Can You Use An Extension Cord With A Hot Tub?

hot tub extension cord

Are hot tub extension cords real? Most people that have one will tell you that relaxing in a hot tub after a busy day is the highlight of their night. But what if the hot tub is too far to reach the nearest outlet? Does it make sense to use a hot tub extension cord?

Can I Use Extension Cord For Hot Tub?

You can use an extension cord with a hot tub if you can secure an extension cord with a gauge of 12 or greater, weatherproof sockets, and GFCI protection. Doing so can reduce some of the risks associated with the use of extension cords.

Hot tubs are hardwired into a home’s electrical system. You cannot plug them into a wall outlet let alone an extension cord.

However, regular hot tubs are expensive. They are superior but many consumers cannot afford the cost of buying and maintaining them. This is why plug-and-play hot tubs are so popular.

Unlike regular hot tubs, plug-and-play hot tubs do not require an electrician to install. Rather than hardwiring them into an electrical system, you can plug them into a wall outlet.

You need a ground-fault circuit interrupter. It will prevent ground faults from electrocuting you or starting a fire in the event of a malfunction.

Unlike a regular hot tub, you can plug a plug-and-play hot tub into an extension cord. It isn’t recommended. In fact, it is highly discouraged. But it can be done.

Is Extension Cord Safe for Hot Tub?

The hot tub isn’t safe to connect to an extension cord because it will ruin the GFCI plug.

Most manufacturers will include the same warning on their hot tubs. But several consumers have dismissed these warnings. They are convinced that the manufacturers only included the warnings because they don’t want customers to sue them if a hot tub that has been plugged into an extension cord starts a fire.

And unfortunately, fires are a distinct possibility. Where hot tub extension cords are concerned, you have three primary dangers to consider:

1). Overheating

Hot tubs are heavy-duty items. They use a lot of power. If a weak extension cord is forced to transmit the considerable current that a hot tub needs, it could overheat, leading to a fire.

2). Electrocution

If the extension cord in question is allowed to rest near the hot tub, water may eventually pool around the device, especially if the inhabitants of the hot tub are very active.

If you did not know, water is a decent electrical conductor. Anyone that decides to walk through the water surrounding the extension cord without shoes or slippers could suffer a fatal shock.

3). Hot Tub Damage

An extension cord can destroy your hot tub. Plug-and-play hot tubs use power cords with an average length of 12 inches. That length is adequate for the hot tub’s electrical needs.

Plugging the hot tub into an extension cord will increase the length that the current has to traverse before it reaches the hot tub. That elevation in length will increase the voltage drop.

An increase in the voltage drop will result in overheating. The hot tub has to pull more current than usual to compensate for the voltage drop. This could destroy the hot tub’s motor.

When you buy a plug-and-play hot tub, you should position it within twelve inches of the wall outlet to eliminate the need for extension cords. If you don’t have this option, if the wall outlet is too far, ask an electrician to install a new outlet near the hot tub. Extension cords are far too risky.

Up To what Volt Hot Tub You Can Plug into Extension Cord?

You can safely plug a 110V hot tub into an extension cord. 110V hot tubs can be plugged into any regular outdoor outlet. However, by using an extension cord, especially one that has multiple outlets, you are basically inviting people to connect additional devices and appliances to the extension cord, which is dangerous.

While it is safer to plug 110V hot tubs into extension cords than 220V hot tubs, it is still dangerous to pair a 110V hot tub with an extension cord. It requires a wall outlet and a dedicated circuit.

What Gauge Extension Cord Is needed For Hot Tub?

You need a 12-gauge extension cord. The extension cord shouldn’t be too long. The shorter the extension cord, the lower the resistance.

Best Hot Tub Extension Cord

It should be reiterated that hot tub extension cords are a bad idea. Manufacturers do not make extension cords for hot tubs. But if you’re determined to use one for your hot tub, you have to select the best possible extension cord. Otherwise, your hot tub may burn your house down. While searching for the best hot tub extension cords, you have to keep the following in mind:

1). 12 Gauge Extension Cord

The size matters. If the diameter of the extension cord is too small, it will overheat because it cannot handle the amount of electricity a hot tub uses. You need 12-gauge extension cords or greater.

2). It Shouldn’t Be Too Long

The length and diameter go hand in hand. The extension cord can’t be too long. Otherwise, the elevated resistance will result in a voltage drop that will prevent the hot tub from receiving the electricity it needs to operate optimally.

3). Use Extension Cord with RCD protection

You need to prioritize extension cords with RCD protection. RCD units monitor the current flowing through the live and neutral conductors. When they detect an imbalance, they cut the flow of current. ‘RCD’ is the term that people use in the United States. In the UK, these devices are called GFCIs.

4). Weatherproofing

The extension socket should be weatherproof. You should also keep it at least two meters from the hot tub. Even with the weatherproofing, it is better to keep all the sockets as far from the water in the hot tub as you can possibly get.

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