full. Mountable holes are available.

This 12-gauge extension cord comes from the USA. It has a strong but flexible jacket that can withstand harsh environments. The blue color is not only attractive but highly visible, making the extension cord less of a tripping hazard.

You can get the extension cord in 25ft, 50ft, or 100ft, depending on the distance you want to cover. The jacket can resist moisture, abrasion, sunlight, freezing temperatures, and more. Expect a lighted end that illuminates when you connect a power source.

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