Can You Plug TV Into Extension Cord?

plugging extension cord on tv

People use extension cords because they do not have enough wall outlets. But are they safe? Can you use them to power your TV? Some people hate extension cords because of all the dangers they bring to the table. However, others are convinced that those dangers are exaggerated, especially where devices like TVs that do not use that much power are concerned.

Can You Plug TV Into Extension Cord?

You can plug a TV into an extension cord but extension cords shouldn’t be a long-term solution. The more frequently you use an extension cord, the greater the chances of something going wrong.

But at the end of the day, if you want to use an extension cord to operate your TV, no one will stop you.

Is It Safe To Plug TV Into An Extension Cord?

It is safe to plug a TV into an extension cord. Extension cords are only dangerous when you overload them by using them to operate powerful appliances like refrigerators. A television set will overload an extension cord if the extension cord is already running other heavy-duty items.

But if the TV is the only item attached to the extension cord, you have nothing to worry about. The extension cord won’t protect the TV from surges (unless the manual says that it has surge protection). But the use of the extension cord is unlikely to result in a fire or electrocution.

What Gauge Extension Cord Is Best For TV?

To operate a television set, you need a medium-duty extension cord ranging from 16 to 12 AWG.

The gauge reveals the thickness of an extension cord. This tells you the amount of current it can safely transmit. The smaller the gauge number, the greater the thickness, the more current the extension cord can transmit.

The length of the cord matters. A long cord has more resistance than a short cord. As such, to compensate for the resistance, longer cords require a higher gauge.

Should I Plug My TV Into A Power Strip?

You shouldn’t plug any devices into a power strip if you don’t have to. If you don’t have enough wall outlets, you are better off hiring a professional to install additional outlets that will make power strips and extension cords unnecessary.

But if you don’t have a choice, you can plug a TV into a power strip without suffering any consequences. Just make sure you don’t overload the power strip by attaching heavy-duty items.

How To Use TV With An Extension Cord?

Make sure you get an extension cord of the right gauge. The higher the gauge, the better, even if you don’t need it. You never know what else you will plug into the extension cord. You should also take a moment to check the extension cord for damage.

A lot of fires start because someone used a damaged extension cord. Check for burn marks and tears. If you don’t trust the look of an extension cord, get a replacement. They are inexpensive.

If you trust the extension cord, make sure it is fully plugged into a wall outlet. The prongs of the extension cord’s plug shouldn’t be exposed. Once the extension cord is firmly plugged into a power source, you can attach the TV to one of its outlets.

Keep the extension cord away from areas where people may step on or trip over it. You should also remove any objects that are covering it. That includes carpets.

Best Extension Cord For TV

If you want to avoid all the accidents that professional electricians mention whenever they warn people against the use of extension cords, you have to get a high-quality extension cord, one that can stand the test of time. Some of the best extension cords on the market include:

1). US Wire and Cable (74050)

This is a heavy-duty extension cord with female-to-male connectors and double insulated conductors. One of the extension cord’s most impressive elements is the outer SJTW vinyl jacket that is resistant to cracking and breaking. It will survive temperatures of -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some people hate the bright yellow color but it has a practical use. The color makes the extension cord easier to see. The item comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

2). Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Extension cord

This 16-gauge extension cord is attractive because you can use it inside and outside. The 3-prong item uses a vinyl jacket to protect the conductors on the inside from moisture and sunlight. The cover is also abrasion-resistant.

The extension cord is 15 feet long. It has a rating of 13 Amps (1625 Watts, 125 VAC). You don’t have to limit the item to the TV. Because it is strong enough to survive exterior conditions, you can use it to run your snow removal equipment.

3). Cable Matters Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

You can use this 3-prong extension cord to run everything from TV sets to computers, speakers, and LED monitors, to mention but a few. Designed for indoor purposes, the 16 AWG item has a rating of 13 Amps.

Boasting a grounded power plug (NEMA 15-5-P) and a female connector (NEMA 5-15R), you can use the extension cord over long distances. The UL safety-certified product comes with a warranty.

4). Anker Power Strip

This is an impressive power strip that has a surge rating of 4000 joules. It has 12 AC outlets and three USB ports. The cord is six feet long, which should be enough for anyone that wants to operate their TV as well as all the other home entertainment devices in the vicinity.

The USB ports have been optimized to charge USB devices at a faster rate, saving consumers up to an hour of charging time. The rubber coating is thick enough to protect the conductors on the inside. It also features a flame-retardant casing that enhances the power strip’s durability.

The Manufacturers have included a $300,000 connected equipment warranty. The 4000-joule surge rating suggests that you have nothing to worry about. But if the surge protection fails to defend against surges and spikes, you can use the warranty to evade the cost of repairing or replacing your TV.

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