Sunbeam Electric Blanket Not Getting Warm/Hot

sunbeam electric blanket not getting warm or hot

A sunbeam electric blanket that can’t produce the warmth you need is useless. But why would an electric blanket misbehave like this?

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Not Getting Warm – Why?

1). End Of Lifespan

How old is your blanket? According to the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, you should test the electric blanket every two years and replace it every ten years. Maybe your blanket refuses to generate heat because it has reached the end of its lifespan. Signs of old age include:

  • The fabric is frayed. This is problematic because frayed fabric exposes your skin to the heating elements. The heating elements will burn you.
  • You can see discolorations, scorch marks, and other symptoms of overheating.
  • You can hear crackling from the controller.
  • You have noticed a strange smell, almost like something is burning.
  • The power cord is frayed.

2). Delay

Are you sure the Sunbeam electric blanket has refused to generate heat? According to sleep seeker UK, it can take as long as sixty minutes for a heating blanket to attain the temperature you want.

In other words, you may have given up too early. Had you waited a little longer, the blanket would have produced the required heat.

3). Loose Connections

The Sunbeam electric blanket uses heating elements to produce warmth. Those heating elements rely on the current from your home’s circuit. Loose connections will either stop the blanket from working or prevent it from attaining the correct temperature.

The same thing can happen if the wires are damaged. If you want to diagnose this problem, you can’t limit your search to the wires in the blanket. You should also troubleshoot the controller and plug.

Don’t ignore the outlet. A faulty outlet with loose connections can compromise a Sunbeam blanket’s work.

4). Are You Sure You’re Using The Sunbeam Blanket Correctly?

Have you checked the manual? Maybe you forgot to follow the manual’s instructions. For instance, you failed to turn the device on, or you couldn’t set the correct temperature.

Confirm your suspicions by checking the manual or contacting Sunbeam’s customer support staff and ensuring you know how to use their product.

5). Damage

Electric blankets are susceptible to damage. You can ruin the devices by storing them poorly or using a washer and dryer to clean them. The heating elements are delicate. Breaking them can prevent the blanket from generating the appropriate heat.

6). Timer

Many people sleep with their electric blankets all night, but this practice is discouraged. You’re supposed to switch the blanket on an hour or two before you go to sleep. Once it warms your bed, you can switch the blanket off.

Some consumers will switch the blanket on when they go to bed and switch it off before they fall asleep. But you run the risk of accidentally dozing off without turning the blanket off. Timers solve this problem. They will automatically deactivate the blanket after a pre-determined duration.

Maybe your blanket has failed to make sufficient heat because you programmed it to shut off early.

7). Fixed Temperature

Electric blankets can attain anywhere between 64 and 118 degrees F. Some people buy models with fixed temperatures. You can’t make them hotter or cooler. This is a problem if the blanket’s hottest setting is still cooler than what you would like.

Make sure you buy the right product. Don’t buy an electric blanket when you actually need a heating pad.

How To Fix A Sunbeam Electric Blanket That Is Not Heating Enough?

What can you do when a heating blanket fails to behave? Your options include the following:

1). Maintenance

First of all, once the blanket is fixed, don’t mistreat it. Keep the following in mind:

  • Medical News Today warns against folding the power cable. Doing so can damage the electrical conductors.
  • You can roll the blanket before placing it in storage, but you should do so gently. Otherwise, the delicate wires inside the blanket will break.
  • Keep the blanket away from elements that threaten its health. That includes dirt, chemicals, and heavy objects.
  • Don’t wrap your pets in the electric blanket. Their teeth and claws are sharp enough to cause irreparable harm to the blanket.
  • Keep the blanket off when it isn’t in use. There is little point in keeping the blanket on all day and all night.
  • Don’t use this Sunbeam product on a waterbed.
  • Don’t combine electric blankets and heated mattress pads.
  • Don’t put electric blankets in washing machines.
  • Don’t iron these items.

2). Reset

Sunbeam suggests performing a reset. Electric blankets can develop glitches that prevent them from generating heat. You can fight these glitches by disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait a few seconds and reconnect the power cord.

3). Technical Assistance

Disconnect the item and take it to a technician. If you have a warranty, call Sunbeam and return the defective blanket.

They will send you a new one. This assumes that your blanket failed because of a fault. Don’t expect Sunbeam to provide a replacement blanket if you intentionally or unintentionally damaged your first electric blanket.

For instance, if the blanket catches fire because you connected it to an extension cord, Sunbeam may ignore your claim.

4). Make Sure You Applied The Correct Temperature Setting

Check the manual’s instructions to confirm that you followed the proper procedure. If you followed the instructions, but the blanket refuses to work, it has a factory defect.

5). Connect The Sunbeam Electric Blanket To A Second Outlet.

If the blanket works, the first outlet is defective. Replace it. If the blanket refuses to work in the second outlet, check the power cord. Don’t repair frayed power cords with electrical tape. Replace the power cord.

Electrical tape is only acceptable during emergencies. Otherwise, a frayed power cord can start a fire because the conductors cause arcing.

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