13 Brands Microwave Flashing Red/Green/Blue Light Meaning

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Microwaves are convenient. They can turn cold soup into a steaming bowl of delicious lunch within minutes. But people fear them because they use radiation to do their work. As such, the average homeowner reacts to flashing lights and bulbs with panic.

Microwave Flashing Light – Why?

Microwaves do not have conventional indicator lights. They have screens that display error codes. Most microwaves do not rely on multicoloured lights to alert users that things have gone wrong. However, they have a light on the inside.

The factors that can cause the internal bulb or external display to flash are wide-ranging. They include:

1). Glitch

If the display keeps blinking, you have an electronic glitch, especially if the microwave won’t let you program it. You are more likely to see this phenomenon in technologically advanced microwaves with various sophisticated features.

You don’t need to be concerned about the issue because the average consumer to resolve these glitches by simply resetting the microwave. This means unplugging the unit, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in.

If you have an inbuilt microwave that you can’t unplug, use the breaker to deprive the unit of power.

2). Metal Is Inside The Microwave

Did you leave any metallic items in the microwave? People are smart enough to keep forks and spoons out of the microwave. Depending on the location of the fork or spoon, it may cause arcing. But smaller pieces of metal such as steel wool strands can produce similar results.

I want you to ensure that the dishes and foils you use are microwave safe. Otherwise, you may observe sparking. If you don’t know any better, you may dismiss the sparking as a flashing light inside the microwave.

3). Loose Bulb

In many cases, the bulb is not secure in the socket. You have probably seen bulbs in your home flicker and flash whenever you fail to secure them in the socket. The bulbs in some microwave models are the same.

4). Control Board Is Not Sending Appropriate Voltage

Have you checked the main control board? You can test it with a multimeter. The goal is to determine whether or not the board is sending the appropriate voltage to the socket.

A faulty main control board can affect the operations of the bulb. Control boards are tricky. You need an expert to assess it. They can determine whether or not it can be fixed. If you tamper with it, you could make a bad situation worse. Control boards are sensitive. It doesn’t take much to destroy them.

If you have a warranty and you noticed an issue with the control board, you should just return the microwave. Though, some brands will void your warranty if you open their products. They want you to return the microwave the moment you identify an error

I don’t want you to blame the control board until you’ve checked the bulb, socket, and wiring. Sometimes, microwave lights flash for very simple reasons. Make the control board the last thing you check.

5). Food Particle Is Attached To Wave Guide Cover

The magnetron is one of the most important components of a microwave. It guides the heat to the area where you place the food. The waveguide cover is equally important because it protects the magnetron. There are times when food particles attach themselves to the waveguide.

The heat generated will ignite these particles, producing noticeable sparks. Don’t ignore these sparks. They can harm the waveguide cover, creating even more sparks. Once the waveguide covers shorts or fails, you must replace it.

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Different Brands Microwave Light Meanings and Troubleshooting Tips

Brand NameFlashing Issue
Kitchenaid-Power Failure
-Clock Timer Turned Off
-Pressed The Start Button Too Soon
-Loose Bulb
-Loose Connections
-Faulty Relay
Emerson-Defective Microwave
-Computer Board Shorted Out
-Faulty Magnetron
Russel Hobbs-Faulty Bulb/Socket
-Electronic Glitch
Frigidaire-Defective Bulb
-Faulty Control Board
-Faulty Light Socket
-Faulty Display Control Board
GE-Faulty Door Switch
-Faulty Magnetron
-Loose Connections
-Bad Control Board
-Dirty Wave Guide Cover(Arcing)
Sharp-Faulty Main Control Board
-Faulty Bulb
-Faulty Magnetron
-Voltage Too High or Low
LG-Faulty Magnetron
-Faulty Relay Board
-Power Issue
-Faulty Door Lock
Smeg-Stable Temperature
-Preheating Stage
-Preheating Complete
-Magnetron Is Shorting
-Faulty Door Switch
-Faulty Bulb
Whirlpool-Faulty Door Switch
-Broken Door Latch
-Faulty Bulb -Faulty Motherboard
Samsung-Faulty Controller
-Faulty Door Switch
-Dirty Ribbon Cable Connection
-Failed Electronic Control Board
Toshiba-Faulty Light
-Voltage Fluctuation
-Inconsistent Power Supply
-Loose Wiring -Arcing

Microwave Red Light Flashing – Meaning

The microwave flashes a red glow when the oven starts operating. If the red glow persists, you have an electronic glitch.

The meaning of red glow depends on the kind of light. Is it a blank red LED, or are you looking at an icon with a specific shape illuminated in red? Does the icon have text? Where is it located?

Modern microwaves rarely use LED indicators. They have displays that can tell you everything you need to know. However, some of them have icons that glow with different colors depending on the message they want to deliver.

Try to identify the icon with the red glow on your appliance. The shape will help you determine the meaning behind the icon. If you can’t interpret the icon, look for text near the icon. Better yet, go to the manual. It will explain the meaning of each LED and icon.

Don’t expect different brands to use the same interpretations for their LEDs and icons. GE Over the range microwaves has a red light on the filter.

How Can You Fix It?

You don’t have to do anything if you find the red glow on the ‘Microwave’ icon. The red light illuminates when the appliance is doing its job.

If you have a GE unit with a red light on the filter, you can eliminate the red light by holding the ‘Filter Reset’ button down for several seconds.

If the glow persists continuously, you can reset the unit, investigate the control board, or call an expert to troubleshoot the issue.

Don’t forget to use your warranty, if you have it. Depending on the terms, the manufacturer may replace the board or the microwave for free.

Microwave Green Light Flashing – Meaning

The green light is probably a spark. The microwave also flashes green light on a relay supplying the magnetron circuit.

Green LEDs on a microwave are rare. You will be hard-pressed to find a unit with icons that glow green in your local store.

If your microwave has a green LED, check the manual. It is the only document with answers.

How Can You Fix It?

If the green flash is arcing across the contacts when the relay opens, you should consult an expert. They can investigate the possibility of installing a suppression capacitor across the contacts. If they think the relay is failing, they can consider replacement options.

Microwave Blue Light Flashing – Meaning

According to this Panasonic manual, blue flashes are a sign of arcing. Arcing can occur due to a damaged pan, excess weight, and the presence of metallic objects in the microwave oven.

Blue light also flashes on grease buildup. Grease is a conducive substance. Arcing is not a laughing matter. Left unchecked, those sparks can do serious harm to the microwave.

How Can You Fix It?

Take the necessary precautions. That includes checking each food container beforehand to determine whether or not it is microwave safe, removing metallic objects, and cleaning the microwave to prevent grease buildup.

If the arcing persists, you have a bigger problem, such as a loose connection or a defective component. Consult a professional.

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