Can You Plug A Microwave Into An Extension Cord – Is It Safe?

can you plug a microwave into extension cord

Many times, when you’re using a microwave, you will try to find an electric socket nearby. However, that is not always possible. In such a case, you might think about using an extension cord. Many consumers have the question; Can you plug a microwave into an extension cord? Is it safe?

You can plug a microwave into an extension cord. However, that is not any ordinary extension cord. There are special extension cords available for heavy-duty appliances. You only have to use them. In the absence of such electric cords, you have no other option but to plug it directly into the wall socket.

You might be wondering where such an extension cord might be available?

I can help you with that query as well. I have compiled a detailed and well-researched list of the top 3 best extension cords for microwave. You can use these for not just microwaves but also other appliances like refrigerators.

3 Best Extension Cord For Microwave

Let us look at the top 3 options so that choosing amongst them becomes easy for you.

1. FIRMERST 1875W 3 Feet Extension Cord:

The length of this extension cord is 3 feet. It complies with all the safety standards. Also, it can handle the current of 15A as well. The thicker wire dimensions mean that it can handle heavy-duty appliances quite easily. It has temperature resistance up to 75C. The soft and flexible design means that moving it around is going to be easy.

With the help of a slim and fat plug, plugging it into the electric socket is easy. Additionally, you can use it to power the various other appliances as well. It can handle all the heavy-duty ones. Moreover, with the help of a bag, carrying this cord around anywhere you go will be easy. The high-temperature resistance and the low-profile plug certainly make it a reliable choice.

2. Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire

One of the prime advantages of this extension cord is that it comes in different size variants. You can select from 3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet, and 15 feet. The one which we are speaking about is 3 feet. The advantage is that it can remain flush to the wall. Owing to this reason, you can put it in tight spaces as well. The sturdy cord design means that it is suitable for microwaves, refrigerators, power tools, and others.

It can handle 15 A of current. Hence, it becomes simple to use it with any appliance. The three conductor wire ensures that you will not have to worry about short circuits, sparking, or other such problems. In case you’re wondering about the insulation, it consists of vinyl insulation. Vinyl insulation is heavy duty in design. Hence, it becomes easy to use it day in and day out. With the help of grip grooves, you will not face any problem when you’re connecting and disconnecting. Once you put the plug in, it will not come out easily. All these features certainly make it a good choice.

3. 3 Ft Appliance Extension Cord

The extension cord, which I am speaking about now, has a length of 3 feet. However, it is available in the 12 feet variant as well.

The advantage of this extension cord is that it has a 14 gauge cord. Owing to this very reason, it is suitable for microwaves, dryers, washers, and various other gadgets. Consequently, it is not only versatile but perfect for heavy-duty gadgets.

The vinyl insulation on offer ensures that you will not have to worry about the cord’s wear and tear. It can resist abrasion, sunlight as well as moisture due to the same.

The grey colour means that amalgamation with the decor of your home will not be a problem either.

The angle of the plug is such that it can go into the socket quite easily. It will not occupy any extra space because of the same.

With the help of compliances with safety regulations, you need not worry about this cord’s safety, either. Moreover, it can handle 15 A of current quite easily.

The weight of 6.4 ounces ensures that you can easily move it around as well.

The grounded construction means that your appliances are entirely safe in any weather or even during electric fluctuations. It can handle weight is of up to 1875 W.

With so many features, this extension cord will meet all your requirements.

Now that you are aware of the extension cords you can use for microwave, it is essential to know the precautions you have to take while using one.

Precautions To Take While Using An Extension Cord To Plug A Microwave

A few precautions can help you do it right. Once you take these precautions, you can securely use a microwave.

1. Secure the plugs:

The technique of putting the plugs is important. The first thing you need to do is put the microwave plug into the extension cord securely. You have to also ensure that you are putting the extension cord’s plug into the electric socket securely. Both these should be completely secure. Only then can you avoid sparking. In that case, using the microwave will be safe and easy.

2. Check the specifications of the extension cord:

Instead of using a makeshift extension cord, you have to check the specifications. If you’re powering a heavy-duty appliance, the current rating should be at least 15 A. In that case, it becomes easy for you to run the microwave on maximum heat settings.

3. Keep in mind the safety precautions:

When you’re using an extension cord, you have to ensure that you choose one that can handle a high wattage appliance. Most these have a fuse as well as short circuit protection. In that case, your appliance will be entirely safe.

If the extension cords comply with the safety standards, that is a definite positive.

4. Monitor the insulation from time to time:

If the insulation of the extension cords starts fraying, you will have to change it. You cannot use an extension cord with frayed insulation. In that case, the risk of electrocution increases significantly.

Once you take these 4 precautions, it is easy for you to use a microwave along with an extension cord.

You can avoid most problems by choosing the right extension cord. When you’re going through the 3 options above, you have to compare them on 4 parameters. I will highlight those 4 parameters in my buying guide below.

How To Buy An Extension Cord For The Microwave?

This part below will help you understand the parameters you should consider when comparing these extension cords. The parameters to compare the extensions cords on include:

• Length of the extension cord:

The length of the extension cord can be anywhere between 3 feet to 12 feet. You have to look at your requirement and after that, take a call. If you need an extension cord of 2 feet, it is better to buy an extension cord of at least 3 feet. Some extra length will come in handy.

• Current rating:

You have to look at the maximum current rating of the extension cord. The maximum current rating should be around 15 A. Even 13 A would do. However, when you’re comparing the different options, always choose an extension cord which has the highest current rating. When the current rating is higher, it will be safe to use the extension cord.

• Construction quality:

The construction quality refers to the wire inside as well as the insulation outside. It should consist of a 3 phase wire. Either that or it should have a grounded connection.

When it comes to installation, the insulation should be quite sturdy as well. The insulation is what increases the life span of the extension cord. It keeps you safe. You have to look at the insulation and, after that, take a call.

Once you take both these factors into account, it will become easier for you to choose the right extension cord.

• Plug design:

The plug design matters a lot. The plug design should allow you to plug it in, in an instant. Not only that, it should be such that it stays in the socket. Only, in that case, you can be sure that using it is safe.

The plug design also plays a vital role in ensuring that the plug stays in place. Any loosening of the plug can lead to sparking. Also, certain plugs can go into any electric socket. In that case, you can carry the extension cord with you wherever you go. Consequently, you cannot ignore the plug design either when you’re buying an extension cord for the microwave.

When you compare extension cords on these parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy.

So, yes, you can plug the microwave into an extension cord and it is completely safe. However, you need to choose a specific extension cord that is suitable for heavy-duty appliances. Only, in that case, you can go ahead and do so. My article above highlights such extension cords and has a buying guide that can help you choose among them. The guide above not only answers your question but also enables you to purchase one.

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