NOMA Christmas Light Not Working (6 Reasons Explained)

noma christmas light not working

What happens when half your Noma Christmas lights stop working? What if they all die? This guide will provide some practical solutions.

NOMA Christmas Light Not Working

Christmas lights can stop working for any number of reasons. Take the following factors into account during your troubleshooting process:

1). Circuit Breaker Turned Off

If all the Christmas lights are off, you should blame your power source. Don’t dismiss this concern just because the rest of the room has power. Maybe the outlet running the Christmas lights is connected to a separate circuit.

Confusion of this sort occurs when the homeowner uses an extension cord because the device allows them to power the Christmas lights using a receptacle in a different room. Check the circuit breaker. If one of the breakers is off, reset it. But confirm that none of your home’s inhabitants are tampering with the circuit.

People usually turn the breaker off because they want to perform repairs on the circuit. You may electrocute them by resetting the breaker. Therefore, you should proceed carefully.

2). Blown Fuse

If the breaker is okay, and you have power in the outlet, but the Christmas lights are still off, check the fuse. The plug has a fuse that blows when it encounters a surge or overload. Confirm your suspicions by removing the lid and inspecting the fuse. Does it have burn marks? Has the color changed? The Christmas lights cannot work with a blown fuse.

3). Dead Outlet

If the circuit and fuse are okay, troubleshoot the outlet. Is it working? Do you see burn marks? What about the wires? Are they torn? Are the connections loose? Plug the Christmas lights into a second outlet. If they illuminate, the first outlet is dead.

4). Tipped GFCI Breaker

Do you have GFCI protection? If the contractor daisy chained the GFCI, the device will cut the power to all the outlets downstream once it trips. If the breaker is okay, but the outlets are still dead, the only other explanation is a tripped GFCI upstream. A tripped GFCI breaker can produce similar results.

5). Bulbs Have Burned Out

Bulbs can burn out because of high voltage, loose connections, surges, and overheating. Look for frayed wires and corroded sockets.

6). Defective Lights

Many people buy cheap Christmas lights and for a good reason. They only use the lights for a few weeks a year. As such, they don’t see the point in spending heavily on an expensive set of lights. However, cheaper lights don’t last long.

Admittedly, you can kill the lights by storing them poorly. Many homeowners damage the wires in the process. But a well-made set of Christmas lights will survive poor storage. You can’t say the same for the low-quality options on the market.

How To Fix Noma Christmas Light That Is Not Working?

  • Find the blown fuse and replace it. If you’re fortunate, your kit will include an extra fuse. But even if it doesn’t, fuses are inexpensive. They are not that difficult to find. But if the fuse blows immediately after, take a moment to find the cause. You’re using too many lights, the wrong replacement bulbs, or damaged lights.
  • If the breaker tripped, I want you to find out why. Resetting the breaker is not enough. It will trip again if you have a malfunction somewhere. Do you have too many lights? What about the appliances on the circuit? Find the fault before you reset the breaker.
  • Replace dead bulbs. If multiple sockets on the string are corroded, you may have to replace the entire line of NOMA Christmas lights.
  • Replace dead outlets.
  • Replace a dead string of lights. Avoid counterfeit products.
  • Buy parallel lights. Each light has an independent circuit. The death of one bulb doesn’t influence the operations of the other lights.

Why Only Half Of The Noma Christmas Lights Not Working?

Half a string of dead Noma Christmas Lights is more challenging to diagnose than a whole string of dead lights. You have two primary concerns, but they take a while to identify:

1). Dead Bulb

Look for a dead bulb. Christmas lights are complicated because the bulbs utilize a single wire. The circuit cannot complete if one bulb fails. Therefore, you must identify the faulty bulb. One bulb can kill an entire string of bulbs. Unfortunately, finding that defective bulb is time-consuming because you need a tester to check the wires between the bulbs.

2). Loose Bulb

A loose bulb is just as problematic as a dead bulb. The loose bulb interrupts the circuit, preventing the current from reaching the other bulbs downstream. Use your finger to flick the bulbs. If you flick a loose bulb, it will go out, either momentarily or permanently.

3). Loose Wires

Look for loose or damaged wires. Loose wires can cause some or all the lights to flicker on and off. They can also cause permanent damage if you allow this problem to persist.

How To Fix It?

  • Find dead bulbs and replace them.
  • If the new bulbs don’t work, check the terminals for corrosion. Clean the corrosion or bypass that bulb altogether.
  • Find loose bulbs and tighten them. This can mean pushing the bulb deeper into the socket or twisting it like a screw.
  • Find the loose or damaged wires and bypass them.
  • Buy parallel lights.

Make sure you have a reliable light bulb tester on hand. The tester simplifies troubleshooting because it will show you the bulbs and wires that have a current and those that don’t.

Why Noma Christmas Lights Are Not That Bright?

  • Bulbs get dimmer with age. If you have an ancient strand of Christmas lights, the bulbs will get dimmer until they die.
  • If you replace a section of the lights, the older lights will dim as they age, whereas the newer lights will remain unchanged, at least for the time being.
  • You replaced some dead lights with bulbs with the wrong wattage. Therefore, their brightness will vary. Either they are so bright that all the other bulbs appear dim, or the newest lights are too dim compared to the older ones. Either way, the wattage is to blame.
  • Do you have a timer? Timers can affect the brightness by disrupting the electrical flow.
  • Either the voltage is too low, or you have corrosion in the terminals or the prongs of the plug.
  • Low-quality lights have defects that cause inexplicable dimming.

How To Fix It?

  • If the Noma Christmas lights have reached the end of their lifespan, get new lights.
  • Reach out to the manufacturer for a recommendation before buying a replacement string of lights. Avoid low-quality counterfeit products. You will replace them in a few days or weeks. Limit your purchases to retailers you trust.
  • If you want to replace dead bulbs, make sure the wattage of the new bulbs matches the old bulbs. Check the manual for the recommended wattage.
  • Clean corroded prongs and sockets. You can also replace damaged plugs.
  • Make sure the timer you selected is compatible with your lights.

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