Generator Battery Dead(It’s Cause & Ways To Recharge)

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A generator needs a battery to start. As such, a dead battery is a big problem because it will impede the generator’s operations.

What Causes Generator Battery Dead?

Various factors can cause a generator battery to die, including:

1). Defective Voltage Regulator

The regulator plays an important role in the generator’s ability to charge the battery. If the voltage regulator is damaged, it will prevent the battery from getting the charge it needs, causing the component to die. You will find that the battery drains at a much faster rate.

2). Faulty Charger

A bad charger can prevent the battery from getting the power it needs. The location of the charger will depend on the model.

In a Generac generator, you will find the charger in the transfer switch. You can use a multimeter to test the output of the charger. If the figures shown on the display do not match the figures in the manual, you can conclude that the charger has a problem.

3). Blown Fuse

Have you checked the generator’s fuse? In a Generac model, you will find it on the genset control panel. A blown fuse will affect the functions of the battery charging circuit.

4). Defective Battery

If the generator battery keeps dying, I want you to consider the possibility that the battery might be defective. Faulty batteries cannot hold their charge as effectively as newer, healthier batteries. A battery’s health will suffer if you store it for long periods without charging it.

Some chargers can ruin batteries by overcharging them.

According to Generator Source, a charger that provides very high or very low float voltage is a problem. Very low float voltage cannot provide sufficient power to charge the battery. Very high float voltage will shorten the battery’s life. You can use a voltmeter to test the generator’s battery.

5). Mysterious Drain

A generator battery can die in situations where it is being drained even though the generator is not running. To identify the source of the drain, you must place an amp meter between the battery and the line of the generator’s circuit.

6). Corded Terminals/Loose Connections

You need an expert to look for loose connections and corroded terminals. Loose connections and corroded terminals will either prevent the charger from charging the battery or cause the battery to drain unexpectedly.

7). Too High Load

In some cases, the load is too high. Because the load exceeds the output of the charger, the battery will drain even though the generator is running. You see this in generators on vehicles such as boats and RVs.

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How Do I Know If My Generator Battery Is Dead?

A generator will not start without a functional battery. Therefore, if the generator won’t start, the battery is probably dead. You can also look for battery corrosion. If you have a multimeter, use it to test the battery. If the readings are significantly lower than the voltage rating of the battery, the battery is most likely dead.

A generator needs the battery to start. Batteries are important because they allow generators to respond to power outages within seconds. They do this by operating the electronic components of the generator.

Can I Charge A Dead Generator Battery? How?

A battery is supposed to charge while the generator is running. Some people are convinced that you can jump-start a dead generator battery the same way you would jump-start a dead car battery. In other words, you need jumper cables and a car.

  • Connect the terminals (positive to positive and negative to negative) and start the car.
  • Give it a few minutes before starting the generator. But you cannot guarantee that the battery will charge on its own. It may lose this ability because you allowed it to discharge completely. Some batteries won’t recharge at all. I suggest using a trickle charger.

Honda expects consumers to charge their batteries periodically. They have also emphasized the fact that a battery that has discharged below a specific point cannot be recharged. You must replace it.

How Long Does It Take To Be Re-Charged?

It could take a few hours or over a day depending on how often you run the generator, how long you run the generator, the amount of charge left in the battery before you charge it, and the age of the battery. Normally it can take the average diesel generator eight hours to charge the battery.

Keep in mind that the engine of the generator will discharge the battery slightly when it starts. The generator has to run for a while to replace that charge.

How Do I Start A Generator With A Dead Battery?

The easiest way to start a generator that has a dead battery is to use a portable power supply, The supercapacitor of a portable power supply can stand in the gap, solving your generator battery dead problems by allowing you to start the generator in the absence of a battery.

You can check out the portable power supply here at Amazon!

But rather than tampering with the generator, you should first determine whether or not it has a warranty.

If the battery has a warranty, you should use it to get a new battery, especially if the battery stopped working because of a factory defect. Batteries die all the time because a lot of consumers allow them to self-discharge to dangerous levels. You can save some time by using the warranty to get a new battery.

Does A Dead Battery Cause Any Problem For Generator?

A battery is very important. If you want the generator to start the moment the power goes out, you need the battery to maintain the operations of the generator’s electronic components. If the battery is dead or missing, the generator won’t start.

The people at FW Power have said that they have received numerous calls from people whose generators have refused to start because the batteries are undercharged. This shows you how important the battery is.

2 thoughts on “Generator Battery Dead(It’s Cause & Ways To Recharge)

  1. I have a brand new Duro Max XP13000HXT tri fuel portable generator. i had it 3 months now. I run it once per week for about 15 min and the last time i left on the battery switch. Week later it was dead. Now when i jump it the generator will run and when i shut it off it needs re jumping. What can cause this? Battery is ruined from letting it drain all the way?

    1. It’s possible that the battery has been damaged from being drained completely. When a battery is drained to this extent, it can lead to permanent damage, reducing its ability to hold a charge. Try charging the battery fully and see if it retains the charge after shutting off the generator. If it continues to lose charge rapidly, the battery may need to be replaced. Additionally, ensure that the battery switch is turned off when the generator is not in use to prevent further drainage. If the issue persists, it may be worth consulting a professional for further diagnosis and potential repair.

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