How To Clear Error Code On Generac Generator? (Find It Now!)

how to clear Error Codes (1059, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1501, 1511, 1600, 1603, 1902, 2098, 2099, 2100, 2400, 2502, 2690, 2780, 2800, 3001, 3002, 3200, 3201, 4907, 65535) on generac generator

If you have a generator, you probably got it from Generac. Seven out of every ten homes use Generac. If that is true for your home, you have probably encountered one of the many error codes Generac uses.

How Do You Clear The Error Code On A Generac Generator?

  • Start by removing the top cover and finding the ‘Manual/Auto/Off’ control. Select ‘OFF’ and press enter to clear the error code.
  • Once you select ‘Auto,’ the generator will start within the next ten seconds. While this method has a lot of merits, don’t expect it to work every single time. The method you use will depend on the error code.

Generac Generator Error Code Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

Generac uses numerous error codes to highlight the various issues that can assault their generators. But you can’t use the error codes to diagnose a generator’s problem unless you know what they mean. These are some of the error codes you can expect to encounter:

Error Code 1059 – Meaning

Error 1059 denotes a lack of output voltage while starting. The unit will probably shut down whenever you attempt to start it. The alternator is probably damaged.

How To Fix It?

If the alternator is damaged, you can use an authorized dealer to replace it.

Error Code 1100 – Meaning

This is an overcrank alert. You have a fuel or maintenance issue. The engine is spinning, but it has failed to attain the appropriate speed. Or the engine has refused to start despite the command the controller has given.

How To Fix It?

Reset the controller and make sure you turn the gas on before restarting the generator.

Error Code 1101 – Meaning

The controller is trying to protect the starter by keeping the number of starts to 10 or less. This is a fuel and maintenance issue.

Error Code 1200 – Meaning

You see this error code when the engine speed stays above the set threshold for three or more seconds. The threshold will depend on the model. For instance, for some generators, the unit will display an Overspeed error code once the engine speed passes 72Hz. For other units, the engine speed has to exceed 60Hz.

How To Fix It?

Hire a technician to maintain, repair, or replace defective ignition coils.

Error Code 1300 – Meaning

The generator has low oil pressure because of factors such as low oil level, a faulty low oil pressure switch, and a malfunction that won’t allow the engine to build oil pressure.

How To Fix It?

Sometimes, it is a simple matter of adding more oil (But you shouldn’t overfill). In other cases, you have to replace the faulty LOP switch. Ask a technician to carry out an oil pressure test.

Error Code 1400 – Meaning

You see this error code when the temperature is too high. The generator will either refuse to start or repeatedly shut down.

How To Fix It?

If you’re lucky, debris is blocking the vent. You can just remove it. But if you’re unlucky, the high-temperature switch is defective. You must replace it. Don’t forget to check for loose connections and damaged wiring.

Error Code 1501

  • You stalled the engine by rapidly overloading the unit
  • Defective or damaged coils
  • Empty LP Tank

How To Fix It?

  • Press ‘Enter’ twice
  • Press ‘Auto’
  • Remove a few loads
  • Put the generator back in AUTO
  • Restart

This will clear the alarm. You can also ask a technician to check the ignition coils and battery.

Error Code 1505 – Meaning

If you have a bad or dead battery, it can prevent the controller from receiving a response whenever it tells the engine to crank. The controller did not receive the signal that the engine was turning, hence the alarm. Other potential causes include defective ignition coils and bad wiring.

How To Fix It?

The methods that resolve a 1501 error code can also fix a 1505 error code.

Error Code 1511 – Meaning

This is an RPM sensor loss alert. You see it when a running cylinder unit stalls. You may also see it when the RPM signal from the ignition coils is lost.

How To Fix It?

If you identify damaged ignition coils, replace them. The methods that can clear 1501 and 1505 error codes will also remove this one. Don’t forget to check the battery.

Error Code 1600 – Meaning

1600 error is an underspeed alert. It occurs when heavy-duty items such as ovens and dryers cause the engine speed to fall below a specific threshold.

How To Fix It?

Start by reducing the load. If this error code persists, ask a technician to look for a stepper motor or throttle control issue. The technician can recommend a suitable solution.

Error Code 1603 – Meaning

Most Generac models don’t use 1603 error codes. If yours has one, under-speed is the most likely culprit. The generator cannot attain the required RPM during startup.

How To Fix It?

Check the stepper motor. It is probably defective. You should also check the control board. A technician can determine whether you need a new throttle motor or control board.

Error Code 1902 – Meaning

This error code has several potential causes, including an issue with the low-speed quiet test, firmware error, loose wiring, and a field boost hardware problem.

How To Fix It?

The manufacturer provided a firmware update that resolved this problem. If you did not get the update, talk to an authorized dealer.

Error Code 2098 – Meaning

2098 error codes are rare. You see them in units with wiring issues. Potential causes include defective wiring, improper wiring, water damage, and line voltage on the low voltage control wiring.

How To Fix It?

You can clear the error by resetting the onboard controller. Ask a technician to troubleshoot the wiring.

Error Code e2099 – Meaning

This is usually a wiring error similar to e2098. You should also check for debris or moisture on the control module.

How To Fix It?

You need a technician to open the generator. They can identify and resolve low and high-voltage wiring issues. They can also remove the debris and moisture on the control board.

Error Code 2100 – Meaning

The Current transformers have detected an overload condition.

How To Fix It?

Remove the load. From what the Generac Support Page has seen, you can prevent this problem from occurring in the future by installing load shedding.

Error Code 2400 – Meaning

This problem appears when the controller detects a problem with the battery even though the battery is not connected. Someone wired the T1 circuit to the controller and energized it before adding the battery.

The error code can also occur because of a blown or damaged controller fuse.

How To Fix It?

Place the unit in ‘OFF’ before removing the fuses from the controller and transfer switch (N1/N2/T1). Remove the battery, wait 15 minutes, and reconnect it, along with the fuses you removed.

Error Code 2502 – Meaning

A dead or defective battery can cause this error code. You should also check the engine governor actuator.

How To Fix It?

You have to take the unit to a repair facility. If you have the experience, you can replace the battery and reset the unit.

Error Code 2650 Missing Cam Pulse – Meaning

You have a bad front mag pickup. Debris is probably causing signal issues.

How To Fix It?

Ask a technician to replace the mag pickup component. Use the warranty if you have one.

Error Code 2690 – Meaning

2690 is not a standard Generac error code. Make sure you read the display correctly.

How To Fix It?

If the display shows this error code and the manual hasn’t mentioned it, take the generator to an authorized dealer. Better yet, call the manufacturer. They may know what it means.

Error Code 2780 – Meaning

Error 2780 means the battery charger is not getting power.

How To Fix It?

Check the circuit breaker, especially if the generator is running but isn’t providing power to your home.

Error Code 2800 Not Activated – Meaning

  • Broken Circuit
  • The switch has spots on the contacts
  • Loose wires
  • Damaged or defective switch
  • One or both auxiliary shutoff switches are turned off

How To Fix It?

  • Locate the auxiliary shutoff switches and switch them ON
  • Ask a technician to troubleshoot the damaged switch to determine whether it can be fixed or replaced
  • The technician can also secure the loose connections

Error Code 3001 – Meaning

3001 is not a standard error code. Your generator has probably developed an electronic glitch.

How To Fix It?

If resetting doesn’t work, and you can’t find the error code in the manual, take the generator to an authorized dealer. They will guide you on this issue.

Error Code 3002 – Meaning

This is a fuel command mismatch alert. You find it in specific models.

How To Fix It?

Go to an authorized dealer. They can get you the firmware update required to clear this error code.

Error Code 3200

This is another rare error code that you won’t find in the manual of the average Generac generator. You can blame it on an electronic or firmware glitch.

How To Fix It?

Take the generator to a dealer. They can consult the manufacturer to find a solution.

Error Code 3201 – Meaning

Generac generators don’t use this error code. You have an electronic glitch, or your generator belongs to a different brand. It is not Generac.

How To Fix It?

The dealer is the only party that can give you answers. They can consult the manufacturer to identify the meaning of the error code and possible solutions.

Error Code 4907 – Meaning

This is not a Generac error code. You have an electronic or firmware glitch.

How To Fix It?

Take the generator to a dealer. They can figure out the meaning of the error code. Make sure the generator is Generac

Error Code 65535 – Meaning

This is not a Generac error code. You have an electronic or firmware glitch.

How To Fix It?

Take the unit to an authorized dealer. They can interpret the error code.

Error Code Charger Missing AC – Meaning

The battery is not getting the power it needs because of a wiring error or a blown fuse in the transfer switch.

How To Fix It?

A technician can replace the fuse and resolve the wiring errors. That includes replacing damaged wires and securing loose connections.

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