Electric Meter Tag Color (Red, Blue, Black, Green) Meaning

electric meter tag color red, green, black, yellow meaning

Do you see any tags on your electric meter? You probably never gave them any thought until you realized they came in different colors. But what do those colors mean? Should they concern you?

Electric Meter Tag Colors Meaning

Meters are vital to your home. Service providers use them to measure the amount of electricity you use. You can also use your meter to manage your energy usage.

Companies add tags to meters to mark them. Some tags have information. Others are blank, allowing electricians to write information on them.

If yours has a different color from what you expect, talk to the service provider. If you visit their website, it will probably tell you what the colors mean. Some colors are more severe than others. You can’t afford to ignore the tags on your electric meters.

What Does A Red Tag On Electric Meter Mean?

  • Red tags on the electric meter mean severe hazards. Apparently, the service provider doesn’t want you to tamper with the meter, especially if the meter is energized. Don’t pull it out.
  • Additionally, service providers place tags on meters when consumers cannot pay their electric bills. The company will disconnect the power and attach a red tag to inform you that you have an outstanding bill.

You should call them before you act to get a better sense of what the red tag means. A red tag is associated with warnings.

What Does A Blue Tag On Electric Meter Mean?

You see the blue tag when the meter is turned off. As a homeowner, this is the last thing you want to see. Fortunately, a simple conversation with your service provider will probably resolve this issue.

Don’t just pull the tag off. Wait until the company takes action. Additionally, don’t assume that the tag means the same thing in your region. Your supplier may use the blue tag to impart a different message.

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What Does A Black Tag On Electric Meter Mean?

The presence of a black tag tells the service provider that someone tampered with the meter. You have to leave the tag alone. Don’t cut or modify it. Otherwise, you risk attracting a hefty fine. Some power suppliers won’t hesitate to prosecute you. Others use robust tags that keep the meter closed.

This is a good thing if the meter is damaged because the tag will protect you from electrocution, especially if the electricity is still flowing. The tag acts as a security measure that keeps lay people away.

If you see anyone tampering with the tag, call your supplier. Don’t be surprised if you miss the tag because it looks like a padlock, and it may not occur to you to take a closer look.

The black tag also may point to an inactive meter. You should consult the service provider before making any assumptions about the meaning of the black tag.

What Does A Green Tag On Electric Meter Mean?

You will see the green tag when the city inspector finishes the final inspections. The green tag shows that everything conforms to the relevant rules and regulations.

If you just replaced your electric service, you will also see the green tag once the replacement passes the utility company’s inspection.

Inspectors in such situations are never as thorough as people expect because they don’t always know what their responsibilities entail and where they should stop.

The electrician is supposed to work with the inspector to ensure that the electric service is installed correctly.

You will realize that they also associate green tags with a successful inspection. Once your installation passes the verification department’s test, you will see the green tag on the electric meter.

But again, it helps to contact the utility company. Find out who attached the tag and why. Don’t make assumptions about the meaning of the green tag until you get clarification.

Some regions don’t use green tags. Therefore, a supplier may introduce a green tag because they want to communicate a new message.

What Does A Yellow Tag On Electric Meter Mean?

Yellow Tag on the electric meter means that you are to be disconnected from the grid. You also see a yellow tag when the utility company realizes that someone tampered with the meter. Yellow tags also appear when utility companies turned the power off. This can happen because you failed to pay what you owe.

But the company can use a gray tag instead of yellow. As you can see, determining the meaning of a colored tag is easier said than done because different tags have different meanings depending on your location and supplier.

What If There Is No Color On Electric Tag?

Some tags are blank and plain, which is disconcerting if you’re accustomed to colored tags. However, blank tags shouldn’t scare you. Utility company operators will write to them if the need arises. Although, they don’t last long.

Extreme conditions such as rain and direct sunlight will eventually destroy the tags. But they will have served their purpose by the time they fall off.

The blank tags give utility companies more leeway than the colored tags. The colored tags are designed to deliver a specific message. Suppliers don’t want to confuse you by adding more information to them.

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