Is Stabilizer Required For Washing Machine?

washing machine stabilizer

Because the electrical supply in some places is so erratic, and many appliances are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, it has become commonplace for homeowners to use voltage stabilizers. A voltage stabilizer will either raise or lower the voltage depending on whether you have an over-voltage or under-voltage.

This keeps the power supply stable and constant. But people don’t use voltage stabilizers for every single device and appliance in their home. This has encouraged consumers with washing machines to question whether or not they need a voltage stabilizer.

Is Stabilizer Required For Washing Machine?

It is a good idea to use a voltage stabilizer all the same. Under-voltage can cause the motor to overheat. Over-voltage is just as bad. Like most electronic devices, it can ruin the sensitive components of your washing machine.

voltage stabilizer

The average washing machine relies on a rated supply voltage and loads to operate at maximum efficiency. The appliance has a motor that spins the load. The size of the load will determine the current the washing machine draws.

If the voltage drops as a result of fluctuations, because the load is the same, the motor will draw more current to meet the demands of spinning the load. This will cause the motor to overheat.

I also expect spikes in the voltage to destroy the sensitive electronic nodes of washing machines. This can easily happen to washing machines that are not working if you forget to disconnect them from a power source. Therefore, a washing machine definitely needs a stabilizer.

Do Washing Machines Have An Inbuilt Stabilizer?

The average washing machine doesn’t have an inbuilt stabilizer. This is why you have to buy one if you want to keep the appliance safe.

Choosing The Right Voltage Stabilizer

You have to take several factors into account, including the mounting type, the presence or absence of indicator displays, and the reliability of the brand, to mention but a few. But one of the most important considerations is size.

The stabilizer has to be strong enough to handle the load you want to connect. You can determine the load by identifying the rating of the washing machine. It can be presented in watts, VA or KVA. If you know the power of the washing machine, you can match it with a stabilizer that has a suitable rating.

Best Voltage Stabilizer For Washing Machine

If you want a voltage stabilizer that can protect your washing machine from fluctuations but you don’t know how to find the best voltage stabilizers for washing machines, consider these items:

1). Microtek EM4160+

This stabilizer can work with a variety of appliances. That includes washing machines and air conditioners. Boasting a voltage range of 160-2885V and a 3-year onsite warranty, the item is stable, reliable, and easy to mount.

People are drawn to this product because Microtek has a strong brand that is associated with trustworthy merchandise.

2). V-Guard VGSD 50

This voltage stabilizer was technically designed with refrigerators in mind but it is also compatible with washing machines. You can expect several attractive features, including a thermal overload protection function that defends the washing machine against high-temperature burnout, a ‘High and Low Voltage Cut Off Protection’ system that combats voltage fluctuations, and fail-safe circuit protection that is triggered in the event of component failure.

The stabilizer’s exterior is sleek and attractive. You won’t hesitate to mount it for all to see, especially if you can get it in an elegant color, of which there are quite a few. The warranty is five years.

3). Vosta V4

This voltage stabilizer is so powerful that you can even trust it to work with heavy-duty devices like treadmills. It is expensive but the money you will spend is worth it. The stabilizer has a power load capacity of 4 kVA, 180~270VAC input range, and 220VAC output range. It has a suite of features that will protect against over and under-voltage, overheating, overloading, and short circuits.

4). Everest ELS 100

This stabilizer has a wide range of applications. You can use it to protect LCD TVs, Blue Ray Players, and home theater systems. Despite its decent price tag and lightweight construction, the stabilizer can also defend your washing machine from fluctuations.

The display is user-friendly. Expect a working range of 90-290V, 170 to 270V input range, and 200 to 240V output range. Besides the copper windings and compact design, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

5). Servomate 2KVA Heavy-Duty

This stabilizer is compatible with washing machines, microwave ovens, and treadmills. It is very expensive. However, I love it all the same because it has a lot to offer, including an LCD display, LED indicator, a 3KVA capacity, and thermal, over-voltage, under-voltage, overloading, and short circuit protection. The manufacturer has provided a 12-month warranty.

Stabilizer Availability In Washing Machine

Washing Machine BrandStabilizer Availability
Lg Front Load washing machineNo

Does ifb/Whirlpool/Bosch/Lg Front Load Washing Machine Need Stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is only needed if your area has a higher fluctuation of voltage. If the voltage is normal, there is no need to use a voltage stabilizer. Moreover, these brands are coming up with an inbuilt stabilizer! Thus, before buying a stabilizer, I suggest you check the specification!

Does The Stabilizer Consume Electricity?

Yes, it does. The best stabilizers are up to 98 percent efficient. In other words, they will only consume 2 percent, or at worst, 5 percent of the load.


Can I use a voltage stabilizer for a washing machine? It isn’t a requirement. However, it is a good idea to use a voltage stabilizer all the same. Under-voltage can cause the motor to overheat. Over-voltage is just as bad. Like most electronic devices, it can ruin the sensitive components of your washing machine.

A voltage stabilizer can prevent this by either raising the voltage or lowering it depending on whether it is higher or lower than the nominal operating voltage. Do not count on the washing machine to regulate the voltage by itself.

Most units do not have this feature. You have to pair your washing machine with the best stabilizer, an objective that requires you to take into account the load of the washing machine, the rating of the stabilizer, reliability of the brand, and the additional features of the stabilizer, such as overheating protection and LCD displays.

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