Average Cost To Install Generator Transfer Switch

If your region is plagued by frequent blackouts, you need a generator. But on its own, a generator isn’t enough. You need a transfer switch as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Transfer Switch?

The installation of a transfer switch may cost you an estimated $2,000. The labor alone could set you back by $500. You can also expect to spend a similar amount on a single transfer switch.

Average Cost Of Transfer Switch Installation

Transfer SwitchTransfer Switch CostElectrician CostAverage Cost
Six Circuit Switch$250-$300$200-$400$650-$700
Ten circuit Switch$350-$400$200-$400$750-$800

Some are affordable.

You can get a 30-Amp manual switch at $150. But a 400-Amp automatic switch could cost you $2,700.

Transfer Switch Installation Cost Complete Breakdown

Transfer Switch Kit Cost

For instance, if you have a 5000W generator, you need to spend $250-$300 on a 6-circuit transfer switch. If you have a 7500W generator, your electrician will encourage you to buy a ten-circuit switch worth $350-$400.

It looks like the average transfer switch kit comes with everything you need to install the transfer switch. In other words, you don’t have to spend even more money buying additional accessories.

Though, you shouldn’t assume that every kit has every tool you need. Check the description. It will tell you whether or not the contents of the kit are worth the price.

The transfer switch you select will depend on the size of the generator. This will affect the cost.

How Much Does An Electrician Charge To Install A Generator Transfer Switch?

Electricians can install transfer switches in less than five hours. They will charge as little as $200 or as much as $500. The more time it takes the electrician to install the transfer switch, the more you will spend on labor costs.

Average Cost To Install Transfer Switch

The transfer switch installation cost ranges between $500 and $1,500. That includes the cost of the transfer switch and the labor. It normally takes less than a day to install a transfer switch.

The cost of installing a transfer switch will depend on various factors including the type of transfer switch and the wattage. You have to choose between manual transfer switches and automatic transfer switches.

Manual transfer switches are cheaper and easier to install. The labor costs are lower because it doesn’t take the electrician as much time to put them in place. But as you probably guessed from the name, you have to manually flip the switches when a blackout occurs.

Automatic switches are more expensive. You may spend more than a thousand dollars on an automatic switch. Because they are more difficult to install, the labor costs will also rise.

On the other hand, a manual switch costs just a few hundred dollars. But an automatic switch is convenient. It automatically switches between utility power and generator power. Your selection will depend on what you want.

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Why Is It So Expensive To Install A Transfer Switch?

It takes a decent amount of effort and technical expertise to install a transfer switch. You have to mount the transfer switch next to the main electrical panel before using wires to connect the two.

You have to attach the electrical box to the wall outside before running an electrical cable between the electrical box and the transfer switch. The transfer switch comes with an electrical receptacle that you must connect to the box outside.

The process takes time. Depending on the complexity of the transfer switch and the property you want to wire, it could take an electrician a day to install the transfer switch. That doesn’t take into account the cost of the transfer switch and the generator.

The transfer switch installation cost could rise as far as $9500 in extreme circumstances.

Can I Install A Transfer Switch Myself?

You can but only if you have the necessary skill and experience. Make sure you are confident in your ability to work with live terminals. Otherwise, you could kill yourself. If you have any doubts, hire a professional.

Yes, it is expensive. But you are less likely to electrocute yourself. A professional is also less likely to wire your transfer switch poorly.

Do I Need A Permit?

A permit is necessary to install a transfer switch. Many places want you to apply for a permit before you add any permanent components to your house. Some places won’t let you make electrical installations unless you are a licensed electrician. The fact that you have electrical experience doesn’t matter to the authorities.

The code in your region will determine whether you install the transfer switch yourself or you hire a professional.

Why Do I Need To Hire An Electrician To Install A Transfer Switch?

Professional electricians are less likely to electrocute themselves during the installation process. Some communities have regulations that prohibit homeowners from making major electrical installations without the involvement of an electrician.

If you don’t know anything about transfer switches, you need an electrician’s guidance. They will help you identify the right circuits to connect to your generator.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Transfer Switch?

In many cases, two-four hours is enough to install a generator transfer switch.

Benefits of Installing Transfer Switch

Transfer switches make generators more convenient and less hazardous.

A transfer switch is safer than an extension cord. Unlike an extension cord, a transfer switch will prevent back-feeding, protecting your appliances in the process, not to mention any electricians that might be working on the power lines in the area.

You can use the transfer switch to operate hardwired appliances such as water heaters. You cannot simply plug a hardwired appliance into an extension cord.

If you have an automatic transfer switch, it will switch back and forth between utility and generator power. You don’t have to perform quite as many manual operations as an extension cord requires.

You can select the circuits you want to power beforehand. An electrician will install the transfer switch with your selections in mind.

You don’t have to repeatedly look out the window to find out whether or not the main power has been restored. The transfer switch will let you know.

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