Worx Battery Compatibility Check With Dewalt & Other 7 Brands

worx 20v, 40v battery compatibility with black and decker, dewalt, erbauer , parkside, vonhaus

Worx produces durable batteries that can operate various power tools, including angle grinders and Jigsaws. But people don’t want to know whether Worx batteries are robust and high-performing. They want to know whether the Worx brand is compatible with other batteries.

Is Worx Compatible With Other Batteries?

Power Share Technology makes Worx 20V 2.0Ah batteries compatible with every Worx 20V power tool. You can also use Worx 20V 2.0Ah batteries in every 18V Worx tool. Though, Worx 20V batteries won’t work with tools that have a higher voltage grade. Additionally, you cannot apply this logic to batteries from other brands.

A Worx battery’s compatibility is essential. This is because manufacturers do not follow a standard when making power tool batteries. Most power tools use different batteries.

This makes sense. Manufacturers compete with one another to make the most efficient batteries. As such, they arm their batteries with unique technologies that can only work with specific power tools.

Additionally, manufacturers design their batteries with unique connectors that only fit their chargers. Therefore, you have to use a charger from the same brand to re-charge a battery.

This creates complications because it forces consumers to buy multiple batteries and chargers for various tools. Many voices in the industry want manufacturers to embrace interchangeability, allowing consumers to swap a battery from one brand with a battery from another brand without changing the tool.

If batteries are interchangeable, you don’t have to buy different batteries for different tools.

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What Batteries Are Compatible With Worx?

Because manufacturers use unique technologies to make their batteries more efficient than their competitors, people rarely interchange Worx batteries with models from other brands. Worx doesn’t have universal compatibility. You have to judge each brand individually to determine whether it is compatible with Worx.

Dewalt – Is It Compatible?

Officially, Dewalt and Worx are not compatible. But you can use adapters like this 4-Pin Li-Ion DW 20V converter.

But this method requires a skilled hand. A layperson cannot use it to operate Dewalt tools with Worx batteries.

Greenworks – Is It Compatible?

The Greenworks manufacturer says explicitly that their Greenworks chargers are not compatible with Worx batteries. Additionally, they don’t expect Worx chargers to work with Greenworks products.

They expect consumers to pair their chargers with Greenworks 24V batteries. Therefore, unless you construct a homemade converter or adapter, don’t expect these two brands to work with each other.

Black and Decker – is It Compatible?

Black and Decker are not compatible with Worx. You can either change platforms entirely (abandoning Black and Decker tools for Worx tools to use their batteries or leaving Worx tools for Black and Decker to use their batteries) or modify a Black and Decker tool to accept a Worx battery set and vice versa.

You have one other option. You can use devices like this Black and Decker 20V adapter, which allows Black and Decker batteries to work in Worx tools.

Parkside – Is It Compatible?

Don’t expect Worx batteries to work in Parkside tools. Worx batteries are not designed to meet the requirements of Parkside power tools. You could alter the power tools, forcing them to accept Worx batteries. But the results are unpredictable. You are better off using the batteries Parkside prescribes.

Ferrex – Is It Compatible?

Worx charger can charge a Ferrex battery, Ferrex and Worx are incompatible. This may come as a surprise because Ferrex and Worx have the same parent company (Positec). But you can’t interchange the two.

I tried to fit Worx batteries into a Ferrex cordless tool and found that the cordless tool had five pins while the battery had four slots.

Vonhaus – Is It Compatible?

Vonhaus is not interchangeable with Worx. You won’t find any cases or examples of anyone interchanging Vonhaus with Worx or vice versa.

Erbauer – Is It Compatible?

Erbauer and Worx batteries are interchangeable, especially if they have similar outputs. Chargers like the Worx WA3860 that work with Erbauer prove that these two brands are compatible with one another.

Bauker – Is It Compatible?

Bauker and Worx are interchangeable. This doesn’t apply to every Bauker and Worx product but the DSANKE Replace Worx 3.0Ah 20V battery works with older Bauker and Erbauer tools, and it isn’t the only one. Though, you need a Worx charger.

How To Check Its Compatibility With Other Brands?

Manufacturers will tell you that their batteries are not interchangeable. This makes sense. They don’t want you to use batteries from other brands to operate their tools. They make more money if you buy their batteries.

Therefore, every manufacturer you ask will say that you can’t use batteries from other brands. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. Because manufacturers discourage consumers from interchanging batteries, you have no way of knowing which batteries are compatible with one another.

The manufacturers won’t tell. Therefore, you have to experiment.

Pay attention to the size of the battery, voltage, and specifications. Every power tool has a manual detailing the type of battery it can use.

If a battery from a different brand matches those specifications, you can experiment with it. But this practice has drawbacks. The wrong battery could harm your power tool, especially if the differences are substantial.

This is why you should consult a technician before you insert a battery into the wrong tool. You cannot trust online opinions because they use anecdotal evidence. A technician has years of experience. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Does Voltage Matter?

You cannot use a high voltage battery in a drill with a lower rating. The reverse is fine. You can use a low voltage battery in a tool with a higher rating. The practice is safe. But the opposite is risky. This tells you that the voltage matters.

Does Size Matter?

The size of the battery should match the size of the slot in the power tool. If the battery cannot fit the power tool’s slot, you cannot use that battery to operate the power tool.

Is It Safe To Use Other Brands of Batteries with Worx?

You cannot use batteries from other brands to operate Worx tools unless they have compatible connectors and specifications. Even if the batteries in question have the appropriate voltage, you still need an adapter or converter to make them work. Therefore, it is not safe to use other brands with Worx unless you have the relevant experience and technical expertise

The practice presents a challenge. Manufacturers use different technologies to make their batteries and power tools. This is why power tools within a particular brand work with batteries within the same brand.

The manufacturer gave them compatible technology. Power tools perform optimally when you pair them with batteries from the same brand. In some cases, you don’t have a choice. The power tools use a special connector only found in batteries from the same brand. Therefore, you cannot use other brands.

Worx tools are in a similar boat. . If the manufacturer did not recommend the brand, don’t use it.

What’s Your Recommendation on the Best Compatible Battery With Worx?

If you must use batteries from different brands with Worx, try Dewalt and Black & Decker. Both brands have introduced reputable adaptors that work with Worx.

Do Worx Batteries Work With All Worx Tools?

Worx 20V batteries are compatible with every other Worx tool. To be more specific, they are compatible with 20 and 18V devices. Try to pair them with tools that match their voltage. Don’t interchange battery types. For instance, don’t use lithium batteries in a device that requires Ni-Cad Batteries.

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  1. Do Worx Powershare batteries work with Titan TXP power tools and vice versa? Both supplied by screwfix, I’ve heard they do but can’t find confirmation anywhere. Thanks.

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