Turn OFF Samsung Dryer Sound & Noises(Squeaking/Grinding)

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Samsung washers and dryers are convenient because they have so many sophisticated features. But the sound is annoying. They generate a melody for everything, which is convenient if you need the alerts. But it can become irritating if you have to use the dryer early in the morning or late in the night and you don’t want to disturb your sleeping family members.

How Do I Turn Off The Sound On My Samsung Dryer and Washer?

You have to hold the ‘Spin’ and ‘Option’ buttons down for several seconds. The appliance will beep to show that you have muted it. If you look at the display, it will show the ‘Mute’ sign. You can use the same steps to reverse the process. Hold the buttons down for several seconds, and the sound will return.

Muting the dryer will prevent it from generating any electronic noises when it starts, stops, or when you turn the dial.

But these settings totally depend on the model.

For the Samsung model WA5400, you can shut the sound off by holding a button. But in this case, you only need the ‘Super Speed’ button. Holding it down will shut the washer off. That won’t help you with the dryer. It will continue to beep and sing until you hold the ‘Drum Light’ button down for three seconds.

You can also mute the sound by holding the ‘Rinse’ and ‘Spin’ buttons. The screen will display a ‘Sound Off’ icon.

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Is This Setting The Same For All Other Samsung Brands?

No, the setting is not the same. Each model has a unique combination of buttons that you must press to mute the washer and dryer. This applies to different brands as well. Don’t expect the same button combination to work every single time.

Some appliances use one button. Others use two. You also have dryers that expect you to turn the sound off by browsing a sophisticated interface until you find the appropriate feature to deactivate.

Check the manual. It will guide you accordingly. If you don’t have a manual, use the manufacturer’s website.

Other Samsung Dryer Noise

Modern washers and dryers are designed to generate electronic noises in response to your inputs and the actions of the appliance. But these noises are normal and not a cause for concern.

A washer/dryer can make noises that signify trouble, sounds that require your immediate attention. They include:

Samsung Dryer Squeaking Sound – Why?

  • You overloaded the dryer. You either added too many clothes, or the clothes are wet with excess water, which has increased the weight, causing the dryer’s drum to squeak from the effort required to rotate.
  • The drive belt is either broken or worn out. It cannot provide the support the dryer requires when it turns.
  • The drum rollers are worn out
  • The drum bearing is squealing because it is defective or worn out.
  • The door felt is worn out. This allows the door’s metallic elements to rub against the other sections of the dryer, producing squeaks.

How To Fix A Noisy Or Squeaking Samsung Dryer?

  • You can eliminate the squeaking the drum bearing generates by either replacing the defective part or lubricating it. Sometimes, you hear squeaks because of low lubrication.
  • If the drive belt keeps slipping because it is worn out, replace it
  • If the felt is worn out, remove the old glue and sand the felt down before applying more glue and adding new felt.
  • If the squeaking is coming from the idler pulley/tensioner, treat it with oil. If it continues to make noise, replace it.

Basically, you should replace any component you cannot lubricate, especially if it is clearly worn out.

Samsung Dryer Knocking Sound – Why?

Samsung makes knocking and thumping sounds because of overloading. If you only hear this noise when the drum is rotating, large or hard objects like buttons and zippers are banging against the walls of the drum.

If the dryer knocks even when it’s empty, the pulley idler has a problem. More than likely, lint caused the component to jam. The belt tends to wear out in such situations, making the knocking worse.

How To Fix A Knocking Samsung Dryer?

If lint has jammed the pulley idler, you can remove it if the component is still operational. Otherwise, remove it and install a new one. The belt is the same. If it is broken or worn out, get a replacement.

Samsung Dryer Rattling Sound – Why?

  • The dryer is not sitting evenly. Therefore, the vibrations it generates when active produce a rattling sound.
  • The exhaust vent is out of alignment. If the vent is aligned, but you can hear the rattling, the vent is loose.
  • The drum has hard, loose items such as buttons and coins that jump all over the place when the drum spins.

How To Fix A Rattling Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • If the dryer is not sitting evenly, use a wrench to adjust the legs, raising or lowering them where necessary. For the most accurate results, you should use a carpenter’s level.
  • If the exhaust vent is loose, tighten the screws, preventing them from moving. The screws become loose because of the vibrations from the dryer.
  • If the drum has loose objects, remove them. You can avoid this problem altogether by checking the pockets of your clothes before you wash them. Otherwise, they will tumble out and rattle around as the drum turns.

Samsung Dryer Grinding Sound – Why?

The appliance has bad drum support rollers. You should also check the idler pulley. The idler pulley creates tension in the belt to prevent it from slipping. When it wears out, it can generate grinding noises.

How To Fix A Grinding Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • Idler Pulley – Access the pulley, remove the belt and test the pulley. Turn it to see if it has any play. If it cannot rotate smoothly, get a replacement. You should also replace the pulley’s shaft if it is worn out.
  • Rollers– If the rollers are worn out, get a replacement. You cando this for all the rollers even though the damage is restricted to one roller.

Samsung Dryer Humming Sound – Why?

Humming is a normal sound. An ordinary washer/dryer should hum as it works because of the air the blower motor is drawing out of the appliance.

If the device hums even when the drum isn’t turning, there is an issue with a broken drive belt.

How To Fix Humming Noise From Samsung Dryer?

If the drive belt is broken, get a replacement. Otherwise, leave the machine alone. Humming is normal.

Samsung Dryer Sounds Like Shoes – Why?

If your appliance is squealing like sneakers on a smooth surface, the drum rollers are worn out.

How To Fix It?

Remove the belt and turn the drum. The rollers should spin freely and smoothly. If yours are wobbling, replace them.

Samsung Dryer Sounds Like Something Is Loose – Why?

  • The drum has loose objects like keys, coins, and buttons
  • The exhaust vent is loose
  • The dryer is not level

How To Fix It?

  • Adjust the legs until the dryer is even
  • Tighten the screws holding the exhaust vent in place
  • Remove the loose objects in the drum

Samsung Dryer Annoying Sound – Why?

Annoying noise in a dryer comes from various sources, including hard objects in the drum, worn-out drive belts, idler pulleys, drum rollers, worn-out felt, and a loose vent, to mention but a few.

How To Fix It?

  • Make sure the legs are even
  • Remove the objects in the drum
  • Make sure the exhaust vent is aligned
  • Paddle the machine with acoustic pads, quilts, and the like.
  • Turn clothes inside out to prevent zippers, buttons, and other hard objects from knocking against the drum.

Samsung Dryer Made Popping Sound – Why?

You have an electric problem on your hands. Look for signs of a short circuit.

How To Fix Samsung Dryer Popping Sound?

If the appliance has stopped working, you can try resetting the breaker and replacing the thermal fuse. I want you to hire an electrician to check all the sensitive components, including the thermostat, radiant sensor, and timer.

Samsung Dryer Buzzing Sound – Why?

Buzzing is similar to humming. The noise is normal. Samsung doesn’t expect you to worry.

How To Fix A Buzzing Noise On Samsung Dryer?

Besides padding the machine, you don’t have to fix buzzing sounds. They are normal.

Samsung Dryer Banging Sound – Why?

  • If the drum is wobbling, you have a balancing problem
  • The drum rollers and glides are worn out
  • The dryer’s legs are not even

How To Fix A Banging Sound On Samsung Dryer?

  • Reduce the wobbling by redistributing the clothes
  • I want you to use a low spin mode for heavy loads such as wet comforters
  • Make sure the legs are even on the floor
  • Replace faulty parts, including idler pulleys, springs, rollers, and belts

Samsung Dryer Clunking Sound – Why?

  • Hard and loose objects in the drum
  • Defective belt, rollers, and pulleys
  • Overloaded drum

How To Fix A Clunking Sound On Samsung Dryer?

  • Reduce the load
  • Replace defective components
  • Remove the loose objects in the drum
  • Turn clothes with hard objects inside out

Samsung Dryer Making Chirping Noise – Why?

You overloaded the drum. It cannot support all the clothes you added. If the load isn’t the problem, there is an issue with worn drum rollers.

How To Fix A Chirping Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • Reduce the load
  • Replace defective rollers

Samsung Dryer Making Scraping Sound – Why?

Samsung makes scraping noise because of worn-out glides.

How To Fix A Scraping Noise On Samsung Dryer?

Use the Samsung website to find replacement glides. Enter the dryer’s model number and find a fitting replacement.

Samsung Dryer Rubbing Sound – Why?

You typically hear rubbing sounds dryers with worn-out bearings, rollers, glides, and pulleys.

How To Fix It?

Replace all the defective components.

Samsung Dryer Making A Rattling Noise – Why?

  • Loose components
  • The dryer is not level
  • The exhaust vent is not aligned
  • Loose objects in the drum

How To Fix A Rattling Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • Adjust the legs of the dryer
  • Tighten all the screws
  • Align the exhaust vent
  • Remove the loose objects in the drum

Samsung Dryer Making High Pitched Noise – Why?

You can blame high-pitched noises on worn-out rollers, bearings, belts, and an overloaded drum.

How To Fix A Hight Pitched Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • Reduce The Load
  • Replace the defective components
  • Lubricate the rollers, bearings, and pullies

Samsung Dryer Making Whistling Noise – Why?

Look for defective or worn-out drum rollers and idler pullies. A loose or broken belt can cause a similar issue. One other concern is overloading.

How To Fix A Whistling Noise On Samsung Dryer?

  • Reduce the load
  • Replace all the worn out, defective, or broken parts
  • Add lubrication

Samsung Dryer Making Ticking Noise – Why?

The ticking noise is due to a worn or broken belt. An obstruction on the dryer’s blower wheel also causes a ticking sound.

How To Fix It?

  • Remove the obstruction
  • Replace the belt

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